Please excuse the untidy nature of my work, I have developed it in this way due to a need to work counteracting to a process where leadership may have been deployed to make the world a more difficult place to live in one person onto the other and some still may have deployed employment as a tool of discipline another human being usually for the sake of personal greed.

Mind some racial slurs, in context they mean nothing but never the less must be explained as a response to my position being incessantly compromised by people who also want everybody to think they do not need help from my exorcist and hence in a circular sense, need to become more responsible persons.



Public place securities

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Global Economy and the Women Bound to me - The British Monarch's Arch Prince 

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Court Fringes and Whores in Service  

The Arch Prince and Court at Media, Men, Politicians and Democracy 



I understand the tale of me on the run but it really has no foundation on reality; reality is rather that Christians hate people forcing them into a corner and bringing up some culture and society they will swear to in order for others to get about doing violent things for them but targeting me with such things especially by foolish male journalist show no signs of abating and for it not enough have died yet too as it were. I am not on the run, just strong enough to ensure if they measure death for me they will have their fill of it again naturally - in the end my Books are Published and in the Market place now and what happens to them will be a matter for Market forces to determine, I need to ensure these fools however on the other hand keep their mouths shut for every occasion they get involved with my concerns. So there are tools for it, such as setting out to determine whose property Media goons deploy to make adverts from which they are supposed to western world get rich quick and how they react will feed me with information on what to do if they handle my Royal Estate and public life again etc. The part about disrespect is utter nonsense too; the relationship I have with Journalists and Celebrities at Court is one of their responsibility to look after me not the other way round i.e. for instance a female journalist grows up with her brother, Brother is gay at a later date before they get into University, he is too scared to tell the world, so he tells his sister who graduates from University to become a journalist and is found snooping around my Royal Office and Public life all the time, looking for cover; hence anybody can see that the involvement and civil rights of these fools is simply looking for trouble and nothing more. I have no idea what they want from me, if I grew into their bullying from my teenage years it would have been a case of starting a fight with somebody they can beat, so it might be over early and good for everybody –  I was 21 when they started and each time they ripped up my finances there was no way of returning to bank of Mum and Dad and everybody knows if it happens consistently I would have been completely insane not to find where the fucking bastards live too as it were. It is usually all so much better understood within the prism of those stories told about how I think the war I wage on others is so sophisticated it will never be found out and I will never suffer reprisals; the reality of course is also the claim that I stir conflict and when it happens they will be the ones doing the fighting while I will be too weak to fight and hence enjoy dying over anything that comes forth from it – thus their right to teach me lessons and so this has become the result of telling people you are not interested in the way their culture and society defiles your spirit in the first place.


Its deviance and its ignorance and its violence and our state of behaviour has become that of shutting off their violent access to the left and to the right which is the beginning of the process of exorcising the Communities we live in of their demonic influence that causes the to spend every moment of their time finding evil that they can heap on others, so that we start to see a manifestation of it in what they do when they ferment a public situation for those evils and cannot heap it anyway, we see them hurt themselves and turn to sexual  behaviour that beats the imagination and then the need to feel good means they want to heap those evils on something pure yet again and so it is a vicious cycle; I have as such been able to attach a certain degree of pleasure to watching them hurt themselves in such ways because of course their Politicians excuse some of the things they do to help them propagate it on wealth inequality and those who do not use that rhetoric speak of prerogatives and settling for less by not being an accessory to hurting those that are party to it and the outcome of this is moving them on from this demonic behaviour to targeting me directly which means that the more they deploy my public life to make sex work and create power states of affairs for violent prostitutes selling themselves and the hell holes they create for their various purposes that appear to look like so, is the more I will enjoy the suffering they inflict on themselves to find evils they can heap on people and heap on evils that already exist and the outcome is that those who have been trapped in it now have agency and can mock them to make sex videos and pornography and so on as well with financial benefits attached. The result is therefore at the Court is that the Media and popularity culture ones have become more busy than with a need to attach this to some Terrorist Caliphate somewhere in the Middle East and so it continues to get worse with them naturally as it were and it is the jeopardy of a Royal order because bullies are worried about their fighting skills. 


 The concern of the Arch Prince for all intents and purposes is that it is always easy to blame other people from a position of leadership if you do not know what to do which has become incredibly easy in the last five years. Mainly because it is better to blame people and abuse them for ideas, than to allow yourself be led by those who are better at what they do than you are at yours when and if you have a common interest but even more concerning was the manner in which the process of the common interest of democracy is induced.

After people all over the world began to have a dire need for help from the Arch Prince, the need was to dispel the evil mannerisms of freedom that the media and the West have been projecting all over the world, which may very well likely lead to the bloodshed of innocent people.

Hence people's expression of desperation and despair at a lack of response by the Arch Prince to their pleas of help have not largely been a process of actually following these individuals but following the Arch Prince. Their demands for help is here answered, not games with the West or any other trouble maker who have never lost a competition over sexual matters and subsequent wealth grabbing.

The question of why don’t people rather have explanations that have nothing to do with the truth for the fact when people see others, while there is an economic crisis have decided to get help from Politicians and ruin them financially so that they might have to start all over again, so others can copy and knowing of course that people in such position cannot stop trying or fighting because they have no alternative jobs, they are also planning to ensure that after they had copied they then make sure such people are the ones that do not have it, while they are the ones that do; which leaves so much behind for their jobs and people's job since it is not a fight they are likely to win with the fact they are stupid. Besides which is the fact they started it before the economic crisis and are now making out the crisis is power with which they will crush certain people all together after what they have done. These are the issues HH has brought into context on what is effectively a website created to settle the needs of his Working Court.

HH's prognosis: "the message needs to be clear to people especially Media operatives:-they are employers of my Court not their leaders - for those of them that are, unless they want the intrusion, destruction and abuse to be reciprocated, bearing in mind they incredibly stupid and that is why they cannot understand what the effects of what they do to others is, especially with respect to their livelihood. So when I happen to have talked to idiots that must have given me an impression they are men, as though they are human beings, each time they get up on public places to spin the crowd and demand things from me that I cannot give them, so they can better get to demand things from me that I do not want to give them, without regard for circumstances, which they enjoy as some kind of higher lawlessness above the law with a big mouth, telling them the relations with what they demand from me can be placed under terms of 'happy family', their incivility and insolence takes a turn for the worst with vandalism and they move into my right to play a very expensive fame and fortune orientated insolent happy families to mock and threaten me, some of which are also based on something they term seniority on media, which is why it has also become an issue that must be settled. Of course it is the crucible where people clamour for public self showing because they enjoy making sure other peoples lives is entangled with theirs and that they are being punished for it, as always its falls on the throes of Popular culture and its vandalisms which brings them riches of which only God knows how and the process of making people pay the price for power which is obviously possible in the circumstances, thereby creating the need for others to be dubbed evil by only doing anything in public when there is certainty their relevance in public has been quashed, like they teach those who do not want to know about such nonsense by hurting them with it all the time until they cause considerable damage which warrants it. So it applies of course that I am very well aware of how and why people hate the way I walk and publicly mock me just for walking by, then go off to walk in that way which means they have stolen it, then get to claim I stole the style of walking from them and they are now stealing it back"

Of course they do think of themselves as forces of reaction, so everybody knows my books are books and on the sites are company property but not only have they decided on errands I will attend to, so they can do theirs as well, they have secured around my books and the rumours they wish to disperse around it their perverse means of getting rich. What I gain for my part is the fact that in the circumstances when I tell people that roughing up my books and jetting off to have sex is vandalism, they will understand there are legal repercussions for it, so that they will use their stuff to do it instead and so when it hurts badly enough they will call it quits. Of course the fame and fortune thing means that whatever I say is not important, so in fact the more I say it the more they do it, claiming in their wickedness to have found the correct liberalism that will help them to be good people by bringing out the good deeds inside of them, hence it really tends to make me think they are deaf if they want to be. Hence when I set up a business they get off with their left wing insolent vandalism and squander of dealing with people from afar, to use it to make trends and set the trends and I have warned about it, so we inevitably have to get involved with the matter of no matter what I say they will keep doing it anyway fame freaks squander thing, which they find really funny as well.

Of course I am aware of a hub for women here claim that runs around the world on public media, I do understand those who make such claims to understand it is entirely stupid, however I wish to lay it straight here that there is no such hub for women or women power around me or anywhere I work or any such things as somebody being smitten by women that he makes  his entire life available to them to ensure they are equals with their male age mates with - its a simple fact that public life requires an ability to look after people and for those friends you trust, you let them make use of your work if they ask, not like they will run away with it or make it their own anyway.


So I have now been asked what the constant involvement with the sex Industry on my part is, I personally cannot tell why people make judgements on the matter anyway considering the only way in which sex work can be weaved into Royal Office was if it happened by their hands to begin with but personal feelings aside, I have no real involvement with the sex industry or with sex workers; the illusion is that they are hungry people with needs but most of them are children that were spoiled rotten by parents who pulled the plug at some stage, so the idea they were not raised in considerable comfort is an illusion, where I fit into the picture is that most sex workers usually think that most of their habits are a product of having too much choice and that the religious systems are too much to take in, so they begin by getting involved with my public activities besides which I do have to respond in a certain way if they feel they can get something done or improve their lives by performing a service for me – so the big question is whether it affects public Policy of which if prostitution has not been Legalised by Parliament, what I do with sex workers should not influence Public Policy on the matter.

I really have no idea why people love to make out so often that those who voted to remain in the EU are separate from those who voted to leave the EU during the 2016 EU referendum anyway: we all know those who voted to leave would prosper better if sovereign powers were repatriated and those who voted to remain would have prospered better if it was not while the governments position is to decide what must be done with the mandate that was given to them by the Polling stations. I can understand why Northern Ireland and Scotland adopt a position where those who voted to remain are separate from those who voted the other way, since it is obvious that the Prime Minister has gone about negotiating the terms of our departure on the basis of England, Wales and British Overseas Territories, while Scotland and Northern Ireland went to the Polls on the very same matter all together – difficult to understand why we have to tolerate central government separatism in this Country time and time and time again in such abrupt ways. Then we get told that sometimes the UK would have been better off as just England and Wales whereas we all know that whenever wealth has been centralised in London it thinks about moving overseas immediately after, save there is devolution in Scotland and Northern Ireland at just the right time. Hence eventually they say I have taken the Brexit issues into my hands then all together, which is utter nonsense as we all know if they are not claiming the English are slim built gentlemen while the Scots are fat, so Alex Salmon might do it all for them, they are making such claims while it was clear to any government that by the time the Prime Minister had finally decided to negotiate Brexit for the whole of the UK, somebody's Children will always have taken their GCSE. So we see it feeds into the case of etiquette and behaviour towards women all together, which does get me thinking it is another obsession with one of those issues they will complain about in a short while; we all know that if you set out a 100m sprint with a Pregnant person, the race, the winning and the losing is all bad, which is precisely what happens when you get a promotion because another person went off on Maternity leave. I will then get asked if I wouldn't accept the promotion and increased pay which of course I would, but I am also very unlikely to have an amicable relationship with a management system where top positions change hands every time somebody is being nice to certain types of customer, hence I doubt anybody would have wanted to help me in such ways lest I end up figuring out their own case all together.  We see the same complexities around Police work in sexual assault where somebody thinks they want the UK to be a republic, so they go off to provoke some Irish republicans into sexually assaulting them, which leaves a mess that current UK Police have to deal with; there isn't an Officer that will want to touch such a case knowing it will wreck family and job anyway, those who do would have covered their backs in layers. So it still comes down to a case about women all together as it were, then they say its all me, while reality is that they are really full of themselves and each time I say there isn't a woman that has wrecked a persons life and career by herself in this world there would be so many ways of telling me how to exist but even the ones that join in on the bottom hurting gimmicks have no way of doing it to those who have not been systematically insolently groomed into target of misogyny that men have brewed and left for society goons to manage for them while they cling to the public image and finances of their victims with media – really full of themselves thinking I come up with ways of preventing myself from doing violent things as though the violent things I would have done would have been targeted at women. I mean I find it so difficult to locate why people cannot see the funny side of women anyway; we find them irritating because we spend time on everything else but what they are doing, otherwise it is easy to see that women tell jokes all the time as though their lives depend on it and this is because they have breasts sticking out in front of them and their bottoms are big and both are such a burden, so they do not want people making fun of them hence they make fun of themselves first. In my case for instance I have work to do with women but it is the involvement of the men that makes me feel flustered 24/7 and there is always an excuse for them to make and get involved some more especially when being told off which generally feeds into this idea that the Class system has been broken down when it has not i.e. that the Middle Classes know how to play with society the way the Lower Classes do and or the Lower Classes know how to make money and look after a Family like the Middle Classes do – about which I have provided for a situation where Middle Class women negotiate their existence with Lower Class Men by offering sex  is completely eliminated and would fancy people do not provoke me by trying to ensure that it is not, as I have had enough of their stupidities ripping my finances and clinging to my Public image while making complains about an absence of wealth at the same time around here. I find it difficult to locate why women are being tackled for poking booby fun at themselves all the time or indeed the lack of doing so: where I then get told that mentioning it will make them even more of a target whereas it makes it easier to see that if women are not allowed to breast feed in public and the result is that the left hand side of society will be shut down, then when the big bad men that will beat up those who attack gestating mothers are not around, there is considerable understanding that certain behaviour will lead to outcomes where predicting what that guy who just came into the world a Couple of weeks ago and was not allowed to eat is likely to get up to is basically impossible  - much the same as when women get attacked because they tickle people and that leads to job losses not organised society misogyny of men that need to keep their insults where the money which gets to their heads is located and clear my public image space of their stupid disobedience, women get attacked for telling those who want to make use of the booby fun that will make them feel young again, to get own booby fun. I do get told these matters are better if nothing is done about them but it never is when Politicians are so determined to work corruption on it and tell everybody all will be well if their corruption is allowed to succeed and we see the same with the EU as well, people who are not making decisions at the heart of Westminster and Brussels are supplying information on what is happening to help create a distraction that leads everybody away from the big money pot but never the less my Estaet Literary Empire is needed too with a big mouth and so its clear when it knows it can play these games and extract money from my Estate nothing will improve and when it knows it can do it and make fame off my public image nothing will improve too. I have not stopped them from doing the corruption, I have only stopped a very small bit of corruptibility and since I am not the one complaining about their stance on Public Policy everyday, I must be doing something right; that way Politicians can represent idiots who invent altercation with next door neighbour and get off to bother people at government offices over it blabbing process of doing stuff and doing stuff all the time and all that is being offered to the Politicians to represent this madness at the highest house of Government is a trapping of power that offers the kinds of demagogues which allow them to claim somebody has grabbed their career, hence in my view there isn't enough complain in the world yet, I think they are doing quite well. So there is the question of my endless problems that will never go away which I don't actually have; what I have is a process where all that wickedness and evil builds at atmosphere that I am required to show respect for even when I am praying to God in my own Bedroom, so if it has it I will be fighting for my life in the neighbourhoods but if I destroy it I will be punished on media for the rest of my life – so I will destroy it and set up a website to write blogs on the daily reaction and those who show up around my concerns without buying a Book are not looking for trouble obviously.  We can see that even their Politicians will spend time getting you to dropout of school because you do not think that goons who start trouble with next door neighbour and then ensure it gets right up to the houses of government over a period of years, should not be able to do it at your expense.

It worked very well with the Obama Administration in the White House by the way and now the 8 years of separatism while setting up a front for racist democrats to make out Republicans as the enemy so they might be able to move back and forth when needed, Obama himself spending time in the White House to stifle my Book sales and build a crowd and whole broadcasting outlets that will ensure it is possible for people to extract an income from my Books and Property when they wanted, then get off on Media to do regular checks and pretend he has achieved much for all the people who have the skin colour that he does - the 8 years of vandalism has now all pillaged and burned over some flurry of gimmicks on the global stage that simply will not go away leaving us with a fear of the insurgence of race based extremism.



 This is the British Arch Prince's Live Journal work Court which is comprising of Female Journalists. Government at the Office of which they aid in curating to the effect of a settlement with those who chase frivolities and force them on others with any means they can at the beginning of every week for the Royal Estate and the people that are tied to it. The outcome therefore are two matters developed around the Arch Prince of leadership for the needs of the Court and Leadership of One's Family. This is how everyday at the Royal Estate belonging to one nicknamed the Morning Sun is facilitated.  

I understand it is said I never do anything properly and it will as such cost me everything, which has no basis on reality since the truth is rather that the stupidities of theirs with their government organised integration and social equality can easily mean that what an idiot wants to do around you every single moment is find out how much history she has with you; she thinks her evil and wickedness now exists in a bubble where the world is convinced there is neither God nor the devil and I am stuck as her plaything and it is a behaviour they all want to cash into, based on some great plan to punish me for ruining the evils they practice but cannot control because they think it always comes out on top otherwise bad things will happen.

That said, the part I have done very well however is rip up their side of society and assimilate it with the rest and that means that they claim they become more dangerous and it is utter nonsense since it will only produce a system that we here in the UK being the British can export i.e. whether or not tyrant is surrounded by rich murderers, when you kill somebody in the capacity of National service of some sort, it will always result in a dispute that is in the interest of the guy in charge to resolve and hence one way or the other you will answer for your actions whenever they are a bad thing; so in the interest of this if I see their culture and or society around here I will cut it up again as it were. It is not the only part I did very well anyway - there is the other about their persuasive nonsense targeting the Armed Forces and the Police, which they are not anymore as it were, now that their society is broken up and assimilated and they can persuade from there.


I understand they say I am getting out of hand while people are being friendly to me; but that will be if entrapment and squander which does not exclude violence by civil rights is friendly, if financial bullying is friendly, if a need to get up on media and look towards a time when I will be all spent while that carries on everyday is friendly and then there is my personal favourite and a need to watch me every day and find some counter evil to build from my Christian activities that the twisted wickedness I may have avoided in my teens can recover with and thereby have power over my personal life again and all over again so to speak and they say they are hoping to sell it on as trappings of power to wicked and rich people who have money they can spend and they call it integration and friendliness; we are not mates and even if they do think it is friendly I am sure they are not deaf when I say I don’t want it, especially so when it is because they have needs. They do say its about the effrontery to try and get around in their league that causes the problem but this is just a mention of a few vital items in the list of friendliness from them, the one about getting around with them will have to do with how they need to build a public perception concerning the way you look just in case they need some public humiliation to be laid out for you when you refuse to co-operate with their needs, which is all about money and that they think money is all about going off to grab peoples possessions before they get a look in which creates a two teir understanding that in their minds you are less than human and for you especially for those of them that already have money to spare, in your mind they are less their human too but I am content with making it clear I do not want their friendship. Of course they say all I say and do mean nothing as it largely ends up with society low lives but the purpose is that whilst the Politicians can whip them up to pillage my work and finances by corruptions of involvement they claim is democracy and accountability, they will need to blow up their ear drums to avoid knowing things that will ensure they are doing something to pay off the National budget deficit they created - I have a problem and they have a problem too, they get involved with me, they lose the society and culture which evils I cannot stand, so we are even and the benefit is that successful people are not longer exclusively our outlook as a society, these fools have things others do not have as well.


 Trading Equities and Securities released from royal property to raise funds and cash is a real and serious business: I know I have trouble telling that to insolent developing economy fools that wish to be able to get on International media to address me as much as they like all the time, foolish money mad Americans that are convinced of their need and ability to handle people’s property whenever they make an excuse for it that such persons are not physically present at a venue and then make a mockery out of it later because they feel it would not have mattered if he was. It is a business that works with close friends and allies for whom I purchase time during difficult economic periods and broker my creative equities and securities during trading times that are good, from work done and properties held at a Half Monastery Government office, in order to sell my books and I do not think they fall into that category anyway and are therefore not meant to be seen anywhere near the products unless they are fans that have purchased the books and therefore can be. Fair to reiterate then that the fact that a Large Proportion of American Politicians and American Citizen but very large American media want to be recognised as keepers of my Royal Estate, Royal and Public work and Royal property and it has now reached a stage where they should be given Global and International recognition for such a responsibility.

We do hear tales told of how much trouble I will or I am to get into anyway but it is difficult to see or envisage how that will come about or apply - when considering the nature of homosexual culture and the operation of homosexual abuse and attacks and violence designed to ensure that those that are specifically protected by female friends from homosexuality are institutionally prevented from spreading such ideas, rather interesting that they do so once done with their intrusion in search for power before hand but it is even more remarkable that the basis on which they do is civil rights - some right that they have of a civility. Much the same with the claim the free for all attitude towards my person and public life and possessions is largely a matter of how I speak of facts concerning peoples culture and society that creates a condition where they have to deal with unforeseen problems which then makes no sense whatsoever and keeps going around in circles and the Politicians really love to claim that I sit around at the most vantage points imaginable, points where I gain the first benefits of hindsight from other peoples government work in order to dispatch stinging and insulting criticisms but it has always been the same issue always - in terms of their media fools the reality around that is the same as the need to get me stuck in a cause from which I am being forced to make a living so they can get on public places and glorify themselves with everything I come up with, this means certainty of clash with authorities for each small margin that exists where they know more than those in power who will then take steps to rout them and drag them to prison for being a source of instability but for those of them that become Politicians their insults develops into a whole new level and is largely concerned with an absence of Local or International Policy that is not an Us v Them affair, so that when you do take steps to eliminate the part where people die due to the optional extra of you destroy one I destroy three that they love to play with criminals they seem to know very well, then it gets really personal and we start to see them seek some ways of placing obvious sanctions on peoples income. For me I find it really difficult to ascertain what this vantage point I have adopted seems to have been when I am targeted because of my faith and the claim there is glory to be had from corrupting it - even their media idiots are in on the act so I might never get decorum of their Government Office from them.

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