I hear it’s good that I so not trust people but I am aware that would be good, it just isn’t what I am doing – what I am doing is more concerned with the State and a certain valuable acumen which others cannot get access to save they are saying the right things, what they have made of my position is a condition in which they will work the hardest to unleash their goons and the most stupid peoples in their society on every one of my esteemed activities and when I inquire about the meaning tell me I will have no money unless they said so; the American ones love it at media and popular culture the European ones love it at goons who profit from violent behaviour whereby they double Brexit bill and I think they are usually so stupid they never really say anything and this is a situation that will take quite a while to resolve. In essence they are still nursing that dream of a business empire that will be sacrificed so that their own can make money on account people will be employed which creates the idea it’s the right thing to do especially European Politicians and like to blab about things they will do when I resist them while a process of writing a fact or two about National banking and currency printing issues and putting those up on a website will generally mean there is actually nothing whatsoever that they can do, like it has at the moment. They were warned at the very beginning of the recession that spending their time on me will result in a fight they had lost and time wasted such that it is the regrets and depression that will keep them from returning to work on the business empires like they should have done, so that it might get to their heads ever so often. Their excuse is my academic qualification that is only the concern of an Arch Prince that is being watched from space and what he does with his time in terms of the acquisition of knowledge he needs as a tool for his activities; as for the notion, I have no qualifications for my activities however, that was utter nonsense as I am qualified with a Level 3 Legal Executive certification in Civil Litigation. The rest are media idiots who are having fun at the moment until it is no longer a warning but action taken that I have a Court of female journalists and we can easily decide what sort of fun we will find rewarding financially and in terms of personal growth over what matters to them the most, especially those stupid jobs and canopies of popular culture that creates the place people want to be for narcissist happiness that creates sales and fame on peoples public life and property before their insanity had improved, otherwise it is assumed the need to cling to my Book sales with money gathered from rich people that like to fight others with any acumen they have in order to prevent people from buying my books when I do not need any of it for my part, playing stupid games of how to find out if I will crack and give away information or they will crack and pay for using my products, can only continue. I hear the American ones wanted a female president to teach me a lesson about women but we all know the only lesson they can teach around here is that the reasons it might be kay for idiots to get on your public image and make money that you have not made from it yet is because when they do have the money they move on and let you concentrate on what matters; I do not think their case is a crisis either – they are complaining because it’s an old case where they have a reason to i.e. I was thinking I could get past this challenge before they slammed their own on the arse as well and it started from the days when I changed people’s lives with my religion when they were not yet ready for the things they were going to do anyway, which soon progressed to the bit where I will never have money unless they said so and has now settled on the bit where I must share all I have with superior people and it is getting violent with a big mouth.  We hear that story where they know which mistakes I am making with my business that is costing me money every time and what really happens however is that Media provides coverage for everything that involved goons setting up their business on my public image which allows them follow on the idea I am supposed to run it the way that they do and we see those insults that stem from their idea of civil rights being about having a share of my income go right up to the point where their teenage scum cover their backs by telling me how to speak to people and they could never think about changing the abuses – feeding into the structures that maintain it as per very abusive black idiots as my case is that I am not white generally who spend most of their time brewing these nonsense for media fools over their need to make freedom wealth and talk rubbish about being a better person that I am that give rise to conditions where the rich are to get richer and poor are to get poorer, since it is obvious psychopaths are better when poor as it were, the bit where the Politicians hold you down for them financially by means of incredible corruptions and lies, while they tell lies that are concerned with any support you may have given to women that have had children and want to return to the work environment and approach you with insulting self confidence that lets them get around with rich children etc. since there is unlikely to be a reality in their view where you extract and beat it down too, especially when you are not showing a propensity to tackle those stupid neighbourhoods and then freedom businesses as well. so all I really needed to say was that they get coverage that says I make mistakes interrupting my concerns and conversation all the time except the fools are once again more rooted in the land than I am even when I am older than they are reading insults off a dictionary and telling me how to address others and we see it all the time where it is incredibly stupid but the fact it is stupid is not to say it is supposed to come to harm as such but the bigger question has become one of how you must stop them doing it all together. If they do the left hand side and right hand side gestures at me concerning the things I have rejected and so on it will end really badly; at the moment it’s a matter of the time politicians buy them on other people’s lives so they can get into a position to do it which I want to take back to ensure I am doing my part to prevent the problem getting worse too, so it does not have to be my fault alone that the more serious outcomes came about – the left hand side and right hand side gestures are a function of their stupid society parents and media insults where they act as though they were Politicians who felt they should extract income from your public image while in the world of cloak and dagger Politics they are not actually your allies; they are meant to groom people into characters that are always getting punished because there is somebody who knows what they should be doing or how they should be doing what they are not doing properly as an atmosphere – I believe there is nothing complicated I have said here, I have had enough of them. It’s much the same as the idea the way I run my concerns makes trouble for everyone at the Monarchy while reality is more a matter of the fact that if I decided to pull my interests in and lock them down and ensure a business runs as a financial entity, what will become of that will be that my reputation on Media is one where I am a really good listener – I mean I listen because I am in intelligence gather mode for a task that will help me decide which people to be selfish with and it is not that they do not know that either, they just need a statement that will show politicians need to force me to share something on one hand while on the other I am an impediment to free market, hence the reason it is so annoying – we see them pick up my public image an go off to play with fashion designers so when Royals want to do so as well my bubble will burst, when I pull back the fashion interests of which I do on social media so that when the Royal House makes peoples bottoms hurt, theirs will really hurt more than everybody else’s like the celebrities and popular culture goons thought the Police will support them but found the Police working on something which was done to me concerning which my consent was never obtained. I am not making any mistakes and the next time they show up around my concerns to read insults from dictionaries at me, I will start mine as well and run it through the education system and those 3 to 5 bed room neighbourhoods of theirs too – especially the ones where they feel they can always lean on me painfully and make up abusive excuses as they go along because the neighbourhoods are saturated with their bullying – we are not mates and they should never address me, more so in such ways, yes I am not likely to do anything is the old question but it will begin with taking from them the time that Politicians have created at my expense to let them do it and that is the bit that will filter into the Holiday destinations and blow up at popularity canopies set up to extricate narcissist happiness that brings sales and fame and fortune on my public image as well, that the Media is so proud of that it consistently claims I steal advertisement revenge opportunities from broadcasting corporations and really enjoys stifling my book sales by it to let stupid girls with handbags enjoy privileges; in the US since the Man’s family marries the female one they always think they are peoples demi gods until you end up showing them they are not and then they will say the British ones get away with it while the reality is still the old case where the goons cannot have a conversation with normal human beings that lasts up to an Hour, regularly screw with peoples clients and leave the wives as a responsibility –when they want trouble from the top do so with Royalty as well and are always in contention with society which is the reason they are always after my Books and my Public image like we see them do all the time and its usually utterly useless unless the American get involved and if the Americans have nothing to complain about becomes a behaviour that knows no bounds. They always say I am heading the way my dad did but that was the one that usually spent his money fixing their problems so when they blab their insults it will be obvious that was what they wanted to do, I am just half my mum and did not make these preparations because I was having a problem to deal with in the first place but because I like them psychopaths only when they are poor, so when it blabs from dilapidated neighbourhoods where it gets involved with your concerns disobediently about whether you stand up to him on account your cultural power is as big as his own on media and stock market it will really make sense – I have put up with it all my life, especially during the 1980s and they can blab more lies at me on media as well if they wanted, this stuff I do will never change it; the future if it continue rather is one where handling the warehouses of the politicians to cause damage and pile things high that I can sell cheap will help me prepare for retirement i.e. heading the way my dad did. They say I do not think other people have the right to exist but at the same time we hear that structures built for me to run a Royal Estate with has been creating a question of whether or not people can be both patriots and globalists at the same time; so they tend to own everything, own people and own land and own country and own markets and own everything else and must in order to be rich so as to own power to, while all these things were just illusions created by the hard work that other people had to do and their Politicians enjoy making people pay attention to the left hand side and right hand side gestures by pretending their offices are the only places where decisions were made which affected criminals and that there is no way people can get on without dealing with the evils of their society and the powers of the crowd. The Germans do it all the time in Europe as well; where the relations they have with Russia is never really important until they had doubled Brexit bill and then when that means we have always asked them to sort out their black markets and organised crime issues because we are financiers in the UK and have the diplomacy we have on account we know what our problem is and set about handling them, while they have always loved telling us we are trying to get them solving problems we do not intend to make a contribution towards, then it will mean the British are trying to make an success out of Brexit. So the case of hating people does not apply, that is mostly a matter of their corruption and the need politicians have to work with media fools can create a condition where the guy who has talents he is unable to protect from the masses can be taken advantage of at will by the crowd – so it’s a wonder what people would do if they had been doing what I am doing for the best part of 12 years without a three week holiday break for instance and so its easily understood from the prism of the reasons that media-media-media let me in routine occurs. They say my position is an economic dead-end but I am asking if theirs is rather that I am getting married to them or something? I did warn them during the early months of the economic crisis in 2007 – if the business empires got to their heads, they might want to work of them, I am not getting married to them and they are not paying for the Books, their problem is none of my business. They always say I will lose a Royal Estate that way before they complain I run it in ways whereby people will end up with hurting bottoms and then I will get what I want and then they will return for revenge but how that excuses Fashion designers wanting my House by couture that says what any black trouble makers are doing is my problem while they expand their ventures each time I am wasted to solve the problem and then set about chasing my private parts, nobody will ever know, what I do know however is that it is the fact that I do not work for them which has become a more serious matter altogether. It’s the way they do it; in order to get rich a product has to be marketed as something that is more important than Royalty that gets attention all the time, it must be marketed by publicly humiliating him over the fact it is important, it is soon followed by the other bits that mean I cannot step outside of my door and then  we look back the last decade to find that all that destruction that was based on lies about how I interfere with people’s lives because I have got a Book was just a means to an end; the idiots are scared I will make a mess of their Holiday destinations but they spend all day for more than a decade ripping my Estate right up to the Film Industry and nothing is normal about it too.