I am a coward they say, a coward who starts a fight and then quits it while he is winning; whereas the reality is that I am so good at what I do that when I get into the fighting I soon realise the fail safe mechanisms had saved the day and it is completely unnecessary. They however go beyond and so it becomes a matter of the fact that damage is not competition the ways we see them give to the frugal as it were. It is the Politicians you see, those must fund and support these things and if these idiots need your finances ripped up so that they can work it, the Politicians will make that possible too – for me however this sort of talk can only continue until I want revenge for it which will lead to utter destruction as well and we all know they will not be finding a terrorists here if they were so hoping for their part as well. This is usually the stage where the story changes into one about how I refuse to see that I am being set up as victim sacrifice for racism, so that everybody might be safe from it; which is true of course but will never happen, all that will is the part where they get killed and pretend some social activity over their deaths in the black communities will help them spend my public life and possessions and it will continue therefore to foster the sense that their insults and disobedience will one day be profitable. Otherwise the truth would have rather been that racists usually know the people they murder like their own brothers all together – we will never know why people get off to live alongside white men and spend all day ripping up their lives and livelihoods to make them into racists, all we know is what we see of the murky and very evil world in which these things occur and in my case it is usually largely a matter of when I may get cornered and then end up forgetting how big my opponent really is because of course he can spend that size working for an economic recovery for the Country if he wanted but chooses to help facilitate what Political idiots want to do to damage my finances and maintain a hope that I will lose my money and royal office and everything else I have and have accomplished and deploy the glory of it in a gang fight that will make them seem important; I do not know what I will do to the bastards and their celebrity/media fools on this matter at this stage but they are still complaining about the state of their perspective on the left hand side as we speak, it’s been 16 years of it on a daily basis so far. In the end it is the usual stuff with men forming into society where this happens to be all they want and means that the vanities of Public office which is meant to keep the bad guys turning up in government buildings are used on moral people for self glorification and crowd pleasing instead and they complain about me because they are hoping for privileges of injustice too; it is the stuff that Women take over all the time and they need to clear my space as they can see their idiots who travel overseas to get involved with bigger problems and turn up at the shops to play out transferred aggression are now poorer than others on my account, so I can get connected with important people at their expense too. Of course they do say that Women take over like so for insurgency and organised crime and yes I understand that too, which will obviously occur the day those who work it use their own lives and failures and positions as smaller people to extricate the survival that facilitates their civil disobedience and not get them from me, lest like the rest I locate a use for that their stupid size in a short period of time as well; of which Women take over all the time as it were, needs to clear my space and leave me alone. They say they are talking about intergenerational fairness where I will get stuck of which there is no chances of such nonsense actually happening i.e. they are always going to rip up my finances like we see them give their own to others and then ensure that younger people are financially better off but I am a Christian and do not necessarily believe in the sins of the parents being visited on the Children and if their Political party winds me up I will rip up whatever is left of it that I have not yet cut to pieces – after all the ones that heed their call to evil and turn up here to attack me have not obviously ended up with less civil rights than their stupid parents had in the first place – what I ripped up before was more in keeping with dealing with attacking my intercessions and anything else I do to ensure the bad things I experience do not happen to somebody else in future due to my Christianity and they will want to take note of it as well. I mean even now, in the US for instance they claim they are democratic people but in the Democratic party camp what is really happening is that a war against the leading candidates as a result of their greed and laziness which facilitates their sexism has already kicked off in full, it even supports the opposing candidate for it, so as to create an eventuality where a process in which she wins the election will lead to an outcome where the next most ideal candidate for the White House will have to be a sexist and probably homosexual scumbag all together and I do not have a problem with that sense that the systems of government was built of paedophilia which they like to show off endlessly either, people tend to think twice about handling them if people have let their idea of what freedom is supposed to be to operate where it shouldn’t; I do not think they will ever get any kind of freedom at my expense for my part anyway, it is not the 1980s and 90s where they felt they could do and undo and I live through those times first as a Child and then as a Teenager, saw enough had enough: so I am not in any way swayed by any nonsense about corrupting truths and sensibilities around generational fairness or the lack of it, in order to find myself making sense of hurting innocent people. The reasons I hate their stupidities have always been simple i.e. I am in need of security based personal well being because of my immoral living and he is the one with government provided security who talks but does nothing about anything, he is like us and he is one of us but does nothing to protect us and somebody ought to take it from him and use it for what its purpose should serve and in the end the outcome will always be that of showing me how the gangs were pushed into a corner so people might exist, by going off to speak with them and bother them on account I work with some celebrities who have been working with schools and children all over the world and then innocent people will get killed at random on the streets and then they tell me it’s all talk and there is nothing I can do about them, which is entirely wrong: I have got them in a position now where the White House cannot bother me much about their freedoms and all they need to do is push it one stage further. Of course they say it’s entirely in keeping with my position but so is the idea that responding to every one of their stupidities because it is underbelly and making me deals with them all the time meaning I am mentally disturbed is in keeping with it entirely wrong too. it’s never true I locate clever ways of explaining away everything; what is really the case is that they are always looking for respect at peoples expense and if it did not happen to me and I had no way of showing it did by evidence it would be entirely incredible to say that people can get to their various jobs and do nothing all day long except physically exhibit themselves in public for the purpose of ripping up my finances to turn out and simulate ways of being important but this is what has been happening here every day for the last 16 years; so people are richer than they are at this point for my part too and I have contributed to the process waiting for the stage at which they will wind me up so I can fuck them all over in order to do so as well bearing in mind they teach it at Church and I did need to know thereof. We will hear from here that I am Royalty and have everything that facilitates a good temperament which allows me to get connected already but that would have been fine if they were not more interested in secretes that a recession revealed, which they will handle in order to extricate their own version of wealth distribution and if they are Politicians become completely obsessed with leading the general public in the direction of hurting moral people to get blessed, that is supposed to develop an outcome whereby at the stage in which they find out somebody else will get rich every time that they discover that what Men regard as dishonour is what Women put up with to make babies and so set out to make alliances with the criminals in other peoples families and neighbourhoods to offer everybody else the freedoms of homosexuality because they think they are peoples personal gods at that stage and so they have not yet made such money as it stands and this matter still have a long way to go; the part where all I do is turning to violence is utter nonsense of course, they always think they have got it sorted, so they get off to find some really stupid Africans, handle my literary archives make a mess for the Monarchy and turn out at the shops to determine who has the right to earn a living and develop a leadership of transferred violence and distant insults as the bane of existence, so it seems their own is hurting just as badly because I do not need the routine all together.

Of course they say I am aspiring to their culture and when I had attained it I will be allowed to trade; it is what every black idiot is talking about of course, the one where they are meant to lead me in order to be important but I want to spend time with white people and aspire to their culture and then when I had reached the point where I am utter spent, I may have attained it to a point and allowed to trade a little. People do not blow it off at me without consequences – what I really do is private equity intellectual property administration, what they spend their time doing is finding out if any little money their laziness and destructiveness have been able to earn can put them in a place where they are never wrong. And so they generally like to think they can break any rules and in my case the reason it is important to ensure their money sees to it that I am never wrong is that they particularly love to turn up and break the laws of God, then ensure when I cut ties with my parents who help them out with it, their money can ensure I am forced to maintain those ties. Hence I love to fashion it into conversation to take up their time as well – otherwise it is as simple as the fact its private equity intellectual property administration and not the other stuff where I become really occupied with responding to every stupidity they come up with so they can play underbelly at me and make me deals on their disobedience endlessly. It’s not magical stuff, they have their racism to worry about all together; in any case of which the reality is still that spending time to respond to every one of their insanity being exhibited produces this need they have to turn up on my concerns and make me deals on their social and cultural and criminal disobedience but when it is being tempered with a sense of getting on Public places to chose my crowd and take careers from kids passing around all kinds of nonsense that form their own version of me which is what they suppose people should think about me all together, then finish off with claims the atmosphere is full of a story of me aspiring to white culture so that I might be allowed to trade, it is damaging and requires response; so appropriately the outcome is that of turning it into controversial conversation to take up their time too. Nobody knows why they enjoy gesturing me to the left so much all together anyway; they say it is something about me ending up in their history and their homes all together but it is the same insult I have to put up with since the day the State declared me fit to face the same challenges they do in life and at this stage they can take their money and age and go to hell with it – clear my space or there will be no way to get free of me and end the complaining. They do say it’s all lost as per what I am doing but there is no such thing at all; what I do yet again is private equity intellectual property admin, it is what I am good at and more so do have the naturally endowed tools such as the fact I learn with my eyes and ears, meaning every none religious idiot that does a routine where I understand everything and think deeply such that if somebody urinated I would understand as well, in order to feel cultural and like a real girl, it is going to provoke me beyond redemption and I have gone around sprucing up peoples culture and society because I actually want to listen to the abuses as it does not provoke me at all, what causes the problem is that when I see with my ears, people turn up to mess around with my personality that emerges as a result of when and how they see me see the world with my eyes and turn my tummy upside down to make me deals because they think they are the celebrity type while I am only simulating what I see on media to become what I am not, all led by Politicians and so it is very destructive and disruptive and they need to leave me alone for their part as well; all together being that if somebody told me they had a giant billboard of their company in the city centre and want it protected I should be able to do that job for them and get paid doing it too, therefore ripping up finances of Christian to seek ownership and sharing of his personal life in order to develop the person who has a personality that is used for entertainment and merchandising will lead to an outcome where a routine that says it is all free and it is theirs and that they get to use it more so thereof as they want, will provoke me beyond redemption too. Most of these behaviour are a matter of disobedience and nothing more, they have just forged a way of making people ignore it until it becomes a state of affairs they can move in and out of to handle people’s lives and property at my expense and with a lot of Media help but that does not change the fact there is no such property on this planet as one that is free and belongs to those who are using it; they will never get the society and culture back from me ever and the Book sales are the route to my Holiday away from their madness so they might have their freedoms too – I do want to get the finances they ripped up here back into working order, I really do, honest. At this point they will start a story about how this was the job and privilege of parliamentary pundits but of course a few minutes before they were doing a far more sensible and important National budget issue, hence now I have cleared up my position concerned with people being confused, they have cleared up publicly another one of their incredibly stupid positions again and it will never add up to jump in and out like that and make claims later but its what we expect of Men anyway.