We do hear it’s the Muslims that are bothering me but it is an old story; until the Muslims complain then the reality is largely in their view mostly that goons such as me think when we open our hearts to the world it makes us leaders among men but considering they are such manly men and that it is all the rules of Islam they still see nothing wrong with insolently chasing another man’s anus and penis in order to strip him of his manliness over some stupid ignorant prejudice that they have – so when you do them as well and the UK becomes an uncomfortable place for Muslims. The blacks now understand me very well and one more occasion of making that celebrity and popular culture and media stuff to address me or talk through to me or feel associated with me and I will end up with my own history of destruction to point to every time they ask me to stop as well. It’s the old story about the Royal Mint making currency for the UK and what seems to be their big problem with it because they think they can screw with me and it is this sort of behaviour that has meant the build of an empire in which the money has ended up somewhere else as well but clearly of which a currency is created to reflect all interests local and overseas, sometimes of which the Incumbent can mop up the interests overseas and the currency will be made for the local interests, it depends on what is happening at the precise time of change, I for my part appear to have been the greatest asset to their organised crime because of an access they have as well as the greatest threat as their stupidities show, whereas it is through me that the flexibility of a currency security actually operates, only to be messed up by those with opinion getting involved who have not got a clue what they are doing as it were. They do say there is very little chance of backing up my threats but as I mentioned, I have fallen behind on the means of tolerating them while people know what I stand for and the reasons for it is that they pillage my finances all day long so it is all their fault and they can make one more and find out.

I understand they say if I spoke to the people I speak about in person I would be cowed by their influence but it depends on whether I think that what makes them superior to me is my doing or theirs; I mean if I have a parent that thinks I should be sacrificed so that Obama can be the most powerful black man in the world, then there is no way that Obama turns up to enforce that on one hand while expecting me to cow his influence on the other that will happen in any known world; he is directly responsible for the fact I have no respect in my family at home because I am not financially successful looking for this stupid frivolity and so it is with politicians here in the UK endlessly as well and they do have a problem with this cowing influence thing too, it’s just that all round there is this problem that they think that such sacrifices is not up to my parents but they will enforce the notion they have that it is on one hand and then on the other a process where Politicians get out of bed every day to threaten me and give me a bad state of mind while I am trying to run a business will carry on permanently undisturbed, which is entirely wrong. So there will be no cowing over anybody’s influence around here; I mean with the Queen it is different because on one hand I wouldn’t perhaps never have been able to protect myself right up to this point if she did not give me the original push years ago, so I simply don’t know what I would have been without it and there is also an Understanding the Monarch expresses around my work that getting it finished will be the death of it, so I am allowed to grow and do what I must at the right time and in the right way and a Royal Estate is well preserved in my hands, so I have influences there I would be cowed and it is not a matter of Price it is a matter of respect; Obama for instance aside whether or not his world has accepted me after all these years of rejecting me to the British Monarchy that everybody gets to be a part of as it were, claims to be the leader of the biggest democracy in the world but the democratic ideals he has decided to get corrupt on are mind blowing, so the keep of his own Political office is the ignorance of the peoples of the world when it comes to violence and conflict, he simply cannot spend mine and cower my influence at the same time. I understand it is said when I speak of it people steal the wisdom and career here yet again, which will never happen – these are democratic men, who believe they are God’s gift to the world you see, always in some conspiracy or another against others at diplomacy and Politics to look into their business interest and always brimming with ideas on what people can do to make them feel comfortable and richer and are sooner to mention something about global security than they are asked, so they come through all dressed in suits but are actually bloody idiots. Like the old story of the claims they make about something gay about me which really does not exist of course, only the lies they organise to tell with their community croons developed around their hatred of something of a covenant I made with God that means there is always a certain level of heavenly personages around me at any given point in time and so when it comes to social level matters what it means is that they hate my aura and want to change it because they cannot leave people alone and are into witchcraft and Godlessness which they obviously cannot practice only in their own lives.

I hear them say they have twisted matters with news and stories until I am the one terrorists want to target these days and it makes no sense whatsoever either; I mean they twist their news and stories all the time and finish off with how things like terrorism is a problem for religious people while they are the ones faced with responsibility to report news on it and earn a salary doing so and it is much the same with problems they create for Royalty and so on endlessly. So this game of toying with my life will lead to even more carnage and it seems the complain about me is not actually having any effect so far yet as it were – they do say I am sacred stiff of terrorists of course but if I am faced with danger I can fight and defend myself and if you don’t know where they might strike then you have a live a life of putting your house in order, so I have no idea why these fools in suits might like to think such things are amusing anyway. I know they will never rest and neither will I until they have my personal life as they have claimed it is the only place where they feel safe, it has never been an issue, only the question of how they became unsafe in the first place and we all know it’s a matter of the number of people they hurt in order to chase their needs and how they get on media to make those they have taken advantage of in the past out to be a soft touch for everybody that they are practically selling up to anybody that wants to take advantage of over these their needs and I for my part know that if I had a job where I put a name to my face and sat there telling the world about latest events all around I would never have behaved like that, so it is difficult to envisage exactly what they think they have done in order to deserve this safe place they like to chase me for in order to extricate from my personal life where they say they will find sacred things that can be offered up for destruction to those that are chasing them to safe their skin so they can feel safe and so on. So they do like to get women to ask me the question of what my problem seems to be with men but I don’t have a problem with men as such for my part in anyway: what happens is that everything these idiots do annoys me intensely and so is the effect of every involvement and that is because it is unnatural – the ladies explain this problem to me as an issue concerning water and milk and that is how I understand it i.e. stay away from men and water story as it were and so it is only conclusive that if I see that their homosexual communities around here I will cut it up again as it were. It’s not an emotive issue, I have always known about people who think the possessions of people like me are there to be stolen or spent and they only feel relieved when there is none and what has happened to what existed before took that particular turn, so it’s always been something they do claiming it is what I have done to their culture and for my part seeing that they provoke me with the culture so they might do it by making me react in such ways towards their culture, have to get to a point of handling that culture to such as extent that they know one step in the wrong direction will mean that the problem becomes more than 100 times as worse as it ever was. So when it comes to the story of not acting like an ally of the US, there is nothing the US does at present that concerns government or its allies, Obama wants to redress wealth balance between blacks and whites and wants to do it on a global scale because America rules the world – they always see themselves as warlords that at their own expense look after the interests of small and ungrateful allies naturally, so he will clearly have to seek out some democratic menaces in the Middle East and Africa especially to go it with, I for my part do not need his help and I believe I have been clear about that all along.