Of course it is not true that I live in a world that is different from everybody else; yes I am not like everybody else but this story is largely always the contraption of media persecution and the activities of every Political goon that fancies it to a fault; if I am mincing words, what it really is, is criminal world foot soldiers sending their usual message of I find it insulting when you achieve in the same par as me and when you dare to have what I don’t and need to leave me alone so my actions may not hurt them further than it already had.

It’s like the story of extricating reaction from the Royal hysteria they had created here as far as they are concerned and then channelling it as abusively as possible complaining about civil rights and inequality to cover their tracks for their own gain; the matter of which is that they and their Politicians are the ones claiming wealthy people are evil and ruthless and destructive and so on but are the same who solve the problems of poor people by taxing wealthy people as well, which is their problem and not mine and this the kind of reality a royal hysteria here will make them face, not least the fact that UK economy will become less and less competitive as their rhetoric continues to get out of control too. So that for people concerning whom free stuff is a problem because they now have to start worrying about what to use their money for if they are bothered with free stuff so that even if it is free you have to sell it to them anyway; there always has to be that sense that being financially comfortable is not compatible with society and culture and extremism of all kinds including civil rights extremism and the sense getting involved with it is another lifestyle choice – I mean I for instance have to pay the price for doing a business of information whereby I talk while I do business which means my commitment is always endangered but each and every one of these fools feel the rest of us owe them a debt to see that they carry all these baggage with them while they get rich and their story they tell us about the rich is never seldom accurate, don’t ask me why. In their defence they say they need to feel rooted in the land but the grand old story has always been that wealthy people exist by magic.

It’s never been a difficult matter for me to handle; access to my work as I create them by Politicians is not the same as access by the Monarchy – in terms of the Politicians the result is always certain to be violent because they have gotten on media too make a racket out of claims of somebody in their house having their ideas while they are trying to earn a living which is quickly followed by having enough and getting violent people involved – that has not ended well so it has switched to a process where attacking my patent margins is leading to even more disastrous consequences like the self harming idiots they are who cannot leave people alone but is nothing new as we all know about how a process of being told you are providing a service people were about to perform for themselves and having been you won the fight to do so must be taught a lesson what it feels like to have your own thing done for you and then every single thing you do is followed with the stupidity of their distant violence claiming they are showing you what it feels like to be told how to do what you were already about to do and they usually spend all their time on such things then remember they have rights and should be paying their way in the world when they locate a younger person to take advantage of and need politicians to see the importance of their ageism, which in the view of the Politicians is good for a while but not good as permanent thing unless they meet somebody such as myself for instance who has had their nonsense right up to his neck for example and then it starts to get a lot more serious than the game they make it out to be. I have warned them before these are the kinds of incivility that can take up a normal person and make an animal out of him since we all know they can give to the frugal taking a priceless thing and fashioning it into a book others can buy for a token as it were; they couldn’t take me on when they read books I write as I write it now they will by attacking patent margins at the markets and you will be hard pressed to find a good explanation for their stupidities. I have had enough of their involvement and incessant attempts at it, to enjoy what they describe as privileges of ageism that my culture would have afforded them and I am certain they understand English when it is spoken to them; I have had enough of men getting involved with me.

They do say I have trouble living with the art of power which is utter nonsense; I simply don’t want people dragging my career and personal life and my faith especially into their games of power and I know when I say so people will become more incentivised to do it but it is not an old story either as I do not see them drag their own into it because they are making sense of power they have over me; so they will not do anything about me and what I do with that stupid social disobedience for my part as well and if at all they do get to do anything about me it will be what I want them to do about it like proper power and idiots being seen to live with it. They have no respect for anybody i.e. if I was busy ripping up peoples career to play arts of power games it would occur to me somebody has been sleeping rough and maybe another has been killed by the weather because of me – these fools have no respect for anybody and their power games will not be tolerated by me; I mean I know there isn’t a difference between their insults and the power games of course it’s just that they come through looking all professional and although we know they are bloody idiots have to assume they know what they are doing to an extent. They are evil as far as I am concerned – the need to exasperate others over career and find somewhere to grab a spotlight copying what they are doing to recover and being able to devise a way of being more important is actually half the story – their wickedness expresses itself in their civil rights most of all in the sense that everything else has to be sacrificed to chase the spotlight. So it’s always a matter of culture and how they can get involved with the culture of a certain person that is younger than they are whom they feel they have a fundamental right to abuse in order to make their lives better, a right they feel Politicians are obliged to honour as a matter of legal law and then they can set about being part of that culture in order to get it – so sometimes they meet people that are not interested in their welfare like me for instance and they have media to play with and it blows out of proportion. These are details of why I do it the way I do but personally for me it’s a matter of ageist idiots that are really disobedient, so they need to get me to a place where I need their obedience in order to exist, to show me what was important about their need for the kind of Country they want to live in and so on and that happened, it was the fun bit, now it’s my time for fun as well and they do have media to play with so it thus becomes a big issue.

So the story of how much trouble with MPs I am getting into every time comes into play ever so regularly; the reality couldn’t be any more different i.e. when you get around you concerns the fact they push you down and you pick yourself up becomes a crime and then you realise somebody has set up shop and is determined to fight for your civil rights before you were even born like he knows anything about it but then he is so keen on it and carries on and on and on until white trash from his party of wherever decides he wants me to be dominated first before I can do my academic work which they then set about complying with all over Westminster as disobediently as they possibly can, when finished the fantasy about getting into trouble with them ensues with a big mouth whereas I am rather of the impression they deserve everything I do too them for my part; people need to put themselves in the shoes of the Politicians not just get about being scared of the bastards whenever and wherever – I my case what they have done is like if I was a Politician in Germany and so there is this German guy with British roots I like to pick on and I got off through international development games to get involved with the UK and gather some British trouble makers and then at some point transport some of them to Germany and start running my political career on the basis of the individual I have targeted being blamed for everything they get up to then start to pretend he is in trouble with every turn of events my stupidity comes up with; so all people need to do is stop being afraid of me and put themselves in my shoes to ask the question of how much right I had to do that either to their society or culture or country or indeed to somebody else  not get off being scared of me or listening to anything a self seeking opportunistic goons on Media who want to take advantage of them get off to push off at them because they find amusing every single day; so that normally art would be about culture and its insanity on one hand and self doubt on the other which creates art in the middle somewhere but they have changed it to something about me and my faith on one hand and their need to be important on the other with art emerging in the middle, looking for trouble and in terms of me personally they always like to make out that when people are racist it is a good thing and when racists are being violent it is a good thing, except they also think that what racist do should not be done to them because they are the same thing and so those times emerge where you hear the racists get fed up of the commotion concerning their need to kill somebody whose life they want to improve their worthlessness with and ask why people need to use their lives to fix problems which is most of the time where the part of the behaviour of these fools which means that they cannot be reasoned with comes into play and then there will need to be intervention or somebody is going to get killed, does not matter who or where. For me personally it’s a matter of these idiots talking of being the ones that look the part about those that racists want to pick on or attack and how some new kid on the block needs to look like that as well so they can move on concerning which there really is not a thing in the whole world that they can do about me in anyway whatsoever. I am not in any trouble with the Politicians and I am not in any trouble with the Media and I am not in any trouble with myself. The other part of their routine accusations and need to abuse me chasing my private parts of course is the one about collaboration which is utter nonsense as the reality is that in Russia for instance I have interests and I am not just going to abandon everything because there are trouble makers pressing Mr Putin to do something about it in their benefit but for these men there remains other questions too, like the fact that the feeling of being British that people have, the schools and school notice boards and kids in playgrounds and school trips and jobs and factories etc is something that last 5 minutes at the very most with them around, so nobody is seeing them do anything about violence against women either considering they are always out for respect but have no sense of what its purpose is and the reality that the females are always going to be likely to lose the fight over respect means nothing – so feeling of British is carefully monitored and when people feel that way it lasts five minutes at the very most so that they can get famous and cannot stop accusing me of one thing after another to get their cultural scum to chase my private parts for it too, then complain about withering in my presence when in their stupidities they were actually more important as it were with a big mouth looking for trouble all the time. it’s never been an issue; just that need to make their various accusations and get their cultural goons to chase my anus and penis and body parts while they deploy my public life because they wanted me to be a local champion while they do what I do in place where people are rich and important, having taken that away from them it has continued to get media and popular culture boom boys violent with a big mouth, so this is just one of those steps they take save the one about everything I do earning me some violence that is a mark of them telling me what to do to show how much it encumbers their freedom that I should take away from them a need to do what I do somewhere in which there are rich people so as to cash into my public life – so it’s just worth asking what these fucking idiots are doing about violence against women anyway and we can all see its nothing whatsoever for an answer especially for the particularly career destructive fools who are famous; I mean there is no reason to when it aid with the process of selecting females anyway.