Of course I am aware of the story I am expected to blow up and commit suicide or something but I wouldn’t know anyway, there are issues at the control of these fools that can cause me to but it does not stand a chance; I mean they do feel it is in their nature to look for trouble naturally but over this matter of the fact I have not invited somebody into my Court but they can feel me the same way my Court does when I watch television and make all kinds of trouble even sell off our temperaments for feeling left out has only resulted in a power they sense they have at their finger tips to become men who have somebody they can guarantee to bully reaching a stage where I need to be cut off from my finances and my relationships all together thereof which has now ended with a state of affairs that is ready to go at any time and the countless number of broken homes as a result of it is testament to its power and effect. So the story is still the same that they have no plans to keep off my books if they have media to play with and are now talking nonsense about me committing suicide which really according to facts at hand have no chance of happening; next stage of this matter of course has to be the bit where I collect their twitter and other social networking profiles and master a sales plan for my books with it, it is apparently the kind of behaviour that their civil and criminal disobedience suggests that they want from me and they do say they will collect my own as well so it is all in a day’s fun for them all these things i.e. you do sit in an office and worry they will wreck it for me all day long and then there are some people that will act to push that boundary beyond a certain point and then you will decide it is time to act as things are happening as you feared but in my case they will handle my twitter profile if I handle their own because the fact I play around with women is actually bad for their business and puts them in such a position – so I am actually waiting for that to happen too, so I might put to the test what it is exactly they think they are made of too. So I have not invited people into my court especially the men but they can feel me the same way my Court does each time I watch television and it still stands, they think I have not had enough of them.

We do hear the story of people making sure I am in the part of society where I belong being the reasons for these things but I don’t know what it is means; all I know is that I am a Christian and neither interested in the left or the right hand side of society but have already put up with 7 years of unemployment because they are trying to change my quality of life in the direction of which bit they feel is inferior to the ones they will get to chose once I am made to accept either one of the two and now are starting to brag about it to a point that does not really do them any good. I don’t think that it is an issue; it’s just middle class boom boys and their insults and abuses doing its best to show that looking for trouble is in their nature but are full of the assumption it will largely operate in a different way save the one about setting out a public humiliation for them, the anus and penis thing and then making sure it is settled violently. It is not a path I have chosen of course considering I am a Christian and either way somebody will get killed on either side which will make them feel they have driven me down the path that is not go God and therefore won some sort of trophy victory and thus can it only continue until I find a way around it. Naturally I am still fundamentally intolerant to a process where they turn up to decide what my perspective in life is and the reality is still that when I stop them at society they revert to culture and when I stop them at culture they chose media where they feel they have range that can allow them go on for eternity, which is how this story of the side of society I actually belong came about in the first place looking for trouble, putting those stupid journalists up there to threaten me all the time and talk so much nonsense about what they don’t know. I don’t believe it’s a problem either, it’s a matter of what I have already done to them i.e. I am in charge each time they show up around here and they can put that to the test yet again if they wanted but my big Church programme will always mean they do my will and not the one concerning their various evils, or they can accept the state of affairs that the law offers if they like instead, I personally don’t care if they do anyway – it’s never been a problem only that I have not gotten into any mode that suggests setting off to run a campaign of gathering people to my cause to show them how to hate abusive idiots with a wickedness and Satanism that they have no plans to practice in their own lives because it does not give them the necessary satisfaction of harming others but that said, I am still in charge and they do my will not their own and that is how it stays. So I don’t want to see that stupid left hand side joys of naivety and everything including homosexual communities associated with it and if I see it I will cut it to pieces again as it were. They do say I have no way of enforcing anything I do but it is utter nonsense since I have already enforced my will in terms of the evils of women who need the possessions of others while freedom and democracy offers them a small army to get it with, talking nonsense about religion being evil all over the place as a result of what they are doing with their time every moment and nothing in the whole world has been able to stop me at any point or stage whatsoever, so I clearly can always kill on it too. It’s like the story of being bullied by women which is utter nonsense, I am not being bullied by women as such or indeed taken advantage of by freedom and democracy cronies; they simply love that grand old case of turning out in public places to make out they will extricate from my faith a new sense of freedom of democracy that they can deploy on the left with privileges attached – so for those who speak of a part of society I am supposed to be in the case is that if I let them have it they will continue to build themselves up until somebody has something to live up to that involved harming me and there will never be an explanation for it when it happens while I am rather deploying the insults and abuses and sexual context abuses based provocation to do what I am doing at present rather than hurt them first, so I have no plans to tolerate their society and culture and civil rights and media as well at the same time either way, the Political ones however are the ones that feel in the end that men such as myself are there to be leaned on and pressed violently because if people went blind and came up with a profile they would fit into a female category and so they claim they need that in order to be like the men they are supposed to be and you will never know how it turns up in government office or who on earth would want to vote for it like they claim they have legitimacy for anyway but the reasons they like to persecute Christians such as myself is that we are so full of morals and forgiveness that it is possible to harm us and then explain it by our lives as well to cover the tracks and ensure nobody knows all that evil is happening – but most of all they are ever seen doing nothing but appearing in public to gather around and find out who in kind among them fits into the same social category as somebody who has something they don’t, so that the whole reason the US President gets into an important white house to give word for the stifling of my book sales is to allow black men feel proud when they appear in public and a kid turns out to ask them if my successes are getting in their face and therefore ca pass to him while they feel powerful enough to give the go ahead for it and then you have to draw parallels with civil rights movements they speak of all the time and it turns out if somebody is able to as much as create paranoia that hoards of black people are gathering like that and other communities in the US for instance are at risk, there will be trouble but they have no plans whatsoever to change their ways – the British ones even say such evils were used against the Monarchy to create the Political system we have today but I don’t mind – that was then, this is now, and I find any perspective created with my faith to be blasphemous, in direct contradiction of the command to go out and preach the gospel and spread the good news of salvation and win souls away from evil and will attack it with exactly the same vigour no matter what comes my way. So it eventually comes down to that two way question; I have something everybody wants to be a part of and the liberals and democrats cannot live with themselves, is it their own? Why do they seek it the way they do on account I am a conservative, does it mean I have no plans to rule the world while it was their birth right to do so, does it mean if I have the means and do not do it another will do it for me, is that what I want and or what I want concerning my possessions? In the end it can easily be understood by little realities about the forces of ruin and squander in society and I have my own little ways of hurting them around their needs and addictions and alternative lifestyles too and have no idea why Politicians always see a good idea in telling me to give it up while they rip up in income and have fun doing so anyway - no plans to be normal people obviously, only to rip up people’s lives with certain twisted evils they can get no satisfaction from unless they express it on others, most times of which they do not have consent but will rather have claimed that they did; they do say I have trouble recognising my problem to be the Establishment and the upper class which is utter nonsense, they are the ones that will not let anything I do with the Monarchy stay the way it was done, always something to say to HM when One is at Public duty or any member of the Royal family they get their media on etc at my expense, so when I mention it we will see them claim they have got a Royal Estate of their own as well by wrecking my history and making it their own which is what they never said all the time it was about popular culture and media and the need to be what they like to be in their own Country and so on; hence we have reached one of those points where it is a matter of what happens and what does not with boom boys - hence they like to spread news and gather people to a cause where I am Royalty trying to get their money through my books to consummate my position and I like to spread one about how much money they have hidden away before they decided to set out some product by which to take advantage of others to get rich and the result is that when they have problems I deal with it and when organised criminals and law breakers claim I never had public support for what I have done and the books I have written, they clean it up and we are talking about the one where the police shoot them if caught messing with intelligence. Above all I do not wish to tolerate their left hand side perspective being set out at my expense otherwise I will cut it up and kick them for it again and yes we understand they do say I do not know when I am vulnerable but being dragged out of public service to get into a fist fight after people vandalise personal and thinking space and you cover their behind by taking care of the matter of racial extremism, it has become clear they have no plans to respect when I am vulnerable and need to shut it and keep fighting, so that each time they brag and fail to deliver somebody will do it for them. There is always the sense what I do to them is all magical and nobody will ever understand especially when they raise their democratic questions about what my relevance is but of course the reality is such cases as the fact I have never unlike them been a class A drugs customer so as to have to deal with people chasing my anus and penis and so on, hence even when they are not taking the drugs presently they are busy threatening me on grounds of what I am tough enough to do to them or not and making a scandal of it on media to get rich and famous.

We do hear the US President is having enough of me all the time of course which is not an emotive issue, what he and his filth cleaning idiots who cannot do without leaning on peoples personal lives and careers do not wish to do is keep off the precincts of my company; they think they have some black culture going on for them there containing a certain view of young people and I know just how to crack it as well; there is ever no point Political half wits making so much noise about being pragmatic in public places, they must be thinking it is as cheap as the goons in Africa and the Middle East who know little about what a Country is and let it fall apart all the time that they are dealing with here so they can be the worlds most important democracy as it were. I know everything about the NSA and its games and CIA and FBI too, so they can go ahead but we should not have to deal with complain after anyway I suppose. I do get asked what my complains about them is of course but it is the same old story about an involvement with them leading to ruin and how they see it as power because they are below you and below you and your family life and below you and your family life and your academic work and below you and your family life and academic work and career and below you and your family life and academic work and career and job and profession, so their Politicians have no plans to have conversations about the problems of their own side of society without involving you in a way that hurts you as well because they do not wish to feel inferior when nobody is asking them and they could always do better as it were and of course we know the race card is ever so necessary too while their own silent destruction of life supposed to continue unchecked as if they were other peoples personal Gods but people didn’t know they were. So the fact everything they touch gets damaged is testament to this and their Politicians also need to bend you into a corner painfully preferably, so as to make you discuss Politics in their area of existence and I am fed up and completely tired of it too. They do say I do whatever I like because I am dealing with democratic leaders whereas communist leaders would never do these things and if at all they know personal things about you they always have it covered to a point where it makes no sense. I mean where on earth would Putin have started to think it makes pleasurable and organised laughs for girls doing comedy on daytime television all day long to see when I am finished with my work, the part where I am vilified about involvement with women and peoples addictions and social crimes and grey areas of the law that can be used to hurt people and get away with wealth and so on, my book sales get stifled until I turn up to grovel and accept transitioning from conservative person to liberal person before any sales are considered at all in the first place – it will never ever, ever, happen and these Americans fools need to stop threatening me, after all they don’t feel so threatened anyway while they are at it as it were; I am happy to talk about it because there will be a cost really soon for my part too in any case. Then there is my personal favourite where I am a Christian and need to be tied down somewhere and things done to abuse me homosexually and a history built from that to make stupid children look presentable in public while I look like rubbish and an outcast and some kind of underclass and then the trappings sold onto industry idiots looking for power; how many times then have I handled their American civil rights stupidities in such  ways so far? They say I provoke them and we have not gotten there yet, so there is still the tale they tell of a damage and shame I refuse to accept has happened to me which is utter nonsense, for when you sit at an office to put everything you gather about their wickedness into words so they can hear it too if they are eves dropping, record into a devise and write your books, it indicates some damage and shame they have achieved and yet years from now they were given a chance to listen, they were given that chance more than 15 years ago when they started a story of the need to own my personal life which meant Politicians had to help them dominate me first before I do my academic work and now it is becoming a reputation for being unemployed that they are leaving to racists to play around with as well pretending further insults will be tolerated if they have needs - so clearly it gets to a point and something gets done about it at some stage; I hear it is because of my views on sexual abuse all together which is not a complicated issue since everything people do that suggest I am vulnerable to being abused by those that were sexually abused is happening because I am not eating well and I cannot make out where taking advantage of those who are not eating well justifies how those who were sexually abused deserve justice but I am pretty sure they have an explanation that will blow my mind.