They tell me I demand too much from the armed forces. I personally wonder what was meant to have been the difficult matter to deal with anyway; that they stalk me all over the place so intensely they can sense me on my own sleeping chamber, my own bed and do whatever they like with me there was always going to be followed on with consequences? I mean the Politicians were well warned about the effect of giving them tax payer funds to play around with when they have refused to work for their own upkeep in the first place so it is not clear why they have brought it up. These people will die until it stops; the Queen has a job for life and works from home, they should have expected consequences for it. I mean the desire to ensure I do nothing which brings God closer to mankind is so intense that I have been put through a decade of unemployment so that a process of things I move on from or move aside to ensure what I do to worship my God is not encumbered get violent enough covers its tracks with enough excuses and does so for long enough to pay off; do they ever ask themselves how I have been getting by for the last decade? What they ask themselves is what I demand of the armed forces to clean up the same mess that they made.

It is just so insulting like the process of making sure I am not selling my books when neither the process of writing books nor the process of selling them was any of their business in anyway whatsoever. I have done enough for them; I have warned them about those insults which ensure prostitutes get off serving me, I have set up structures to ensure they are sorting out what their problems with prostitutes seems to be but it will not get any better a decade of unemployment and further public media threats of bullying because they want to get rich; how does anybody do these things to themselves and then do it others as well?

What is now wrong with the rudimentary aspects of war anyway, the part where it is none of the business of the person who is the reason for all the fuss in the first place? Where do they get off telling me what I can demand from the armed forces? Next stop of course is the modern ones and their distant fascisms for them they cannot leave my book sales alone as bullying runs in their blood and their excuses for their wickedness such as sharing does not have an end therefore they are all powerful; will soon take the run turn of course and will soon cross the wrong lines as well. I have no idea who is supposed to take in their distant fascism because he cannot do anything about it while they have already used it to create a decade of unemployment for him and use it still to maintain a cash flow crisis for him on a daily basis with Public media, just so they can make their corruptions of involvement effective i.e. find out what the rules are then make sure other reasons are why they take part but the rules and claim victory when done; a decade of unemployment I said while they withdraw thousands from cash machines in salary most of which is gained at my expense then talk rubbish all over the place too to make sure I cannot move on from the anger as it were partly because that is damaging for my faith and for my health and partly because that is how the process whereby I talk about things I have not done because they are the ones that want to go down in history for it operates. The only way I can ever satisfy them is if I pick a knife to my throat or take drugs overdose or something to make it all go away and go else where basically and I will not do this one I will do something else to make it go away instead.
Of course I am aware most of my problems are created by businesses. That is the underlying message of capability behind my market place too. The reason they are rich is not because they are better than a Prince it is because no body messed it up for them while they were trying and this is not to say I cannot mess it up for them now that they think they have enough money to buy the world. They simply need to leave alone my book sales and they will be alright, if not there will be trouble. there are usually three reasons they turn out to be rich; one of them is that they never had enough to get the attention of those who might want to wreck their lives, so the only time they got noticed by anybody was when they already had money which meant they could run away from anything. The other reason is that if I were to allow anybody to do anything with what they have worked for then there will be no economy and everything will go to hell. The third reason is that when I do these things my own property ends up in a bad place which it wouldn’t if I didn’t, so they can steal it and talk even more rubbish when they have. These are the reason they are rich not that they are better than I am, that is just really silly.

There are two games in question here, one has to do with my book sales regarding which those games their fame freaks and Pop stars play will soon become really expensive for them to afford, the reason I say nothing about it is because I need the expense to accumulate to the point where I can move from what they have damaged onto getting it as an alternative job. The other game the play is on the economy; they think they have a lot of power over the economy currently and this is the biggest load of rubbish ever because the fact about it is that they have simply blackmailed Politicians into giving them bail out money and then put it away in some safe account for their consumption and continue to demand more and more and more until the government is crippled. The result of course will be that once the governments of the world realise there is no more money they will print new ones and then that will cover every single thing they thought they have gained from such behavior because the money they have will be of no value whatsoever while all those people they thought they could rule will simply start afresh with a new economy and a new money, although there will be tough times when it will not be able to buy them as much as the old money used to there will also be a future that is balanced and well adjusted for their children too.

For me these people work so hard and I have to broke equities with them to ensure business owners are using their capital in a safe way to keep their jobs and their incomes and their employees are able to keep jobs too and then they had to do that bearing in mind the standard rule is that you have no right to handle other peoples property and while I have been seeking excuses all over the place they just dropped that on my lap and of course the fact my books will never get sold is my party piece, I mean they really expect me to get an alternative job after being seen as the person people take advantage of to get rich.
The media just always feel they are up there which is utter nonsense too; like I said before when they feel like rendezvousing around the backyard of rich people having chosen their scapegoat and completely sure of their connections with Politicians, they might want to think about the consequences again and also think well about their choice of adversary, I personally couldn’t care any less, especially now I have been arguing with and fighting them to the point where rich people are able to run away with the money of the world, like I was their mate in the first place as it were. The rest are just supposed to be the Business army; those are nothing but hedonistic and very evil and violent idiots who like to have ideas of bad dirty evil things they can do to others on aspects and parts of their lives that they consider to be more important. When I ask them why they do such things to me they tell me everybody is doing it and they were making sure they are not excluded and are not missing out. They know I am a Christian and already know they are evil things and that the world is full of wickedness and evil and hate and suffering but they will do it anyway as if to remind me or tell me those things exist in the world, looking for trouble as it were and you need to hear them speak of democratic reform which is utter nonsense since when Mr A earns a million pounds a day and I work for him earning £300 a week Mr A is not earning their money and I don’t want to know.