Getting around with rich people therefore is not that which counts as one of my major concerns even if it comes as an accusation. The trouble with some rich people is that they believe they will play their silly games until a point is achieved where my Empire is shared and so I intend to prove something about the fact when you own an empire you are supposed to have been able to live comfortably on it no matter how insolent the world around you is. I am not the one adding peoples business to my adverts to sell my products instead of working to serve the consumer and mange my own business better here so I do not speak for both sides like they think they can use the media to change facts to bring about either. I believe it is clear that as it stands now what they need to do is gather their staff all over the world and tell them to stay away from me and all things that belong to me, not make out everybody thinks I want to get around with rich people, most of whom have been pressing me to stay out of danger as they are able to take up their own concerns. It has simply progressed from a state of a normal person who knows money comes from employment to a set of people who think money comes from making sure a boy cannot get employment everyday and now they have reached a stage where they can boast I will never have a job and I will never have any money. I mean it is not to worry anyway since it is clear that you can be dragged out of your home and dragged all over the mud for a period of time as to enable a process where you get around with a certain group in society and marry a woman or girl that idiots like these decide you should you will have your children, really mess up your life and then break your heart as well, just because of your outward aesthetics and the fact they want to be rich with it. So the question now exists in a twin form i.e. what if I don’t marry any of those girls and the threats they issue comes to pass that I am penniless and childless as a result but then refuse to marry any of them or be penniless and childless? Now it is them that are being tested of course because they can see there is a big task to protect that stupid media these days. It is never sufficient for somebody to tell me they want to do business with what is not my work but looks like it; it is still the equities of my work anyway and even if they are lay people have been around big business for long enough to know that; if it is not moved on I will completely destroy it and own the world to make a statement of all that noise about how I block their lives on the left since this is neither their lives or their property or their venture.  


So they will want to pick on where the businesses stand of course but it has got nothing whatsoever to do with them as businesses do know business is their business and running the country is mine like everybody else that has a duty to assist the Queen and Politics is the business of politicians – whatever they say has got nothing to do with them. I for my part mention these things because they need to stop disheartening my people as I am not in any trouble and even if I was I cannot see that they can inflict any trouble on me either. It never really bothers me half as much when they claim most of what I say about myself is not true; I mean being recruited by the Queen for a role and writing books on a table to raise funds when I need them does not expose me to that level of publicity that I tend to get; it comes as a result of bullying that they like to brand as an acceptable tease. The reason I react to them is that they are a very vicious set of economic policies of contraction i.e. they grab peoples resources and drag it into a fight using media and end up owning it but just about 40% of it because 60% was lost over the fight – I mean it is one thing for people to take what they own into a fight with them but quite another for them to bend peoples lives into a fight where people will loose before they carry on and breathe easy in order to do it, they want to work it on the entire economy of course and what the support of Politicians if not the entire world and it is such a worse time imaginable for such nonsense. I am not down and out either for my part, there are enough media connections in the electronics manufacturing industry and the stock market to attack and even if I may want to be diplomatic I will still win anyway i.e. when they do those things and I save people money, most of the time of which I will not have to administrate anything unto employment before they had thought about it, guess which part of the funds will be saved? But of course it is the advertisement etc, so it is a sustainable operation.

Naturally they always want to make claims that I make out their media connections can pay for things too, if loosening up some irrelevant commitments for people during an economic uncertainty and aiding bigger businesses to serve customers better and manage better is something I have done to set a bad example that does not help people to make use of such an equity. In actual fact however all I put out are company property, the part that belongs to people in general are the books. They can see that whenever they try to use it to get rich as usual it does not work due to the one size fits all limitation but it should do well to remind them that when looking after the autonomy of the Price Mechanism in a market economy at the most basic level, one size fits all and there can only be so much money in the world.

Of course there is always their media claim that most of what I do is a function of immaturity and a faith to a God that does not exist so that it takes me longer to reach anywhere I am going, therefore most of what they do to hurt me is in revenge on lessons for things I should have known easily without harming anybody if I did not believe in a stupid God but in actual fact the truth of it is that when I do not want to have sex with anybody it will be forced on me no matter how long and how many abuses and lies and insults they need to make that happen. Then there is the part where only I can cash into a process where I got a commission from the Queen but every one of them wants to do the same as well and of course which the big problem becomes the question of why anybody would want to be better off than I am in direct comparison within the process of doing so and it continues like that with insolent threats of violence against me on media because they are fucking the presence of God around me and the blessings of God on my life for a good feeling complete with lies they tell to secure their pleasures which means that when they move into my right hand side and lodge themselves there firmly anything I say to suggest it is bad or wrong will lead to a valid counter argument by them, which does get to make me wonder how much time the idiots spend on planning such things to pre-empt what I am likely to say in reaction and prepare therefore a valid counter while keeping what I do not want them to do to me going on. In the end the bottom line is that I don’t want to be friendly with them and because it is being forced on me it is their ability to make friends that I will get off to shut down as well; at the moment with respect to sex they have lost everything but even when that media is their means of getting by they gamble to attack me as well and claim it was available or possible and they therefore didn’t see any reason they shouldn’t and by the way of which I don’t even feel bullied anyway which is why it is so annoying.