Of course the work that The Court have to do is manage the secure Equity of working my creative properties to run this part for their design and creative work (prognosis which is the monitor and control of fame based industries e.g. destructive cultures and communities should always have the expenses for their destruction paid for by any means finances or beauty of fame seeking men especially those that are journalists, the celebrity industry should always be monitored in case there is need for administration when it has moved up from the culture of getting rich with other people's importance to the bullying of those who must have as a result of their getting rich become victims of big gangs, which do make so much sense).

So if it was not yet clear I believe I have here made it so, that the partnership I have with my Working Court is about where they have looked into the matter of out of control community goons since it is impossible for me broke equities at National and Economy matters or indeed any necessary academic work, when it is impossible to be of sound mind.
Men speak of having sex with them and call them names; such as "security" and "equity" etc and I do suppose the purpose is to get my attention as it were. The fact being of course that they can dish it out but cannot take it too as it were, I mean only earning a living and planning to get rich with it, on the basis of earning another man's income with a product for an excuse. As I have mentioned before these women were only supposed to deploy the aesthetics and property that was necessary to show it was always there for people to make use of my work to earn a living and that they did not have to rob me off earnings before they can exist and so now that they have turned it into what they have, they are already complaining.