The great idea that I had lost a fight with these low lifes and am now trying to recover is absolute rubbish. I have never lost any such stupid fight; the truth is that they always like to make out my temperament means the kind of people that sort out their beauty sleep issues for them and of course claim they don’t like it if I give it to them because it is sweeter when stolen to create equality. Then there is the part where they are always around with their insolent power and violence to tell me what to do and make me do what they want when they want anything done with a big mouth and then the other part where they interrupt my conversations as well and it will carry on like that until I have to tie them off and keep their stuff the way it really looked away from me and all I own very violently and very painfully. Most people expect me to do this outright but I intend to achieve these results by hitting them at the media part where people get off to usurp the public aspects of my work and then tell me to make a public appearance, whatever monumental idiot goes around collecting the public aspects of other peoples jobs with his media job anyway?

The part where I am supposed to be scared that it is a real problem has more to do with the fact that I will never have money and I have put up with that rubbish that works on account there has not been real consequences for touching my work and property every day for a decade now, hence they continue to believe there is realistic chances of success with it. I mean what do you think of people that wind you up to start a fight with you, then fear your revenge and attack you in another way which is designed to ensure that revenge does not happen? I mean when it comes to that, they have placed themselves in a position where they can make sure that you have no money in the sense that it is not in their interest for you to do so and yet the fight is in their heads, the revenge you will have is in their heads and the action to prevent the revenge is in their heads, looking for democratic crimes and telling me I will not have money but no body will ever see them complain when they start and talk such nonsense because they are not the kind of people you simply chase in London or the UK alone, they talk too much and it goes overseas really easily. I always think of it as partly my fault because I am responsible for the things that go on in their heads about my work but it does not mean I do not aim for the same results as such.  So I can only say a decade of such activities and warnings from me of staying off the fame and staying off the books has not really paid off so far and will lead to a condition where I kick them seriously as well.

As for the royal connection, those always have ideas that catch people unawares, ready to be of service to any idiot that want to start a fight with others without reason or purpose but need their chosen victims to be cash strapped and jobless so they can win the fight they are planning but in the end what they mean by things being proven I had no right to do what I have done has much to do with what it will mean if I were to remove the Queens name from all my work. Apparently it seems that the Queen is patron of what I do and they are not, only have insolent stupid opinions I love to keep around because it is not hurting badly enough yet. I don’t mind anyway, I have made myself clear; first no body knows what it wrong with them and why they want two jobs and three jobs and four jobs for themselves at any given point in time then expect others to treat them like royalty and not the mad men they are and on the other side I think the warnings about those who need to get off my fame and off my books not paying off has come to mean that I will quash it from media where most of the process of goading me happens because as they are clearly deaf obviously and we will have to put down what happens to community idiots and beauty sleep and insults from those as well with regards to making me do things as collateral damage.

Whatever monumental idiot will get around other peoples jobs making sure they usurp the part where the owners meet with the public anyway; its as though they have something to prove and like to pretend they know me, especially their black idiots with stories to tell about actions I carry out which suggest I am man of the people, whereas they speak of democracy but it is the price they don’t like and the case here is not just that I will not have money because I have done things that women could have done for themselves only if they altered themselves in some way for them but of course that they cannot leave people alone, not if they find out there is a chance of claiming there is need for democratic crimes on grounds somebody had it all and handed it over to women to seek more thereafter – they cannot leave people alone and live in their lives which if why even if I did it cannot stay private and confidential and this is the real problem which I always measure with what to do about those insults of handling my work and showing off doing so on media, then telling me I will not have money because they have determined it so with a big mouth.

They love their claims I mess with peoples businesses and companies when I don’t even know those people or indeed how rich they are and fail to consider the fact I ma no body but in actual fact I do not. It seems the facts have no really changed in that when people have given them products to advertise, what they do is find somebody they can bully when he has influence in society that is connected with church and the result is that his actions bearing in mind they live in his life and want to get famous with it, gets to me lots of financial instability in popular culture firms, so that they can get rich and famous with those who lives they peddle while controlling the owners and thereby get off to make those advertisements for those products on my fame, seeing clearly that not only are copyright signs and certifications on my work but that the products I sell cannot have existed in an operable form in the first place unless there are such certifications attached to them, on account they know familiarities and insults, that ensure they see people the way they want to see them and therefore exist and or work with them the way they think about them in their foolish heads and get to wish to. The result is that the companies they work for take steps to protect themselves and their products, I take steps to protect myself and my company and they have to take steps to protect themselves and their advertisement business or what have you, which generally means that the market gets to operate as normal, unless of course they are having other ideas and therefore trifling with the way market is to operate on account they like to think they know me when they know nothing about me as such but the real problem they actually have is the idea that what they do will become just a job like everybody else’s and not a means of getting rich without work, which of course is rather one of my biggest achievements.
So what are my feelings about the fact most of these destructions are created by really abusively insolent black men who have latched onto me by my history and skin colour like they are very good at doing? It is not a bother as such even so, the fact remains that theya re really evil black men that fancy every single person wants to have conversations with them on racism as well. For my part the main issue is still the insolent media goading that gives them exposure at my expense and of course the consideration that in the class room this sort of bullying would not suffice but in the real world they expect to get away with it. So it is still my position that every time they say that history has dealt them a hard hand, I always think of it as the necessary groove; that is the spirit more like.

The only thing that stands between these fools and the process of running business like normal is respect for my products at the market place, in form and in the quantity of somebody else’s property and I am not going anywhere either. I can envisage a time in not so distant future when I handle and cut to pieces peoples companies to sell a book. Their problems will end when I am no longer penniless because they have cultures and things I can be accused of by them and because they exist.