With respect however to what I think about Syria on the other hand, I think that what lies before the UN is a simple question about a country that is kitted up like every other country in the world but has people who have access to these kits using it to kill some other people who live in the same country. They have their excuses of course but in the end what does the facts say? It has got nothing to do with what Americans do and what Communists get up to. However what Americans and Communists do will reflect on their region as well and votes on how people feel about it will always get passed on their actions. What I think will end the killing is Syria is if the President is removed. It is becoming more a question of when; and to this of which what I mean when I say what America does will vote accordingly in its region is that there are ideas America is putting in plans to get rid of the Syrian government but however US foreign Policy on the Public front does everything possible to ensure that is not successful.

I get asked what I would do if it were up to me of which the answer is simple; I would like to join a gang and be on the side that has the most arms and therefore the most power and therefore the winning side but those whom I looked onto when I do so will not actually be doing any of the fighting, so I must take steps to ensure they understand other things are important. Like right to life, right to family, right to education etc; We are dithering over decisions concerning a country where leaders are using the Nations arms to kill its own citizens here and while it is impossible to determine what the powerful and armed few get up to, there is a referendum going on. How on earth they pull such things off is completely beyond belief. So the other question is that of what solutions are there but the most effective ones of course is election day, where by no body who has a history of killing intimidating and attacking other people stands as a candidate so we can all determine we want to live and we want to attend school and we want to have jobs and that is all there is to it really.
I mean a country like Syria is a place where we will never understand how things are happening. First it is a democracy that somebody turns into a quasi democracy and now wants to make into a communism because they will stay in power for longer in the process of which others must die. They have these excuses for killing other peoples which sounds like other people are armed but how armed exactly, with artillery? I mean I can put myself in their shoes easily; I am so powerful that I control all arms in the country civil and military and so when a collection of people happen to be criminals who arm themselves bearing in mind I can round them up disarm them and put them away in prison, I then decide that I want to deal with them neighbourhood by neighbourhood with Tanks and artillery. I mean why do people buy that stuff anyway?

They say rebels are a huge problem; of course rebels are a huge problem and everybody has got rebels as well. At the heart of everything that rebels do is the fact that they believe that somewhere beyond you and your rules and laws is a life for them that is completely free and completely normal. You are the one responsible for taking the path that will surely lead to divisions and violence not the rebels who are dying for it as well. Of course rebels always tell people to kill people as well it is not a new story and those who do it always have these things they say about brotherhoods, covenants etc and the murky underworld of Politics. Of which sometimes it is said I am the item that creates an obsession for people to have such things as the quest for immortality for example whereas what really happened is that I had idiots get around me with lots of noise about things I must do and die for doing so that it might be put down to the history of people who have the same skin colour as me. who were of course impossible to ignore so I had to protect myself from them which I did and thereafter bearing in mind they will hurt anybody for it had to provide for people as a result of a condition where they stir the filial feelings from inside of me in case anything happens to me. if everybody wants to do such things for people good, because it means they will be remembered by those people when they are gone. I cannot make out what it has to do with using the state to kill oppress or intimidate people. I am not interested in any of that for my part either. My analogy is always from the point of view of being student Union president and not president of a Country. If all student are equal but you are head above the rest, you are not seriously suggesting that after having a conversation almost on a daily basis with University leadership at the end your life is the same as that of every other student that needs to figure out what they must do to make at least an average grade. In the case of a country, you made phone calls to at least 5 presidents from different countries just last night and today you are clinging to plans and ambitions as though you are a poor man whose life will end up in the gutter if he looses his job and then with that are killing people too.

Personally I think the entire regime needs to be purged.