I understand my opinion about Politics in the UK is duly required but I have no idea why anyway; so here it goes – reality check, the Labour Party has never actually been a party for the economy as far back as history goes but the present one is evil incarnate all together i.e. they were in government when there was plenty and they spent their time on nothing else but digging up all the successes of Britain to make an open show that will allow them the means to build a stage for themselves at the International scene, which was complete with features like publicly displayed and government funds laced hatred for flesh men; the result of this has been the massive deficit they have created for the Country topped only by the structural unemployment we face on the ground which has been complete with features such as the demise of the Royal Mail among others. So I really have no idea what people suppose they mean when they say what they say about economic matters concerning which they clearly have not got the foggiest clue as it were.

The reality is the same old case with the Party; it is full of leeches and compulsive Lairs and people who get out of bed to call for another man’s blood until it claims theirs and there is civil rights but right up until Tony Blair they had consistently ended up with these individuals that decide they are not interested in people’s problems as they are more concerned with what they can deploy public offices to do for poorer people and so the party had found relevance in that way right through history right up till now – since Tony Blair and the invention of spin doctor socialist racist government, people have voted for the Labour party for Political reasons not economic reasons, in fact Labour voters fundamentally protect their economic interests from their party leaders and will defend it by violence if they must but they vote for the party for what is entirely political reason and so their case is largely a matter of if you are not a specialist in such things then do not take it up and you do realise every time you try unsuccessfully that they mutter demagogues about how it is clear you don’t know how it is done. That said, the reality about Politics now is that the economy is the most important issue and the Labour Party as far as I am concerned is bad news; a group of compulsive lairs at the very least who want to discuss moving into your right hand and living there permanently in parliament when you are talking about a deficit that they created, who ask it confrontationally whether the equality they have demanded for decades have been fulfilled yet as though you owe them or their ancestors money or something when you want to talk about National unemployment and we cannot continue like that as a Nation.

I understand they say what they have become today was of my doing but then is the question of whether the behaviour that caused my doing shows they are good news for the economy like they continue to destabilise the Country and the work of other parties and meddle in fundamentalisms that do not belong to them therefore to create seeking the control of the Country and to create further ruination of it to express? I am only saying its anything but Labour if the Country is to become successful and the results of what I have said will be tested by what people think of the Policies of the other parties; social, economic and Political alike. They do say I don’t get the fact that it is all a matter of power but they are the ones that do not get the fact if their power works by fucking with my faith their problems will be many times worse because of course they do it on grounds there are evil things that be in their societies and communities who want to have access to me every single second and need their involvement and corruptibility of those kinds of conversations to pave a way for them. The case for cutting the British down to size which their stupid friends speak of all the time is utter nonsense, the reality is that having had centuries of an economy built around a Navy and a Maritime system and taxation of workers, there has been a need to ensure people are at work and that they are paying up for the government to have its revenue; so that when we speak of human resources and Argentina does as well or India could become an empire, it does show there is an atmosphere which says that there is no way a little Britain can in anyway defend itself from anything, so they are in no position to complain, more so when we know they cannot let people be especially the Africans; those say they want to teach me a lesson and I think they are bluffing – I will teach them one they will never forget; so the idiots need the perks of my job and need my money and need my possessions but will not ask if they can teach me a lesson instead with a big mouth not hurting badly enough yet: all a simple matter of why the UK has some relations with the Russians and Chinese despite being a principle ally of the US. So do I not think Africans are scary? They are scary alright but this is a matter of not leaving me alone and wrecking my finances because they want somebody they can bully into a fight with them which results either way will expose some strategic fighting skills and tactics they can copy to fulfil their dreams of power and when they have popular culture at their disposal to do fame and fortune with they really have a problem listening to what people are saying to them: so its a matter of what they believe in, such that when it comes to my believe in the free market system, when I broker equities with Companies, they create products that go for a quarter of a million pounds a piece and some African buys one piece and his boys sit all over the place just like they think they can do with immigration on account I am a British Prince, insulting and buffeting and damaging and abusing because they are more worthy than I am with that big mouth we put up with all the time, which surely will lead to a process where they have more money than I and become more worthy to lead and then will be more worthy to be me and start to work towards that bothering the Royal family as well, so these are what I have become a reason for and the respect part is just so difficult for their stupidities that really does need to be settled i.e. when Germans create, British create, French create they want spoofs - they say it is not because they will never be able to afford it, they say it is for malicious reasons that are linked to the fact they have the right to be having the same things as well; so I do not need the British Government to enforce this or help me enforce my own for me either as it were and whilst they cannot live with it, they make noise about teaching me lessons and even their bloc head journalists are having a go as well. So this is what it is; we create, they buy - no spoofs and will teach no lessons in hell when the amount of money they have yet lost at the Global markets directly resulting from my actions as a result of turning up here to insult a Royal Prince they are sacrificing to make Africa great because I belong to them and cannot stop following me around to damage this Royal Estate and my Finances because I share a skin colour with them and they are older than me as if I am not older than somebody as well, while the great mantra remains their freedoms say there is money in the world but things such as the British and Americans say it does not belong to them which makes no sense whatsoever is off the scale - nobody knows exactly how they intend to teach these lessons but we all know their stupidities know no limits too as it were.