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Where matters of evil is concerned, we see the business of handling these matters where these goons expect to draw their pensions come into very good use, we see the process of beating down the Celebrities which comes with it prove itself again and again but what I like most about it is the prospects of making sure it was possible that whilst we got blame, abuse and violence because they have had to work for money in their lifetimes, we can also lead them down the correct path by working hard on their wickedness until it makes us tough too. The challenge has been to make this Hermitage Global leadership fun, to protect my Entertainment Assets and brokerage of other Equity.

There is naturally talk that will not go away about how I always have people complain about me concerning the way I interfere with careers that pay a lot of money, especially the fame and media types but there is really nothing to complain about, what they are referring to is that their stupidities picked up my Public image to gate famous with and then become more important than I am by and I had the effrontery either by work or my interference of doing something to prevent that from happening when it was their right to have it on account they consider themselves to be more important than I am. The effect now goes beyond just telling them to create their own fame, get organised for the jobs that make them such a bunch of insulting and abusive gits, it has grown into a matter of finding out what will be the outcome of this criminal business where my Books solve their problems so well that I now serve them, the outcome naturally being that they are now doing the things they complain the most about every time we hear them complain i.e. that they are dragged into difficult situations where what they do to protest and complain having been their lives had become about protests and complains becomes something that only tells people what to do to get some peace and some financial progress – the part that appeals to them about my Books the most being the part where my Books solved such a problem, raising questions about why I wrote it in the first place but I wrote it during a recession and the fact I talked about wealth inequality issues as a matter of Companies I share a Trust with, meaning that they had employees that will never get a job anywhere else if they lost the job they had due to the sheer number of Media and Celebrity gits that hate their guts for absolutely no reason, it was never meant to solve their problems to a point where I am at war because I dared to prevent people becoming more important than I am on my Public image, or written to solve their problems so well that I ended up serving them, as stupidly as possible. So we can see its all a game as far as they are concerned and the only reason responding to it makes sense is that it was required by Government and so the fact remains that if my time is spent on Celebrities, the probability is that I am wasting it – like we see that five years ago it would not have been easy to say that what we are dealing with are the things the US has had to deal with all by itself without any Allies in the last 30 years or so but so have we seen that between the time it was difficult to say so and the time it is easy to say so, I have had no right to earn any money irrespective of how hard I worked in this place, with the cracked up out of my league idiots complementing the abuses of their parents and relatives in the neighbourhood with as much bottom chasing gimmicks as they can come up with. As for the story that I encumber their fame now that the more difficult decision of the two is to get stuck with me, as opposed to creating their own fame is their livelihood depended on it, I do no such thing, what happens is that their ideas about how to earn money while we hear them complain of the parts I would do at Government to drag them into a corner where their protests only tells me what I must do to have some peace and success, is that their ideas about how to earn money has nothing to do with a 9am to 5pm job and we hear them claim also that it does not work for everybody while we know that although they are vitally instrumental to people starting late, they enjoy their practical jokes at the expense of their victims beyond anything else – much the same as I have warned them enough times at this point to keep off the Books and stop following me around and they are about to get a response that they are likely to fancy as well. They will claim I suggest I do not control or encumber their fame but everything I do has the effect, while what happens is that each time I give them a sense that ripping up my whole life to stand at the other end and feel comfortable with their own part of society thereafter had taken effect, they appear to have achieved their greatest aim in the whole world, much the same as the Government is confused about what I am doing but the purpose is to control Celebrities since the last time it was not just good enough to get the Books out and ensure they never follow me around making a mess of my academic work ever again like they did before and have been keeping it wrecked with hoodlums that come across money and need to practice sexual and sexual context abuses that keeps them in control getting around at Industry at my expense while complaining as though we were mates and it made sense of they spent their time on me – they have been picking up Armed Forces personnel and putting them to service tasks that work for Celebrities, then get around betraying the service personnel as well to improve the level of power they have to be more famous than they are on a public image that does not belong to them; so it has become an appealing idea to ensure they sorted out the bottom hurting bits at culture and society while I supervised to make a statement that they are not important – ultimately it seems I am going to shred the stupid Celebrity culture like I promised.


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Posted by Ikpe Uno on Wednesday, January 28, 2015, In : Office and Peers - Europe Royal Village 

I understand my opinion about Politics in the UK is duly required but I have no idea why anyway; so here it goes – reality check, the Labour Party has never actually been a party for the economy as far back as history goes but the present one is evil incarnate all together i.e. they were in government when there was plenty and they spent their time on nothing else but digging up all the successes of Britain to make an open show that will allow them the means to build a stage for themselves ...

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Posted by Ikpe Uno on Monday, January 19, 2015, In : Quest, Requests, Deviance, Homosexuality and subliminal violence 

So the story about full time work and how I need to know of it is nothing new – it’s just that being educated by stupid liberal political women is the last straw for me on the matter which is why this is being recorded; after all the last time we checked full time work was my boss meeting my child at 2 and then again when he was 19 meaning I still have the same job and the last time we checked these were the same idiots that spend all their time making sure others resort to contracts and ...

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It is now said that none really knows what my position on sexual abuse is; the truth of it was rather that we hear those statements people make about abortion having the same gravity as when those who had done it were sexually assaulted but it must be seen in an environment of conservatism – where a Community has been served time and again, there is a sense of security and safety for very young people because of the conservatism, the most relationship based deviance they have had to deal with is the business of couples who end up in a relationship for years without a plan to get married and settle, such that if in the course of some of these types of couples being of a character that is happy to tear up families and shred communities, then build their own to help them get what they want from others having been their parents can no longer cope with them, somebody got pregnant and aborted the baby without the consent of their partner, it does feel as if what they deserve was sexually assault because of the way they tear up families and rip apart communities doing it; it should be seen that most of the people who suffer as a result of the actions of these gits do not know what their names are, so the means by which they successfully do the damage they do with what they think is their body and civil rights is the process where people will need to get along with and make a living working with people they do not know, so it is usually destruction of families and communities in an incredible scale especially when those communities were sustained by Conservatism. I for my part do get told I am a very weak Conservative which is all very well, leaving me to wonder if those who say it realise how corrupt they are and how these problems begin once they got off on an angle making out at my expense, that black people are never conservative. My point is that these are a two groups of idiots whose needs are endless, who have a pathological fear of work but should you give them a living wage once you were done working for the money and offered it to them on a platter, it will not be enough as their dream was to get rich and famous – their parents are unable to cope with these demands and since the parents last turned off the taps, they had to find an alternative and need to create the idea people they don’t know and have never met can cope with these demands in a matter of minutes – this is how a simple process of supporting a female colleague usually means that all hell will break lose unless criminal feminists got satisfaction from ripping up your whole life and career. So the Political arena is where this business of how black people are never conservatives fit into the picture i.e. Liberals and Socialists spend all their time making sure Conservative young people feel sodomised as it is usually a sign of their importance with respect to the fact that people who are a quarter of their age are Conservatives while they were Liberals and they found it disrespectful, so we can see what becomes of it when white people claim black people are never conservative as it were; these are a bunch of twerps who have no sense of right and wrong and until they wish to discuss sexual abuse in the proper way, the next time I see them show up around my concerns and sit about exhibiting the stupid financially profitable disobedience over my Book sales which decides when I get to respond to the insanity that passes on their left hand side and right hand side, I am going to twist them as a community and the Americans especially into another corner they will never recover from permanently as it were.

They do boast it’s a matter of the fact the USA is more powerful than my Country but we can see what it means when somebody got me dealing with nauseating financial complications today because the USA was more powerful than my Country, he did that the day before and the week before as well and has been doing it like this everyday for years now, finding it amusing with its fellow smelly, slimy, corruptibility body fluid spreading homo friends on Media for it, which makes me sick and smelly like them as well all together due to the frequency at which it shows up around here; therefore shows without inhibition that each time these Liberals provided leadership we always end up living with two minds and one says that we want what successful people have while the other says the correct thing is to admire the way they work for and dedicate a working life to it and work for mine thereof which never ever happens because the Conservatives of Today are incredibly corrupt, so corrupt its impossible to maintain the latter state of mind for up to half a year let alone being able to do it for 16 years as an example to the Children that look up to you at home. So the idiots enjoy issuing their threats about what I cannot do with them but we all know these threats are due to the fact their industrial narcissism is such that they want to own the way I step outside of my home and of course when they hurt me it makes them happy and it is the happiness that facilitates the product sales, therefore becomes something they want to recreate all the time in order to have success but what I am thinking is that I am about to break everything that facilitates this nonsense which in my view is how it is going to stop – as for not being able to do anything about it in its own right all together, that was a story of the punishment I levy on their local community idiots, the same tale of the weight of what it means when people had suggested black people are never conservative i.e. they have Liberal Society and culture idiots who hang around peoples lives pretending it is the career and academic work which interests them but what really does is the personalities they can rip up to facilitate popularity and Celebrity culture, their behaviour feeding into that of their Politicians and Media scum who get through life with the idea young conservatives should be sodomised for the insolence of their very existence all the time, talking rubbish at me – so what they think is that I will be picking up the issues of the fact I cannot get on with my own life because there are evil things happening in their Communities which will lead to an Office space fight but what I am really going to do is build enough destruction of their lives and careers to ensure there was a comfortable distance between them and me. 

Having been they have no sense of right and wrong need all keep away from my concerns as I am now completely fed up.


Naturally the whole business of the appearance I do not seem to work hard enough on security matters, which creates this outcome where people need to assist me as they believe I am not strong enough to handle certain issues, which is quite right, except each time they back onto the fact I am Royalty and it is probable what I think about doing is something I know how to tackle i.e. the only way that those who are stronger than I am and fear for my safety will have their own safety jeopardised by something I am doing will be when I am not working hard enough on it and this largely refers to criminality matters, such as young people and criminals chasing addiction and attacking people randomly to ensure they secure finances and market for it - same as smoke screen for criminality Media Journalists relentless and ever abiding disobedient practical jokes with peoples livelihood and finances, when they wish to interpret their civil rights as a process of extracting an income from the wealthy city centre without having to do any more work for it than has been imposed on them by force, it therefore usually gives way to the throwing peoples valuables to fat cats that they and the young people who follow them at popular culture work so hard to prepare themselves to do, that they believe absolutely everybody is taken by the stories they tell of work being imposed on them and of course at the heart of the supply of start up finances and mobility for such things is a bit too much of Politicians showing up in peoples lives.

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