So the story about full time work and how I need to know of it is nothing new – it’s just that being educated by stupid liberal political women is the last straw for me on the matter which is why this is being recorded; after all the last time we checked full time work was my boss meeting my child at 2 and then again when he was 19 meaning I still have the same job and the last time we checked these were the same idiots that spend all their time making sure others resort to contracts and agencies, while they get off to talk nonsense about the benefits all over the place – so the next time they educate me about full time work, I will take my inability to tolerate them and their insults and those stupidities we find all over corridors of international communities to another level and I will never stop once I had begun as well. I mean if it were children doing these things we would normally think it deserves violence but these female idiots are clearly our mothers and for me it’s time out with these democratic goons and their civil and criminal disobedience is to start being measured around here as well. I understand they speak of difficulties I might face but I find it impossible to locate what kind of difficulties lie against somebody who has not been opposed when it comes to handling them at the International communities, so I believe my warnings are clear. As for the story of their powers of surveillance considering the US President generally thinks they can do whatever they like I don’t think they will want to wind me up with it considering recent events and by the way might want to keep their hands far from my anus and penis as well so we find settle what we are talking about here because this case of educating me about full time employment amounts to a need to see me bent over a difficult task while they gloat and it will not do. So the target for each case of surveillance should have to be here in the UK for example Mr Cameron and his business friends because if they are damaged the way anything here is damaged then they will not be targeting anything. Yes I know I will be told they will cut off my benefits but it is not anew story because those who are not Prime Minister and those who don’t have any business connections that are making useful profit do not get to cut off anything; I am 34 years old now and my 20 had been spent on being insulted by them, of the kind I am referred to as boy who meddles with aesthetics of careers I know nothing about to a point where employers ask me to work for them and then release me after probation because they cannot work out if my loyalties are on something abstract concerned with what has happened to me or the job, only to regret the decision every single time, while these fools have fun from such outcomes, hence it creates wonder as to what they suppose I have been doing with myself all that time – perhaps developing the career and building into it very dangerous aspects, or maybe killing off the dangerous aspects of their careers as well while I am at it for good measure? So as far as I am concerned the collecting of people market for their friends in business to execute a lottery of whether you can get employed by them instead after 12 years of HM job that was given me not being good enough as we continue to wait for Politicians to come up with their own if they say so, can only lead to a turning off of the benefits if they have the guts for it. And yes I get told I say so but will be all over the place if it does happen – wrong of course because what will happen is that I will seek out a B and B and then device a placard that I will deploy every time to ensure I write three equity property sentences which amount to stifling the sales profit of the business friends of Politicians, stifling sales profits of Popular culture music CDs people and the third making sure I am getting leadership from it as well, so that I am supposed to do it at those regular intervals and dates where they have arranged the music CDs in a specific way because of course until it leads to a statement of the manner of getting hold of a Politician and making them feel they were never born, the need to damage your possessions is not something they can ever be weaned from. So this was their idea and the benefits stay until I sell my books or they will make a phone call and find me a job because that is the only way an employer will be certain of where my loyalty is. I understand when they say I live on benefits while I think I can control or am in control of the wealthy, it makes no sense whatsoever since it has always been a matter of the fact that in order to ensure you do not get to a Royal office and sit there to let people do whatever they like the best way to deal with these fools who have no plans to look into their attitude and behaviour in order work out a process where they are found in another man’s house i.e. the kettle and the kitchen and the washing machine and the cooker etc has changed as a result of the recession and needs to be re-established, if that is they can spend their time peddling the renaissance of a Royal Prince or the personal life of a Priest; the American ones exist in another world entirely which is why this lecturing me about full time employment has become a real issue as well – for those ones you can get tired of trying to tell people they are hurting you and reason with them in terms of property that provides rebirth which allows systems and fundamentalisms and structure to be given to those who put themselves in harm’s way to provide security but when you do the time lapse before they start peddling renaissance and personal life to get rich at stock market and pillage your books to exasperate you and perforate your water to that effect is about five seconds at the very least. Besides which getting rich for me is easy and they know it – all I need is some 50 people that will not keep their jobs these week if they do not hit a sales target for an entire year and they know I will resolve into cash the tens of millions pocked away in the written property equities; its rather important to me to allow these insults and abuses to create their results whereby when I make money coincides with when I have family so I might never have to share anything.

So they speak of how weak my position on terrorism is whereas everybody except them seems to understand ISIS was born out of a process of an Axis of evil that included Iraq and Syria – so that if yesterday you had a thriving business and the kids were at school but today three of the kids took a wrong road that was manned by Americans and never returned home alive while your business has been blown up by liberators who have destroyed ancient relics and built their own structures to suit their modern taste on it, then a caliphate that straddles the axis of evil and ensures they do not return is in order and those local business men that still have some money to spare will waste no time in volunteering. Then they will tell me I speak of it like I belong there or that is my Country – I wouldn’t know, it’s not as if their record here in the UK is admirable either; they have a track record of seeking other peoples possession and to that effect setting off publicly that entangles them sexually with mentally disturbed croons in the neighbourhoods; in my case these croons have now been given the sense they are hinged to me and can follow me every single place I go as well and I cannot make out what they idiots seem to be complaining about when I am not lazy about it and hence set out publicity for it which means these croons start to feel they are famous and it is the celebrities and Politicians that are now being followed around them. My point is that I don’t know if that if what they did in Iraq but either way their record here in the UK is not so good either. The point is that these are incredibly stupid individuals and so it is ever so easy to seek the personal life of others with which to create arts establishments for their idiots to make money and pay taxes like very body else with as if absolutely everybody wants to see them do things that enable the payment of taxes as well, everybody wants to share fraternity of Nation with them in that way and if they wind me up again the kids that used to know where teaches penis and anus is or whether or not he or she is good looking and it is more important than what they are teaching whose activities do not seem to have been observed by Politicians targeting me to help them to money so they might never be wrong in my face all the time lecturing me about full time employment or indeed anything else, they will live to regret it as well.

I know they say when I say what I say it is all gone and spent on others which makes no sense whatsoever; it’s like the case of dealing with the Industries at the global markets where the only way to ensure people don’t peddle my office and history or royal property is to ensure there isn’t meaningful profit made by drugs firms for example since I know that cloths firms are the ones that employ most of their customers and now there is healthy respect and it does not matter if I am on benefit or not as it is my property and can be done with pennies or millions if I see fit but doing it cheaply however tends to have a certain flavour to it. I mean they do say it’s a matter of the way I make people feel provoked but then again I could do the talking bit about how if only they could realise I am Royalty and they are just traders and when they feel anything it is because of my influence and it should not constitute a reason to attack me in any way or I could do the power bit concerning their bloody feelings and how the media brought it about and they need to un-feel it. Same old story all together of the fact they will do that every single moment if give half the chance – grab your possessions and put it somewhere until you forget about it or the world starts to think they have handled it long enough for it to be their own and then they can have it and you cannot breathe because they exist. So they do tell me there is no way I can back up any of the things I say and do but of course we are looking at realities around somebody working in their company and because she has a community she wants to be a part of all the time, the manager can want it and have sex with it all the time if he likes, all good of course but not when she is loyal to me – and so the response is always that people will not get employed with me around of which they first need to get Mr Cameron to collect peoples market for them to put people on a lottery of whether they can get employment on account others do it by themselves while they have power high funded contingencies to deal with their business logistics but beyond that we are looking at the old question of who told them to handle my products in the first place; just like the Politicians like to say the same hence the story of how all I say and do goes to others as I say and do them etc whereas I understand their civil rights fraud very well and they are now in a place where they are likely to be the victims of it not perpetrators, talking about how the Political system is to prosper if I am around stifling everything as well know it means putting a lot of money in their hands so they can control what happens when people get violent which has nothing to do with me since I am rather more interested on the same goons having found out what democracy is like and how it works and then setting out their own corruptions while they are still in uncharted territory, being shown what they are in for – hence the bottom line is that they have already got a well paid job so the question now is what it is going to be in terms of their behaviour as Industries and jobs will disappear as claimed according to the fact nobody asked them to handle my products in the first place; yes they always say the books are an exercise in mental degradation but which further enforces my point. So nobody here is fooled, they are really stupid people who think it can be done if they put money up as leverage and pile things high to sell them cheap on other peoples markets before the owners find out or get to them as if there is anything they can do about it and this behaviour extends right up to the expensive cars and helicopters lifestyle as well. Besides which there are people who are interested in the community at the Office and they are celebrities too, so this idea of what I can back up is entirely misplaced more so in context of the question of having gotten a well paid job what is it going to be their behaviour.