I understand it is thought that I always capitulate whenever the Russian President makes a Public outing but that isn’t actually what happens – the reality is that people there can attack those that are close to your heart if they don’t like something about you, so I really never want to get close and involved and the Americans are no better either, I mean Obama’s two terms in office has been spent stifling my finances and book sales and putting up a face in public to ensure that there are certain leverage of blackmail that can cost human lives that he has over me and we are not talking about really annoying idiots on Media and Charities as well anyway, those have a history with me as well – it’s all a matter of the evil in Politics that I don’t want to be any part of, so that it become important to do my part to get people to leave government to be government and people to be people and those who upset this reality always seek to see the ugly side of me as well. What I do for my part thereof is a matter of Politicians losing sight of their importance concerning which I get told I blow hot and cold on International relations when it is rather the reality there is nothing these trouble makers like more than Politicians that have lost a sense of themselves and this is where I can help. I understand they think I am the fool that tries to solve problems by talking about these kinds of issues but of course that isn’t true either – what is true is that they need to be fully furnished with the facts and realities here, for when they did not see me act to control these halfwit barely criminal goons that can only go from bad to worse if they have something important to mess about with, I needed to become a vagabond that was forced into it by Politicians who wanted my right hand side and now that they have spent tax payers money on them so they might become mobile I have decided to control them publicly as well, point being that the next time they will be the ones doing the controlling instead as it were; like that economic incompetence with which we hear them talk of low quality jobs that make no sense since if you want a high quality job you can always create one for yourself but will be nothing new about Labour Party lies and that intense need they have to mislead the Public all the time, they are not the only ones that are aware the colleges offer us subjects we can study to be technicians while the Universities what we can study to be professionals and yes I will be the one being accused of assuming others do not know it as well, so nobody knows why they love to mislead the public in such ways and then talk about difficult living and quality of life and hard grinding jobs that have their own merit any way –I mean I job is a thing about which you go off to work with people you are not necessarily intimate with who know you very well, it is something you do when such people spend all day telling you what to do, it is something you do within the condition where those people are linked to culture and society – so I would be hard pressed to find anybody who told me that the jobs they do were not death dealing as it were but of course we have safety at work laws in this country which are very strictly enforced for that reason as well – so it does not make sense to call a job low quality, all jobs are dangerous things. It isn’t true I spend most of my time with people that are below me either – it’s a case of getting feedbacks and updates on what has happened to my equities when somebody has done a piece with it in China for example, the old case of trouble makers and an involvement with the Empire turning full circle while the money disappears and by that I mean the involvement for years until we reach a stage where I need to make progress with my books but they get in first and make a statement about how they have no idea who I am and what I say about them can be construed as libellous and then I have to scrap everything and start again while they are back where they started again ready to do it again at any sign, all used as brick wall by career pirates and mostly consist of women complaining about inequalities as well. Otherwise I may have authorised somebody to deploy my equities when they did ask me and must therefore bet on top of it; of course this is never what they claim happens in public which is nothing new, as I said, the riffraff here when even the real celebrities were never to be trusted in the first place. It is claimed we act as though people have not passed away in America when they are shot by the Police but of course the reality is that an uneducated business man in the US is superior to the ones in the UK and that means they can have anything they want, from Popular culture to tourism and even pornography, especially the need to peddle other peoples government officials to make some quick money in the US; it’s like the problem associated with the story of how I am not keeping up with Industries whereas I have only but put up so much creative and creativity property equity on my websites but they have only recently been able to up their game from the recession equities so far. For the blacks especially which is why they are such targets, it’s like the whites have had their society and public life celebrities of the most destructive and violent kind showing how ruthless they can be on a daily basis, never mind the fact this is a constitutional Monarchy and their entire nature is about rebellion and somebody here they can pick on to create a fight with the Monarchy about which they need to get off my book sales and move on but the blacks want their own as well both society and public life types who have done the same things and had the same things the whites had and it leaves only this question of why on earth I never thought about becoming a celebrity so that I can ensure I am in an advantageous position where I can get the same things my white counterparts get or why I never thought about becoming a black racist so the same might happen? So I have to admit it’s sad and we are sorry but the reality is that they are gone and the feeling of good riddance is equally a truth here.

I mean they do say people like me will never have peace until they get redress but it is not just the need to sit somewhere in a resort with money made from pillaging my book sales to talk nonsense about historical injustices, we don’t even know if it is a need to get jobs and gather up as communities to locate people they can trap somewhere and abuse everyday without any consequences, we cannot even tell if it is all the theory of evolution alone which is largely concerned with locating those that are weak and you can tell when they attend Church and do religious things and care about children and so on, while those that are stronger than them can beat them up and commit the crime of racism but we can always tell that it is the need to gather as a community to institutionalise things that should never happen and we all know it which the government is then bullied and forced to enforce on their behalf so that they might feel empowered and of course we all know the Police are human as well and have feelings and have families and it is a tough job too. So the idea what I say will never turn up in public without getting me into trouble is wrong, it bloody well can any time.