I have been told now that my relations with the world around me is terrible and it would be nice if I did something to improve it but the improvement of my relations with the world around me is not within my power – what happens for instance is that I may agree to some young people handling aspects of my Public work to make popular culture that helps to support other young people at school, soon it is taken over by those who are entitled to money and their idea of using it concerns every purpose for which it was never intended and culminates in abusive, even violently threatening processes of getting random crowds to plan personal finances at my expense while I am shoved into a corner so people might be able to enjoy life. Now the biggest problem we face is that I want all their popularity gimmicks around anything associated with me to be stopped completely and I have been intimated to the fact they believe I have not got a choice or a say in the matter, and it is typical famous and stupid getting on my nerves, tempting me with every energy their foolishness have got. This said, I can stop them deploying my work to make popular culture and I can stop society trouble makers bothering me, the sole reason it continues is the way that a bunch of idiots with Media jobs at their disposal, foster and promote it whenever they did – hence I am not part of their Media jobs and I am not part of the popular culture and I am not part of anything that constitutes a reason for this behaviour in terms of what is expressed, for their part, they have offered no reasons, so I have to go by the fact it’s been a decade and a half of it so far, which can be split into three parts; one part to do with the time I got into trouble because I never got into a fight with gangs and criminals so as to ensure people who had Media jobs and were entitled to feel good with my personality got comfortable – the other is the one where they never gave it a rest until I got into a brush with the gangs and criminals, hence began to issue sometimes deadly threats at me on account their bottom hurt over it – now we are at the stage where they were in league with society trouble makers helping Celebrity hoodlums to any aspects of my career desired, which could have stopped if only there wasn’t such a Media exposure at their disposal which suggested that I was powerless to do a thing about it and therefore have to go with my gut instincts which say that it is an activity that a bunch of narcissists have gotten accustomed to. The question then becomes a matter of what I want and we can see that spending my time repeating everything I said and did with my person and Bookshop in order to ensure it happened where they were and was serving what they did for a living, destroys my finances, it is apt that this nonsense be shut down as the prospects of us having conversations about the kinds of respect we deserve is pretty low – they do ask what will happen if they didn’t naturally and we are talking about plucking some consequences out of the air, to add to the deterrence of getting society people to chase their bottoms all the time, such as when I am engaged with Crown business concerning ethnic minorities and they get around claiming they travelled the world and got engaged with humanitarian issues which makes the two the same thing until it blew up in their faces.

They do claim for this is a typical example of people at Government getting about the business of Media until they got off attacking the Media but we know the Court I started out with had since moved on to other aspects of Media career that is closer to their hearts, while they linger with a right to invite themselves into my concerns. Then again, the facts are that it knows how your property should be spent, comes up with problems that will ensure it is spent and ensures it is spent where its job is located to feed its ego among other things, just like the time it made a mess of my Office and started issuing the threats because it ended up having to deal with very corrupt and evil scum who had established a link between other people’s body fluids and a business of getting rich – none would tolerate such nonsense from their own Children and we know that some people have spanked the Children instead of handling them, which further adds to those insults that are associated with their stupidities meaning they were very big and important. They do claim it’s a matter of me lording myself over other people which is utter nonsense, as I mentioned, I now have to go with a gut instinct that says since they have not supplied a reason for this behaviour, it is mere abusive narcissism and yes the fact that somebody got raped and somebody got killed and somebody is homosexual has continued to serve as the reasons I deserve to endure financial complications on grounds I am not brave enough to do the same things, as stupidly as possible. At this point it will be said that relations with people around me is improving but naturally it is an example of the effect of what I say and write should be on those who have come into contact with it save we have a problem in the sense that they have been putting out information to track me, right up to the stage where they feel what happens when I get out of bed and set about taking over, claiming it as their own, then suggest it was all my fault – it will then be done by their Media madness several times every morning until I am beaten down, then I may beat myself to the loo before coming up with ideas on how to get out of the door for the day, strong facts thereof to support the idea that it is all the fault of their victims. At which stage it will be said that I am inciting people to something which I am not as the question was one concerning the idea I lord myself over them which I don’t – there are so many bad behaviour they would have stopped if they did not have such high Media exposure to play with and it is quite the conundrum that human beings would be so stupid, in terms of Crown concerns that involve ethnic minorities, we now know from recent history that what I am capable of is a business of making sure that those who turn up to push me around so they might get the imagination up my bum get shafted for it – hence if it is clearly impossible for people to stop showing up all over my concerns when they have no plans or time to read what I have written or is impossible for them to believe that it is incredibly stupid, they may show up on my Public image or social Media and keep making it toxic, their Media friends on the other hand will likely blab off their big mouth at me until it draws very clear battle lines and when the fight starts there will be a way back. They have always suggested that I see the bad aspects of people at all times but as I mentioned earlier, it has ideas on how my work should be spent and comes up with accusations and problems to spend it with media presence all the time, while I am unable to get through the list of bad occurrences that are my fault.

They claim it’s the same as I am seen doing, which is utter rubbish since we know practical jokes at my expense are such that I have already dropped out of University because I am a big fat black person who needs to wade gangs and criminals while slimmer, cleverer and more good looking idiots especially when white, got to pass exams in school, otherwise they will take drugs and bring it to my door step and the Celebrities will destroy my whole life, claim its my fault and attack me all over again – so they are now out of my time to be famous but have not yet seen that the fact my tummy is nothing to write home about at this stage due to their group abuses and insults is the main corner stone behind the supposition they now entertain that they would fancy themselves a bunch of bullies – so if there will be no way for them to allow me my space, I am going to set about crushing it. Its an old story where we find them at the academic institutions, surrounded by bottom feed and jump up your arse idiots, if they are not busy spending my personality on the way that people drive cars on the roads, linked to the insults their parents push off at others all the time and soon it cannot keep its mouth shut and appears to constantly talk about itself in my direction until it wrecked the academic work; I have written this in 2019 and the academic work was wrecked in 2008, since which time I have thought of it as my short coming until the fact it was one of their greatest achievements became a tale that went too far.

They do claim I am always untidy and unsightly but as I have pointed out before, I did work out how to keep them along with the gangs and criminals they get around with or comes with their attitude off my career and finances before I was 18 and it came with the territory, mostly began by some stupid relatives for them – they have always played up a game of trying to find out if I can be cracked; so since last I suspended personal care, the abuses have not lessened and it is developing now into a matter where they got it tidied up if they thought I was dirty.