Of course it isn’t true I wreck my book sales with my opinion of what others think about me most of the time – the reality is a case of hatred of the presence of God around me and the need to destroy it, so they have come to a point where they have kept me financially crippled for a while so community croons can build up an abusive version of what my temperaments mean and circulate it and now they have raised their really stupid children to be incredibly insulting in order to ensure that is enforced – the blacks started it while complaining about racism and the whites are now taking advantage as well, so these things I do are not the things damaging books, I can enforce mine and nobody saw me damaging the fabric of any aspect of society to get it done, if they are a match like their big mouths suggest they need to their own as well and keep their hands and insults to themselves – it is better understood in light of those claims what causes me the most concern most of the time is a case of the fact that more and more of the moral fabric of society is being torn up and replaced with Political decision which is incredibly untrue since I know that I have brought them to a point where if I want to preach the gospel to them they will listen whether they liked it or not for my part and can enforce that anywhere on this planet and so their Politicians and media idiots and anti-Semitic scum who think they are academics need to shut their dirty mouths and get off me as we are not mates as it were. The simpler aspects are the ones where you meet the racists on the ground who tell you they are racist and then you have to show them you are impressed and which means it soon progresses to the part where they start threats of their ability to kill of which they kill like that all the time the last time I checked and heard it from a thousand bastards so they might bring up the part where I have wrecked their country since I am the one that gives celebrities whatever they want at the expense of everybody else as it were, which is where I get to kill too, the part where I want my literary empire restored to the way it was when they found it before they racist with a big mouth. I understand some people are working hard on anti extremist movements on these kinds of matters from all races and so on but it has always been a simple case of taking what belongs to others as the main motivation for extremism; these idiots in the UK are rather really good at helping celebrities to anything they want at the expense of everybody else so they can anti-Semitic and progress from them and I am not giving them any of mine, hence there is no such thing as damaging book sales due to what I suppose people think about me and when the blacks especially make noise about how easy it is to steal from me the response will remain the same i.e. get the Politicians first because I am not necessarily unhappy with another 11 years of unemployment as such – one of them issues which mean that when they are and I am they are to be feared and I am in hell where they are the devil with a big mouth and it is therefore surprising when their Politicians work so hard to ensure that the sense others have things they do not have been completely obliterated, so that when you start and I end up not being responsible for my actions – the Politicians that we all know targeted me to wreck my finances for these purpose and cannot keep their insults to themselves these days anymore or enforce their own will without damaging society or in this country like it is their personal and private property in some way looking for a piece of me all the time. I understand they say my condition is so violent and full of problems but it is a matter of what I have chosen to do and not a matter of what I find myself doing in order to get somewhere else – people need to leave me alone as we are not mates as it were or stop complaining, I am 34 and that is a lot of energy to play around with, it’s not my fault I can catch all of them. The part about Royal enemies is nothing new; they say Prince Harry likes to attack me when there is no such thing i.e. these idiots especially the whites really enjoy a process of making sure when they have a block head in the family, a real dick, they can bring him up and stand him somewhere eon my feelings and temperaments and Royal Property to take the piss or fuck somewhere or squeeze some flesh in order to pass exams in their stupid lives and it is difficult to understand what they expected will come through from it as well anyway since they never ever listen. The fact is that I am always being attacked by HM aides and especially the younger ones at the Office of The Prince of Wales; they say they cannot understand why I would live like commoners when they hate my guts, take up the difficulties of their silly lives and fix it for them when they would do nothing for me whatsoever and would never do the same roles reversed or not, nor why I would jeopardise myself as if that is what my condition and position looks like but I find it impossible to convince them it is not what I am doing, so it really comes down to these fools staying off my books or they will feel me as well – like if I have a weakness they will certainly dig it and then we find them handling public property all the time to ensure I do not dig their own when I have not asked them about it, only going to when they dig mine especially for the women and especially when they are American.

I hear the story the Labour Party wants to tell these days is more concerned with wanting to run the NHS and various other realities about where I am required to fill in blanks by the community of people who share skin colour with me and control me for him; I could never get my head around how he intends to run the NHS and how he hopes to do that alongside lying thieving polls hugging ageist nuisance like the idiots in his party anyway and have no idea if they had not read recent statistics of needless deaths in the NHS caused by the way his friends and his party runs things but above all cannot make out why they are asking me when they have made laws in this Country to govern everything right down to graffiti but have nothing to govern their ageist nuisance and the hell they create for everybody in the neighbourhoods which means they still underestimate what I am going to get up to when he cannot control those his stupid black women and their insolence for it as well. It’s not an emotive issue and I have no idea why they have continued to think it is okay to talk into my talk anyway – I hear they love to say we need to stop pretending their children will be different when nobody asked them about it and they need to fight their corner like their insults brings it about all the time. So we are starting with the basics in this matter i.e. they need to enforce their own corner that is concerned with how much they like money and the world while I enforce mine about how much I like God and the Church and stop getting on media to make noise about depending on me for anything that they cannot back up unless I am afraid of them which again can be made up as well and therefore all together a worthy use of my time, such nonsense of which they are always convinced they will never pay for too. It is nothing new, they have always loved to target me and nobody really can explain it, we have to take them at what they say i.e. a worthy and necessary sacrifice for society to make to set out one person they can take up the next 60 years or so of his time to completely ruin his life so that he might stay ruined forever and they might be able to become a party that can stand up against the tyranny of the conservatives but for me it’s a matter of those questions about how much I have changed the Country when I have done no such thing and they still have their homosexual cultures and gay cultures and media and insults and can target anybody they want, except that the personal diaries are full, they stifle my income so I cannot decide if it happens to me or not and there is always that price they pay when you make them stop it which will come into play on this occasion as well – so are they asking me about ED Milibands plans to become Prime Minister and run the NHS, is he going to do it with insulting thieving ageist polls hugging nuisance and yes I understand it is a matter of their problems but that had always been part of the story all along, it comes with problem sharing and distant fascism, along with distant anti-Semitism and the case of how I look like I have no problems when they are superior to me and so on, it’s just that I have reached a point now where I want to know what it is all about and they are not listening well enough to understand that I don’t care what problems they have now or oppressions they have suffered in the past as these are behaviours in my direction that they are going to stop and stop my way too.  I always knew somebody will be made to pay for wrecking my academic work and they have not paid financially so far yet as it were, although that is not happening in the real world but it is happening anyway i.e. I have set out a position to ensure they have no more money than they had unless they are seen physically working for it, they have decided they will work for nothing nor will they get money any other way except if they extract it from my earnings as well and none of these therefore are set to happen any time and we have seen statistics begin to show that middle income people have been hardest hit by all the changes in the world so far which is not hurting badly enough yet because I intend to continue to make it so difficult to earn money without losing face that they will lose everything and come round here to take my earnings like that big mouth we hear all the time too. I am not saying I am innocent in the matters it’s a case of what it is exactly that causes them to set me out and target me like that all of the time; the reality behind it of course is that when I mention such things as power they don’t have and the fact they are simply a nuisance the reality becomes that they cannot stand in front on business men to talk rubbish on my public work and royal property anymore and although it makes me enemies, the benefit is that it leaves me with just the problem of CEOs to deal with; those are practically the same thing but are paid 20 million  each the last time we checked the surveys for that sort of laziness. Whatever is left beyond this will be fools that were supposed to look after certain celebrities talking nonsense about women that are beyond my league as well; when we all know what those women tell them happens is a certain level of privilege I have given them to work with me on certain set out and specific matters and not a case of me getting myself involved with them when they are beyond my league but of course the reality about what I am doing as well is as simple as the celebrity and media industry idiots without respect for a government operative who has no plans to kick them at the office and does not want to kick them that way because he can kick them personally instead and thus tends to do it all the time; so when I am finished with these men as in finished and books published and sold, I will return home, home to the women that run my affairs and all the things I should never be doing with myself and then these kinds of facts will become a lot clearer and a lot more obvious than it is presently. It does add meaning to the realities of payment for wrecking my academic work as well but this story about Ed Miliband planning for government is a clear sign they are not yet convinced I have had enough of them yet especially black women. I mean this is what their obsessions are all about – every single movement so that a means might be possible through which to tell people what to do and try to make them do otherwise of what is natural but how many laws do Politicians make to tackle this antisocial behaviour which will then have put them in a position to ask me about their Political future – it’s a sign of tough talking and sometimes I really do feel they want to find out what I really can get up to my part as well but they do not teach such things at Church so I will wait for them to make the next mistake and the next move and then I will make them regret it as well like The Labour Party – we were never mates and they do need to stay the hell away from me.