The story of wealth distribution does not in any way trouble me; they always like to say that considering they have their White House and Media and popular culture developed live embargoes they have placed on my book sales because circulation is not very good for their wickedness and evil and if I am to argue they have no right to it they can shut down my faith by arguing I have no right to have or practice it and that there is no God while they serve the devil and get rewarded for it by Politicians. It has never been – the reality on the ground is that both poor and rich have exactly the same opportunity to make money when they are citizens of the UK using the Country to do so but they are the reasons for the gaps and it is created by them and their insatiable destruction not just because they want to show that their wickedness mean people should not make them feel remotely in ways that may seem provocative while they believe other peoples personal spaces are things they can mess with at the same time; the case of the devils Children will never leave you alone if you cross them until you lose your faith or are dead and so it is always better to live in fear and avoid them so they can take whatever they like later and have explanations for it too – the outcome is that they know how to suck up to the rich and regularly destroy wealth while they want it at the same time depending on who owns the ones they are damaging. I for my part intend to sell my books to friends and families of theirs as nobody asked them to handle my products in the first place – they will give me back my equities and there is no such thing as talking about wealth inequality with embargo placed on a Royal Property paying off in this life or the next – such a world does not exist. It does however only create this idea that when you see them with economic success you want to confiscate it i.e. they have laid waste your literary empire and are holding on to the sales margins of what is left of it with their intrusion and corruptions of involvement as if you know them or something, an inability to do anything especially when they appear in public without using your public work or even your feelings or indeed making reference to you to create a sense of social equality and now all that destruction of copying the way your friends and allies provide for you to provide for you in such ways as takes everything you develop as a matter of growth and creation out of you on a daily basis to work out a way of bottoming out your sales daily as well, of which nobody knows how people need to live in order to provide for others who are more so not asking them to in such ways, has paid off and led to thriving economies they have created which are based on leisureliness and a sacrifice great was set out and done to bring that about for the rich so they can have jobs. Hence I think they are doing their humanitarian work really well – they are very good at it, not wealth inequality being a problem for me.

Besides which rich people are not richer anyway for two main reasons; one of them is the pool of rich people who enjoy antagonising me along the context of confiscating my Royal personal life to make privilege with as if they know more about privilege and power than I do and as many times as they do it is the many times people will see and copy what I do to them as well and this can never mean rich people get richer. The other is that they are really stupid people and the only thing they actually know is to pile things high and tell people they will not have a job if they don’t sell it by any means and confiscate other peoples market to shift their stock with media and financial leverage and a process of making sure this is hit really hard can never mean rich people get richer either – so they might proportionately have more money considering they have been putting up a fight in such ways but in terms of the standard expected they really have not gotten richer, there is simply less money in the world and more so much less thus for them than for everybody else. It’s not a matter of being nice to poor people it’s a simple process of the fact I have a job and they have theirs and shouldn’t mess mine up or mess with it i.e. if rich people end up with all the money they will never spend it having been their desire have always been to own it all and a condition has now existed where they have and we need to know what they will now do with it kind of affair – they never spend it, what they do is put it in savings and safest Banks and gloat on the problems they create by effectively making themselves into the central banks of the various countries of the world and then the governments will start to think there isn’t enough money in the economy and print more money off their central banks to circulate, which will mean poor peoples savings get hit and rich people do nothing with money they have commandeered. It’s not a matter of appointing myself unto these things; it’s just reality around the fact if I have 200 people whom I have told will not keep their jobs these week unless they shift into the homes of customers every single thing I have in my warehouse, of course I will be very rich but when I have led them way in confiscating other peoples markets for it, others it is assumed by me should be thinking I don’t know what I am doing and that I don’t know I am destroying those livelihoods. So it gets to a point where things have become abnormal and an artificial intervention must come forth.

They make us look so bad i.e. we will guarantee your civil and human rights if you behave properly but it takes 10 years and the economic crisis has not been settled, so that people can have across the board money leverage with which to grab other peoples market to get rich and famous with – so it gets to a point. They do say it’s about Politics and a process of making Politics weak – but it has always been about Politics, it all started with Politics, the bit where I am not allowed to make a living unless I do it the Politics way leading to the outcome we have at present where they now know I was never unable to enforce an outcome where they are doing Politics and are made to do it as we all know if they don’t they will never work for their own money. So I must fit in so their revenge on society that has not been nice to them, I must fit in because their wives will get out of hand if I don’t and the list goes on endlessly while their stupidities catch you out with involvement every single time which is by the way damaging and now they are fitting in as well getting on media all the time to try and get attention lest they rot and it has never been a complicated issue since people are always provoking them while the issue was always as simple as the fact if they don’t want to work they don’t have to no matter what people are doing around them – so they like to say I react to it as well and encourage these things which is utter nonsense, it’s a matter of recovering my possessions from those that are trying to handle it to make money and do better and when I do I get to let them go as it is nothing personal: I mean they do say all I say and do is based on context and not fact but that is because they spend all their time on insults which mean they are always wrecking academic work and finances to explore what they can do with a Statesman that cannot determine what they are able to do with his office, knowing they have Royal rascals all over the world they want to hurt me by sucking up to with how I react to it because they say they have a special thing in for me with that big mouth and all there is to it is that they are building those economies that will soon complain about the activities of developed ones as well: I mean if you spend all your time inspiring people to go out and take the day and win their way through and another inspires people to sit at home and do nothing and become homeless like they do what do you do when they buy a mansion from it, burn it down, get the government to make some law that means you can confiscate it or it can be made into public property etc? They are aware of these things and that is why I feel it most effective making them fit in on media everyday.