They do say I am caught up in a difficult environment and although I have denied it on several occasions it is proven to be the case. I would love to clear up the fact I do not deny anything and that there is no workable problem in this place. What really happens is a group of people who were our public control problem doing what they do best and, in my case, we see them regularly express a behaviour which suggested that they picked up a part of my life and work and were off to get rich fast with it, then returning to express abusive and violent activity if it failed. The reasons this nonsense had since become a problem although these evidences were clear for all to see, is the support they continued and continue to get from Politicians, who also had a history with me that involved wrecking my studies to ensure I did not shut the door on their obsession with my personality, to the tune of a consequence whereby I showed the gits how their parliamentary jobs worked for the practical jokes as well. Now we are on all sides contending with the results of their civil disobedience, producing effects where they worked such insults on me as stretches out my personal space like a blanket for everybody to get involved with and what the abusive people who got involved did, added up to ways they tested me to ensure I was brave enough to deserve the career that I had. I do not think it is a crisis because I had already decided what I wanted to do with it I.e. I needed to start paying the bills from the Bookshop in a matter of days and weeks or I will shove the Bookshop up the arse of the daddies. They raise the point about American intervention which is not a threat in this place although they believed that it was – nobody knows why Americans always believed that freedom meant they had the right to pick up market as a tool for stealing people’s money anyway but this is where the business of having found out that I was at an age and career disposition where Political gimmicks could no longer decide the state of my financial wellbeing; started from 2012, they had begun to handle my Books directly and do damage to it, which was criminal activity but now we are at that stage where their need to build a geopolitics gimmick specifically for my Book and my bank balance had to be considered in Public. We are not talking about the failures in anyway – the annexation of Crimea by the Russians, same for the Chinese in Hong Kong, a story of what happens when nobody had taken the step to tear down all those gimmicks they put together to run off that stupid geopolitics on people’s income, helping the idiots I have described here to make money as if the victims had lost something important, showing up here to issue threats as well, about which I think I am now very likely to embark on a business of unravelling it and burning it before their eyes as well. It has always been a problem – as a much younger person, I always viewed the abusive responses that bad employers had towards my activities, as an indication they were simply perverse, probably devil worshippers and my existence did not mean that everybody had to fancy me; now it is a clear and present threat to personal, social and financial wellbeing, of which none knows what part it is exactly that the stupid celebrities played in the matter, save an understanding that each time I did a thing with my career, they were well position enough to beat me down and make their stupid selves centre stage over it and thereby keep making money – all the more reason that the abusive results getting to decide how brave I was as to deserve my career makes sense if I shoved the bookshop up their arses and the purpose was to tear up the careers of Hollywood producers who had copies of manuscripts that I may have misplaced or stored and abandoned in a University data storage system. The question then raised as to my vulnerability to the gimmicks that communists were engaged in which I am not as Communists were interested in land grabbing, for the purpose of prospecting natural resources that can be sold to raise money for dominating people and I am an intellectual property administrator who works it through private equity – we can see from this where the Communists are making the most of their chosen form of nefarious economy, such that it happens to a crisis state and the Americans never show up to conduct one form of failure after another but never stopped handling me and issuing threats, have not yet learned what it means when I said I have had enough of their stupidities as well. They speak of the German influence bits all the time and it was an unusual story the last time we checked. The German influence part which has fed time I spent in the private security industry into the whole matter, I mean every day was an experience in an abuse of the worst possible kind but now that we are dealing with a version of me that has been built through publicity to express a type of me that they would be comfortable with and that it came with an added bonus of the sense that I am a gift to criminals, we have little to leave to imagination as such. I could never understand for my part, why it is that if they set me out as a gift to criminals, people had difficulty understanding what is happening when it is clear I am no friend of criminals, that they were the gift to criminals. It then shows up to follow me around and get imagination up my bum in public places, while another group issued threats of violence because of the smell, which I suppose continue to mean the warning that if I suffered any violence, it will be the beginning of the end for their stupidities, was still a mystery. I am then said to talk too much about what I do at State Office, which creates insecurity but it does not in anyway – when people wonder how Celebrities rip up peoples careers to get paid for being popular and their former guards get involved with National service to make a mess, this is how I do it; the stupidities of society gits being so painful to endure, I stuff them with what I know and they carried around like PR I did not have to pay for, when they decide that a whole civil service dedicated to public security was a toy, then we had to deal with a process of complaining about what I said and a lack of assurance that it will not be used as a tool for repression – speaking of assurances in its own right, difficult to ascertain then how it is that when celebrities can make clearer career decisions than people who make life or death decisions in a civil service that is dedicated to providing public security, in which they had a way to resolve matters, record on file and store away instances where people had lost their lives on either side of attackers and defenders, there was no way that the system would become a tool for repression. So it makes more sense when they say what pained them was the way a low life like me who is not good at anything, had a part in any of it but it is an old story about the part they must have achieved with their own intelligence and resources, either which I need to pay the bills from the bookshop in a matter of weeks, raise funds for the academic pursuits as I do want them to be proud of me as well or I will ascertain how effective it would have been to move them on by making everything I have done with my career for the past 19 years about their anus, set it out and make it work. It is the residual problem – the biggest threat to new talents, careers and innovation was ageism, which really does live up to its name and there is that perverse idea of getting your parents to support you during your first 5 to 6 years after you hit eighteen. It is either paying attention to everything else to do the academic pursuits and career straights on a set schedule or to ignore it all and pay attention to academic pursuits and career straights, to figure out the other issues later. I do not have a millstone on my legs preventing me from doing the academic pursuits, what I do have is celebrities beating me down on all I did to make their own stupidities centre stage by which they could keep making a lot of money without doing any work. So the ageism did hit me really hard, starting from when I left home and an atmosphere that bore down on my tummy was built, then it quickly degenerated into a case of a need to decide how they were going to get paid for being popular with my personality and have since settled on building communities that get imagination up my bum. They are now rich and famous they say but I suppose they wanted to decide what money did and needed to get spending it so others may get a job too – what they see as a lack of respect for their money on my part has since meant they needed to ensure I am in physical pain every time they spent it, giving way to an understanding that damage done to assets that does not belong to them was not connected to the respect that should have been bestowed on their money – its stupidities were rich and famous as there was no way for me to be rich and famous as well, if I set them out as punching bags when I wanted to suck up to rich people and made entertainment from the relationship they had with their parents. I mean somebody had to be responsible with respect to a chance that we might end up in those situations where I had a gang backing me up because people believed me when I said the main problem was their need to build communities that obsessed about my anus, while their own gangs supported them on claims I had everything and wasted it chasing a disastrous lifestyle which consequences I am now blaming on others – we instead do the part where I am set to supervise their obsession with the Celebrity culture, especially when they were not good looking enough for it and run a Bookshop up the arse of the daddies unto the careers of Hollywood entertainment producers – we do that instead I suppose, then when I talk about people keeping away from my Bookshop the USA will be the threat I needed to bear in mind, with their big mouth.

I am said to be a sheer joy at work but it is not a complicated matter here – if I set about my own interest group which ran off lasciviousness with respect to people abusing my career finances and stupid celebrities ripping up my income to claim I worked for them, I will meet it at a point where I was in control of what my employers and colleagues thought of me but such an action will become the holy grail for the men, if I however made all I did about the anus of the men on any single event of interference with my Bookshop income, I would solve both problems. They were Daddies with little things on the mind ripping up people’s lives, careers and finances chasing land grab and natural resources to extend US influence in Africa, they must have had access to intelligence on what Russia was planning on Crimea, they were also obsessed with the power of the US Dollar and must have had access to intelligence concerning what China was planning for Hong Kong, others should have had the intelligence too but none did. Here it is said I am still fighting the Crimea and Singapore issue but I am – firstly when we have structures to collect intelligence for National security and to provide means for those who wanted to seek asylum in the west, the Americans will bash in in the face of aforenoted facts on what they were not sharing, turning up here to ensure every stupid thing affected my state Office work, from local probably German influence idiots laughing off their stupidities or banging doors and walls, then there is the problem with the annexation of small Countries which are caught up in the middle of Political evolutionary processes, where changes would be catastrophic and if something were to effect those changes, should the leaders respond, they would be the ones implementing the catastrophe, at which stage most countries of good side come to an arrangement for a constitution, to decide what changes and what should not and to make legislation but for these smaller Countries, following such a process does not provide a good enough solution because of their size and population, so they existed as principalities that relied on foreign support – Russia and China have just gone into two of these Countries, effected the change whilst they bother never really complied fully with their own constitution, then set about solving all problems that would have come on to the inhabitants if those changes had occurred, to keep the land and territory, which is not just horrible for these Countries and we must take a position to say we are unable to live like that as a planet, but is also feeding into the question of characters that flee to seek asylum in the west being people who know that should the bad persons take up the Government of their Country, the war with the west from which many would die before such a war was won by any on either side, the question of whether it is the big Countries that are now in need of annexation, we have to arrive at a damage limitation arrangement with the two communist blocks, likely accomplish a full withdrawal.