It has now been suggested that I have never once paid the Bills for anything I am doing and I could never understand why it has so been set out as a concern for the day which encumbers my Books sales when it has not been pointed out that somebody else is paying my way in the world anyway; not an emotive issue but does set out clearly why Politicians hate my guts as it started when Blair wanted me to regard him the way I regard God because he sought more dedication from human beings, it does not end well and produced my Books anyway, so here is the new one about how the Politicians do not feel as though they were in control while they spend everything that a government office affords those who hold it for the purpose of making sure they controlled Local criminals and kept idealistic goons from making a mess of their lives due to public service on me instead – it does not to be indicate people who want to be in control and I really have had enough of them as well, not least because these trouble makers have been coached through the academic system, while my academics and finances have been destroyed by this nonsense which continues still as they claim I never pay my Bills and we all see they are not done complaining about the suffering that the bit where they look like they have had enough of Industry and wish to hang up the hat on my account and due to their vandalism inflicts anyway.

The Media is rather just full of idiots who get involved thinking they have the same power as the Politicians but we all know that given half the opportunity the trouble makers at society will kill them and grab the keys to perpetual fame – so bearing that in mind if the thoughts of these goons are filled with what I know because they show up here all the time, the purpose of a Media job is to help make out they had stolen my career as well. I have never thought it a crisis as its an old story about Journalists being more important than an Arch Prince, so that it is suggestive of what becomes of Military Personnel seeing active service all together, whenever the issue of their importance then means they must win their own battles, otherwise it was clear that with their need to push me into obscurity along with their Celebrities who damage people and try to escape the call to National service as a result, if they were more important than I am and it helped them so whenever they claimed that was the case we would not find ourselves in any mess associated with their stupid ego that never tells people what belongs to me belongs to me if handled by them shutting down my means in the process and looking for trouble they claim is associated with a lack of respect for women on my part, bringing to bear that it is the badly behaved women and their cowardice that needs an easy victim to clear out a losers image that is largely set as a people that must be hated to keep a head and pass exams in school anyway; for now they are media feminists and I would never know what their problem with feminists is anyway, should like my Mum, women gather to protect themselves from heart disease and set out whoever is bothering them as the centre piece or in other cases the other types of feminists who keep off the business of men because it distracts them from what they are doing with their part of society, that indicates they have leadership roles; I know they complain that being a woman is a difficult lifestyle choice but will never stop persecuting women anyway. Then they tell me I believe in being really nice to women while I have been clear that apart from looking like characters I have to hate taking feelings of sex from me, or causing me mental illness due to a need to set out what passes on their left and right hand side or indeed sitting up on Media like powerful cowards to lay claims of ownership to any sociological matter that occurs in my life, the Church has never really gotten along with homosexuals as they have claimed and thy are really looking like characters I need to hate in order to finish the academics for my part. The rest of the time of which we hear them claim I tackle everything about them since the warnings I will rip up the Celebrity culture as I am not the one whose personality has to be sold by corner shops chasing peoples bottoms to sell products but happen to be the one dropping out of University for it , it does not appear that way yet until I actually do it, of which these private security Industry goons appear to be everywhere and have recently become quite fond of looking like they want to hold me down for women to wee on basically to claiming I mess with Celebrity culture because I am lucky meaning I am soon about to get into a state where they were my main concerns and I really wanted to test my luck too.

It feeds into the other story where it is said there are other more important powers in the world than the UK where people punch above their own weight; reality of which is rather that they organise themselves in the US to go from being told it is not okay to try to be me on account it would be profitable to do so in the US, to setting up those that have lost their careers on British National interest in the US, so we do have to take those steps that ensure we are not meddling with American Internal Politics but at the same time are not allowing the issues blow up here and there over there either. It is entirely expected as such; same old Russian threat of interference, same old US threat of Government funding for black marketeers and illegal traders but the case here is that this time they have had so many other options. Here in the UK the effect is the same old father Land Europe where they have never cared to find out how Motherland UK works until Brexit where they realised the UK has an unwritten constitution, same old Father Land US, Father Land Africa, Father Land Middle East and when they show up here its fuck this and fuck that but when I fuck the stupid society they lose the careers and livelihoods. The Blacks who have now since become Members of racist groups of protect friends and family knowing they are really good at working those provocation that cause people to join up, working those provocation that cause people to commit the top end crimes, can never stop claiming they were superior to me while a pipsqueak like me is picked up by the Royal Family to insult the black race, same case where if they put the culture and society in my face, they will see it for the last time and then superior from there as well. I do get told Royal Politics is not actually that clear but it is the perfect example of the reasons this step of making sure their history of insults does not build up to a process where having a livelihood and a life and a family is in another person’s hands – same as what we see has happened on the internet where they say I show up to get nasty while everything I do seems to become toxic very fast and I have had to make it toxic so when they get involved it becomes a test of who will be more toxic, apparently giving me results so good that I am set to start sniping the careers of any fools on Media who cannot do their jobs without looking like I need to remind them a single sentence in my all of my Book was not contributed by them. The Popularity music industry will be the one where I never thought that allowing some Girls make songs on my Public work was going to catch on to a stage where everybody wanted to do it too, but now the business of making out they own my public image has developed into one of the Celebrities having a run and thereafter the turn of the Industry to have a run, just like they claim I take advantage of the Media, while what happens is that they make out I need affirmation from others for what I think about and do, building me an alternate publicity that clashes with publicity I build for my Books, which bottoms out my earnings because I have allowed it run its course and will no more. It was always clear that whenever HM says something about my activities, it adds to the funding process, it is how I am paid; by Equity.