The story of the United Kingdom as a Country seeking what is greater than its capabilities, sits at the heart of this matter – all I know about it is that the goons who frequently point out this nonsense are evil immoral goons with money problems, whose solution to the money problems involves tackling the British, from where I am, what they do is pick up Books I have written and set about building up the problems that were resolved since the Books got published, as a tool that allows them to boss me around – this means that I never do what they want because it is a business i.e. essentially, no Book purchase means no service and yet the service is contained in the Books, so the problems hang around to churn their tummy and mine and the threats they issue adds up to a race against time between us, to see who will be homosexual first, with their Celebrities at the helm of their side of it. None can tell if those stupid statements they make indicates that when they are stupid and evil and have money issues that they want to attack other people for, the British ought to do nothing about it but we do know this nonsense stems from prejudicial behaviour that has not gotten a response, so they keep adding more and more new ones to it all the time, the assumption being I for instance will get into trouble with them, while reality is more a matter of me picking off all those prejudicial nonsense and hoping it’s not a situation from which there is no point of return. The Fashion goons for instance will pick up my Asset Equity from these gimmicks and make Fashion from it, once it was patented to their names, they set about building me an alternative publicity that means I got into a fight against those who work issues that apply in terms of the abusive processes of getting a job, in a way that affects them, essentially kissing their bums to make money and claim its because they have seen me do security work in the past – the immense work of moving them on does not count as far as they were concerned, what matters is whether or not the British are reaching for influence that is beyond their capability and they need to blow off the big mouth for it all the time, same case where they claim its about the things I have done to them as well and that the Celebrities were the main problem. In terms of the things I have done to them, we were talking about those insults applying in terms of something I know I have grown out of as a teenager and now being an adult, my head is full of the women in my life and the bills I have to pay, so there is no time to grow out of anything, except there is a bigger question of why indeed I have to put up with it from their stupidities as well, as they complain of the race they are now engaged in, to see who will be gay first between the both of us. The part where the Celebrities are a bigger problem was never an emotive issue in the first place; we know the Celebrities are the main people when it comes to making a mess of my Bookshop and spend their time claiming that the relationship I have with my distributors and Publishers, is their own fame and public image – the problem looking like an end of the world conundrum while the reality is that just like it is stupid enough to make out this is how to relate with an authors work, it also relies on me to be afraid of them to such an extent that I cannot do anything or did nothing to keep Celebrities outside of my Business; hence the same principle had always applies, that before the British seek what is too big for them, it picks out problems from Books that were written and published and placed in the market place by me and sets about building it up in public as something that will affect a crowd such that I will then be made to get off working on in, so as to serve their stupidities and the fact I am not doing anything of that sort leaves the public issues to churn their tummy and to churn mine because I will only do it when I am paid to and will only be paid to when the Books are purchased by those who want me to do it and it then adds up to a problem that we both could really do without – then their feminist prejudicial insults kicks off from here in terms of the fact that they would like to hit me for every bad thing men do to them, that they don’t think I am creating problems for women, they just think that I should be a punching bag, I remember the same thing happening at University to such an extent where there was a real public place wish that their stupidities would put a sticker on their faces to say they were lesbians chasing female lovers, so people stopped stumbling on it when they are studying at the Highest levels in the land – it is still as simple as that big mouth wagging somewhere else and only showing up here when it wants to buy and read a Book from this place, as I have had enough of them; this statement works for everybody the last time we checked.

The other part of the story where they claim they have been taking whatever they like from me being utter rubbish naturally; we know they spend their time on this sort of nonsense endlessly, then we find them collect the no asset and no liability money from the economy using media and the way their prejudicial insults affect industry in terms of the consumers that give up the money when faced with a product because they cannot tell what the tribalism raids will wreck next. Now what they are saying is that collecting that money does not prevent me from going into the jobs market to secure a tool that helps me gather my own money as well, especially if it appeals to me to gather it for the purpose of making silly statements at other people and that they need to take physical steps that do damage to me and my property in order to ensure that was the case, on seeing that in terms of building rapport with crowds, hoodlums and criminals, it will only allow them the means to play with Industry and add my own earning prospects to their own to ensure they had all the money there is and were able to oppress me, at the hear of which nonsense is those prejudicial insults adding up one after another and queer and stupid as possible, looking for benefits and entitlements where they never worked for it – the implications is clearly not that I will try to rip up that stupid Celebrity culture and burn that foolish media for my part in the matter too as it were.

What we then end up with is the fact that I am starting to think of these nonsense as something real, while my temper is not looking good enough for it – It’s a whole heap of trouble and it is these insults serve the singular purpose of brewing up the idea that I am the one doing something wrong. Eventually feeding into tales on my disposition adding up to bad PR for the Country because these goons bring business and Industry with them and its utter nonsense as what happened is that Parents really did like to set out the UK as a place where their well behaved kids could come to learn and grow, so this is simply an outcome in which the bad kids eventually followed them down too – we have seen the good bits and we are seeing the bad bits and we are being told to do that thing where they got shifted to a corner and given some odd jobs which puts a stop to it when life starts to get really difficult, it is all done and more but the policy of interference from Politicians will not allow this to progress, such that we are at a point where it was quite clear that when these trouble makers get bold enough it is female security that will be jeopardised in society. They do claim it’s the bad things I have done which I refuse to admit to which is utter rubbish – the Americans think they can fool around in British backyard making stupid statements about how powerful their Country was, now what they are finding out is that “The Fed” is not inexhaustible, the British Counterparts are more a group of gits whose insults are the sorts of things I remember growing out of as a teenager, while the reasons they channel it at me have never been explained, each time I put it out like so, their big mouth claims to be more educated and it was the same story back at University which I keep wishing was resolved with the idiots putting stickers on their faces to say they were lesbians chasing female lovers, so I did not get myself into so much difficulty trying to support some Women who were not allowed to study by the guys when I was supported by them as well for obvious reasons. In the end, wrecking peoples academic work to pass their own and then run off to be the brains behind Celebrity and Fashion Operations has certain parameters such as the kissing family goodbye, the travelling to the City where they conduct their tribalism raids and the Companies they conduct it in – wrecking the academic work does not keep me down and out, it gets me thinking of what to do between then and retirement in order to raise myself a pension, other physical damage to ensure I am down and out has shown itself to be one of the idiocy we see them exhibit like we have seen them share their own with the frugal, while their Tribalism raids talking nonsense about quick millions and doing damage here by chasing money at my expense, have nothing to do with me, so the only reasons they say that when I want my space it should be seen in terms of their stupidities being more educated, is solely because they cannot keep their mouth shut. They always say I wouldn’t say what I say where it mattered and I have no idea why I have to put up with that stupid image constantly, where they hang around with their Boyfriends and Girlfriends to tell me how to exist in public places while putting makeup on what does not bother me in anyway, to conduct their tribalism raids at my expense, looking like they need a good fuck, blabbing about hate for people who show up to take back careers that were taken from them, pillaging my public image and issuing threats at me – I have had enough for it, so as I mentioned above, what I said is that I want my space and they said they were more educated which is unbearable. They do make out it’s a matter of the price I pay when people fight my battles; never a new case of the way that evil people operate in terms of the idea that being religious makes me weak and vulnerable and the fact all they are after is the business of degrading me for money and sex but I do fancy when they get shot at by the enemy and shoot some enemy in the process as well and will likely manipulate them into similar disposition again as it were – it is a very familiar evil that plays out in the Political scene as per the amount of time they spend discussing other peoples personal and family finances, which create a us in our secret gatherings versus the rest of the world who have what we want and need to take from them story, which tends to target me all the time because working for money does not appeal to their incredibly buxom and out of my league stupidities – I am fed up with putting up where this stupid image is concerned and am trying to build a picture here to suggest they are not a threat to me in anyway whatsoever, need give it a rest – I need my space; this is what I said originally. They claim there is something about me people find appealing and I ought to make it available by Law of market and demand but what really appeals to them is not my Books, it’s the fact I thought it was out of sorts to make out that Celebrities got off taking money from consumers with popular culture since people couldn’t tell what they were capable of and therefore afraid of them, so telling people it was not my business was my right but not necessarily okay – I have always thought it okay to take responsibility, so I built a system that means they can forge a partnership with me that ensures the product they buy from this Hermitage makes them financially better off, what really to the goons is that they want to own this system and its finance base and are always claiming it exists only in my head again as it were, looking for more as their Politicians help them build new society on patents that were set out for my Books. The other story of how I ended up here sits at the very heart of it too I.e. their stupid Politicians deploying tax payer funds to wreck my finance, which will take me from a person they were afraid of to somebody they are not afraid of anymore in anyway whatsoever, its clearly a job well done provided I were complaining of the consequences more than their Parliamentary stupidities were – feeds into a tale of the reasons I am not friend of rich people who tend to get into their insulting saloon cars and spend even more of my time whenever they drive by on the roads, making foolish statements at my expense that show how they consider themselves to have a natural right to production while I had a natural right to consumption, such that when they need to be consumers as well, they took whatever they wanted from anywhere they wanted it, but it is still the business of dealing with this stupid image of out of my league twerps passing insults at me while they pillage my earning margins and public image which gets to me the most. They claim these activities feed into the behaviour of tyrants all over the world which is utter rubbish – we know their own that involves popular culture, Media and Political corruption makes people who set out to pursue a simple 9-5 work like everybody else end up being left to feel as though retirement age was a luxury and it never really stops when people know its possible to plan own life in a way that avoids is daily damaging consequences but in terms of what happens to wife and kids, assurance will be needed, we know they now spend a lot of time boasting about knowing how they turn to homosexuality and how they will make me turn to it instead with a big mouth – so it does not feed into the strange ideas that tyrants have whenever they travel to this place looking for some.

They do claim I have lost everything I built up regarding the Russian threats to their stupidities and my inability to serve their cause and it is utter rubbish as well; what happens with the Russia threat is the same story again and again and again – people who get along with the British on a personal and one to one basis usually face huge threats in their society because of the kind of leadership they put out over there, so it does lead to outcomes where someone gets to set up a tent somewhere to protect interests; the result being British feel interest is threatened, Russian wants to control people and nobody cares if they do, government was obviously a serious minded work the last time we checked, except it is not necessarily the case either in Russia or the USA.