I find it so annoying that the claims people make about me has now come to a stage where it is said I am misunderstood because what I say is never really clear; the truth of course is rather that if I wanted to say something to the people in question they would have understood what I had said, so this was never the issue, as what really happens is that they get involved with my concerns, become completely uninterested in what it does and what I do and then start to build their own publicity all over me to get me responding to what they are doing and it will show up that following me around everything I get up to and expressing its stupidities and theories about life all over it on media without invitation. They always say there is nothing I can do about them since it is possible to pick on people on account they have possession of enough money to lay down a fight against such people for the rest of their victims lives and so what is happening to them now because I have gotten a whiff of it, is that they will have it all but will never enjoy it for as long as they show up around my finances, the same way the effect on me is that I am never happy in the UK, when there is a lot of happiness around, basically get involved with my concerns and make me tired of life with one stupid and abusive test after another every day.

What happens with these guys is that we live in a society where we say ladies first because women spend their time dealing with people who claim that what women do at work is how women are at home, which allows them pretend to be the husband all the time as much as they wish, hence it works – their case of showing up here to tear up everything I do, grab what I have created to help celebrities who know how to spend it with will only end in further trouble from the bits they are complaining about presently; I mean they have always been keen to show the business they care about women and children but never before they rip up the finances and shove the effects in my face; it does still look to them like I will not crush the Celebrity culture when I want to but we can see that at this stage, since the Politicians have now stopped claiming they are nice people who just need money, Politics is no longer a factor. As for what I can do about it, there was only one story in this matter and it’s the disgruntled men who think that a society that gives prerogatives to women is bad for them and so the need they have to get friends from overseas and hunt me down is insatiable, they too have become quite used to claiming I am not the victim in the matter and that is as true as the fact they wrecked my academic work – they worked with the Muslims to show up at University to tear up my academics and have since continued to use what it had caused as their greatest asset, now are after my Books as well blabbing when they know they have weaknesses as well that I can exploit in such ways and make them give up what they have given permanently like those stupid ideas they come up with and apply on me everyday alongside their foolish Media friends. They do always say that I look as if I am untouchable but I am not technically; what happens is that white person for instance likes his women and his celebrities but never chases peoples bums and make them smell like their loo all day long, when Muslim likes women and sex, his fingers are constantly on other peoples bums, so when the war kicks off and they got into the fight, there was a link between my very existence and the way the white guy killed Muslim enemy, while it really has nothing to do with me: it goes back to the times when the Americans could do no wrong because they would supply money later but I was that bit they wanted to handle as resource scapegoat, therefore there was nothing wrong with the Iraq invasion and various other things the Politicians will get up to in their various Countries – so it seems that what they have settled up on is the business of making me smell all day which makes it impossible to complete the academic work, while the whole process of handling all my property and resources without it means that the academic work I should have had will be the answer for all their problems and because it is linked with a process where only recent abuses and provocation shall be considered in the world of justice that they appear to seek as though it is the air they breathe, they have become quite convinced that nothing I say or do will hold sway and that their lies will win the day, especially the part involving how it is not reality that they attack me without reason or purpose. They even speak of how my problem is a complex enigma but it isn’t, I want them off the Books they had not written and therefore had rights to contrary to what lies they have come to believe and I am sure it’s not as difficult as sitting in a class room to listen to a teacher show the way on complex mathematics associated with rocket science to keep off other people’s Literary work – any normal person would have felt this angry if told that he was being misunderstood.

I hear of course that this is going to be a huge problem for me but it isn’t; apart from having enough money to put up a fight that lasts for the rest of other peoples lives even if they are beaten the whole way, what happens with them is that they have since damaging the academics at University become very fond of making a mess of my Public image and Royal work; imitating and mocking me etc but in the end it still comes down to the basic blocks of the case where they have public transport jobs which only works when they wreck my Book sales, where they have media jobs that only work where they wreck my Book sales and like we see they never keep their mouth shut, I am about to become committed to the processes of stopping all these damage as it were on account they have been telling me I have financial complications because I am committed to nothing. We see the same of the women as well; I live on the spotlight because of my Office but once my work is about to pay off at my shop, some stupid woman will take her picture for the purpose of industry activity and splash out on my public image, when she does wreck the finances, I will then have to get involved with the workforce, which leaves people picking on me the way she picked on people to get to the top and therefore results in an outcome where I will not last very long – as far as we can see of which the reasons for it is the insults and the greed which is what this is all about, no such thing as me being misunderstood as they can understand what I have said here very clearly because it is addressed to them. There is no such thing as being misunderstood; whilst they are no longer playing up busy body opportunism roles whenever a stupid ageist goon gets off building a crowd on me each time I step out of my door, to blab about why I must not be allowed to complete academic work until I am spiritually dominated so that Celebrities who know how to spend what I own might get to spend it, it is the insults that they wish to spend their time on that was the main problem because they have done it to a point at which it is now taking up mine, otherwise I would never have bothered about this sense I need to build them a convention where I can discuss the kinds of respect I want in order to avoid the crisis we hear them talk rubbish about all the time. We also hear Liberal America wants to control my finances which does not make any sense to me; nobody knows why they do it but we all know they love to say my work is good but my attitude is bad which I find very insulting from common American scrap with opinions on media anyway but we are here because they think the vandalism of their insults that they will not pay for has reached a stage where they will then decide how much money I can have, which I find very amusing but then again they are not in a comedy show and did not write my Books. Should I take it further, it would have been a matter of the fact that we all have things we need to stop, so we can pay attention to what we think are priority; I can reach an agreement with angry women while tribalism raids industry goons are being tackled over financial vandalism, these idiots only know how to spend their energy stopping good people in order to chase personal greed and blowing off their big mouth at me is not the first instance where they really wanted to get out of their depth all together as it were, never mind the motorists ganging up on pedestrians all the time completely pointlessly with those insults blabbing about what they do because they were successful enough to and telling lies about my personality that sets out how it’s a product of stealing from those who have performed daring do at National service and needs to be handed back because they want to move into my right hand and stop me from being me; their limitless Political resources of which were rather better spent on criminals that are making crime money and hurting people with it all over the place. So it does still come down to the old business of the fact its good screwing around but when what women do at work is the same as they do at home, I hope they are aware too that when the finances have not been sorted out, their stupidities of its older than me so I know how to behave giving way to it’s a woman I can handle it will have to look after its mother like we have not yet seen enough terrorism on the planet as it were. They do blab about something I have done for everybody which I will be made to do for them but we all know I can also build publicity to counter this nonsense of Men and Media fools ripping up my Public image and finances, hence its not such a problem but I cannot marry up what they want me to do for them and a process where they bought my Books to get it done and this is their biggest problem so far. In the end we find that Muslims need Liberal America to rip up some Christianity and some Arch Prince here as a tool that will help them rebuild their lives and Countries, so we can see their Celebrated idiocy has already developed from the business of showing up here to address my crowd in a deluded sense they were free and in charge, to one of idiots who have not got a foggiest clue what they are doing showing up to take over peoples concerns and provide leadership that leads to wars and counter wars, whose insults are the main case here and nothing like me being misunderstood with their big mouth, like the time they thought they ought to tear down my finances and let goons I had kept off my academics back into my life as an adult just to see what was going to happen, which has now ended with their stupidities no longer blabbing about these society and culture goons being good people who just need money now that it is their Liberal America jobs and incomes that are needed as it were.