I hear of this case where matters are being considered in light of the first and second world war again and it is utter nonsense; it is impossible to make decisions on the basis of what happened at that time as so much has changed since then; besides we are talking about the kinds of changes such as the fact the UK was bigger than France and Germany during the first and second world war, with regards to which the theories the Germans had about their superiority was never founded on reality or fact, it became smaller due to the fact that Ireland became independent only decades after the second world war itself and this was actually the only time that Germans had a rightful claim to theories about the dominance in Europe, so we can see if all that nonsense about ripping up people’s lives by making an oaf of yourself in public places challenging them to a fight until they fell ill happened in the 19th century there would definitely without question have been world war three. I personally have no idea why people do it anyway, I got involved with legal studies because I could make sense of the things that parents complained about and then siblings complained about and then the teacher and probably colleagues before the Judge does and somebody has to be put away and denied freedom, so I considered I was already a quarter of the way there, what does not make sense is why people adopt a disposition that says others may achieve what they wish but when the crowd wants sensations of security and somebody else can provide private security Industry services it can be taken away but it goes without saying I am not afraid of them and do have a need to sell that stupid culture and society for money too, like we hear them claim if I handled it bad things would happen to me but it’s just a theory. Always seen talking about a certain people who need to be handled and how they need kill off a loser image and we see it refers to people who do well in environment in which the position of firms and a Public image about it is clear while they have been given a procedure to work with but then again, so it is true that a single Country is not responsible for creating two world wars by mere nature of fortune, there is a fundamental reason behind it as such - much the same as when they claim people are dangerous and to me its only one way to see it; the other I have seen is the part where a Celebrity owns a restaurant and people have businesses that supply it, in a while it shuts down simply because she has big breasts and the same people who supplied it were the ones who provide removal services.

Now they say I am full of problems while they were very successful people which is utter nonsense as the reasons I dropped out of University in 2008 is still the same forms of bullying that maintains access to the atmosphere that is my personality which they hope to deploy to get successful and to keep up by preventing me from completing the academic work to shut it down; It is as twisted and evil as it has ever been and you can draw a link between the devil laughing at you for preaching the gospel and then ending up in hell with a process where a Royal Prince has an activity to engage himself in which has something to do with paid employment but on the ground what has really happened is damage to popular culture that shows up here to tear up my life, reprisal damage to popular culture they think I look after my Bum with and once that is done, they are off building the fuck, fuck, fuck background clubbing and partying lifestyles again, talking nonsense at me they think amounts to discrimination but its just incredibly insulting – obviously which people need popular culture to look after the Bum when they are incredibly successful, have made all the right decisions and done the right things, definitely not rotten to the core, especially considering the kinds of popular culture that does it for them. So it goes without saying the warnings about them following me around at academic institutions again; I mean at this stage it’s a matter of idiots who wreck the academic work and the finances and then build a crowd that helps them take advantage of the public image and personality to make their own fame and success because they do not like themselves very much, giving rise to a business of me being provoked to a point where I had decided, the ones that show up to benefit from everything I do about an complicated scenario need to hit a brick wall and the ones that chase my bum and make me smell all the time need to live past the fame and fortune as well; the blabbing and insults are al good but so can we see that the Politicians are fond of letting them show up around my concerns to count pennies until they magically ended up with millions and that they have no lack of self confidence or lack or money reasons to show up here left to show up here with and of course we all know their wicked and twisted and evil nature is such that it is not complaining of the problems associated with not being twice or three times my size like its big mouth originally suggested due to the fact that my Church activities is affecting them for showing up around it all the time as well.

It does not require overthinking; they believe that their whole future is based on keeping up an atmosphere associated with getting involved with me, my personality and Public image, they have already seen results associated with improvements to their dumb children’s thinking pattern by doing so and hence a need to gather as a people and prevent me from completing the academic work or making me smell like my loo so I can never be a Celebrity or both, in order to maintain it, while reality is still that I can shut it down by writing a Blog on the internet and if they continue with their assault on my academic work and finances, there is going to be trouble as well, I am about to start testing how well the fact I am not actually afraid of them like they think I am really works.