Now it is said people do not hate me as much as I think that they do but I do not think people hate me, it’s a matter of the fact they have told the world neither God nor the Devil exists which keeps them from seeking help for the evil that lurks inside to ensure they have no respect unless they are attacking the Children of God, the chief of which is the Celebrities who show up to need my Books and only end up making a mess of it and a mess of life, then show up at the end of years building me a history of insults and ripping up all I do to need my Books along with a certain service, so when I tell them I do not wish to sell it to them anymore, we find they say it’s a no can do situation which gets me thinking the only theory they have got is that the mess they have made here will be cleared up with a no can do position when I say I do not wish to sell my Books to them.

Same as the reality that everybody is facing that I am starting on a plan to attack the big brothers and the Media as everybody in the Country now faces the bottom hurting abuses because they can never stop insulting me with it and we hear them claim as well that I have set out a disposition where I know they are vulnerable to it but everybody else but them and their corruption of involvement was protected; which is not an unusual story, especially concerning the corruption of involvement meaning its friends on media and popularity culture and every useless activity lifestyle on the planet can get together to decide what happens to my academics and finances and then years after I forgive it I find I am being accused of discrimination because they wish to lay claims of ownership to market I have created for my Books. So I have not signed a Contract with them that says their goons can sit around on TV and bemoan being hard done by as per people are not attacking younger people to make them feel comfortable the way that the women are getting it and they will say its no can do, which makes me wonder if I play with their stupid salary the same way – goes without saying that I have had enough of them and these practical jokes, especially the bits where they claim I walk around like a conquering hero, showing that they have set me out as one of those guys that will be doing gangs and violence and gangs that facilitates the kinds of atmosphere that makes them feel safe with Media and celebrity jobs and that it will never stop, so I am about to start attacking them and the Media as well since the warning signs became the fact I had become a character they can hurt and always want to hurt because they can hurt, all I want is to see their insults go away and no more processes of handling either my Books or Public image occurring – as for the children, they have raised those very well just like they make out my Books belong to them on media as insultingly as possible, still children but know where peoples bums are and how to put their hands in there already.

They do these all day long to push music tracks that their fellow idiots have created up the charts, then any break they take is abusive and very, very, very violent of a bestial kind; so I am either going to get them shutting it down or I will test that stupid theory that I screw with Celebrity culture and get away with it because I am lucky. It is still an option to do them like I have the Daddy characters i.e. get them fighting some National enemy while I betray them. They do claim they have gotten wealth and social inequality out of me of course which is utter nonsense; if I see the culture they will see it for the last time as well, damage to my academic work and finances for now is being matched by complains about chasing a certain path that gets the guys cracked up, so each time my bottom hurts as these nonsense are being achieved, there will be a clear reason for it. They have not achieved a wealth and social equality at my expense as claimed, only gotten industry trouble makers that get along with them spending money on them for being a problem while handling my Books without legal permission and tackling my academic work – they have thus built up the mess in such a way that it is difficult to get along with those I get around with as well especially when they have media to play with; much the same as we hear them claim I am now stuck in a hole from which I will never be free while it is their celebrities that show up to tackle my income and tell me if my bottom was chased by society and culture trouble makers alongside any applicable criminals, then they would know my Books was worthy of attention, I have thus only decided that since the fact I do not wish to sell the Books to them anymore gets the co can do response, it must be that this stuff makes them famous and I need to build them more of it. there is no need to overthink it as such; we see it everywhere – Police Officer walks up to a criminal and says ‘I see you are making a living and this is how you are doing it apparently’ if a Journalist were to be close by, he or she will definitely have a statement to make which involves how he would do the Police bits if such questions were put to him and his incredibly important Media job, so they do take it a world apart from the rest of us; it has only recently become easier for me, being that I have been working on the fact they are the only challenge I have to face as equally as they are a bunch of very slippery lairs that are addicted to these kinds of behaviour.