I am aware of the issue with the Royal family around my earnings but there really isn’t any save the Duke of York; when you say people have aims and objectives, the one the Duke of York like his elder brother regularly exhibits the one where anybody who is a misogynist can arise to high positions of society by extricating prerogatives from others which they can prevent by shutting up, has, is to integrate my leadership and all that follow me and all I have into what he owns and of course there are so many questions to this not least first of which is that of what sort of an aim and objective that really is and of which is why he may think that is such a good use of time and then of course the other of which is that he may be a famous member of the Royal family but not everybody knows who he is as such anyway and that includes me. Now the issues are that the way he works is not just to ensure that he dispatches his office of the UK Trade envoy by taking up stuff that Asians have and do and then doing it for them but these Asians are also his very close and personal friends and even more so he runs the office of the UK trade envoy like his personal and private property. So that if you think about issues you may have to deal with concerning businesses, the facts and realities are that the idiots have got fans that have made pledges and taken oaths never to do a day’s work in their lives but to have millions to their name because they are fans of those who have got it and you simply need to find out what businesses think about it, to see that they believe you should never get to hate other peoples privileges just because you have not got it. So the end product of the Dukes activities is not just that he knows where my books are and he loves to ravage the income and seek a reaction for fun on account the way I run my affairs has always been equities and securities and a secure operation environment for businesses who broker them with me but that when you ask children what they want to become when they grow up and then ask the Duke what he thinks about that, his contribution would have been to take up stuff that belongs to Asians and do it for them to keep the UK safe and those Asians would have been his very close and personal friends too: Then put this in the context of running around the world to obtain means by which to provide bankers with tools and tools and even more tools because of course when they become too big they become a problem for the entire world as a whole due to an inability to manage; its how he works not how I work and I have nothing to do with what he does. I am mentioning this matter I have really had enough of because I need my earnings, on account people want fact cleared up; I want his Royal Highness and his people to stay far away from my income and off my book sales – so that when it is arranged for me to end up in places where there are no rules so that people might abuse me to create senses of privilege that then allows them to roll with the upper class and it ends up in a book, nobody will blame me for it again, like it currently stands.

Now they say I endear myself to the people like they say I am Royalty without fans; I have no idea why they feel the need to raise it with me for my part either when they can always say that to the people directly so we can find out. The reality of which is that I set out a cause of my own and most of the people were happy about that before the Queen gave me a commission and I lost some support, even though they show it from a distance and since then these goons have continually had the sense that I need to lose something always. The other ones that claim to be racist journalists are just as good but I will soon have to take hold of every evil thing they come up with and find solutions to them within a period of four years for each occasion so that I can set the stage to ensure Priests win elections, more so of which I have already divided society between capitalist and theocrats and they can go to hell and get off my Television. It brings us back to the story and matter of how laws are made by do-gooders which they claim, yet each time they come up with that the story is that somebody has a problem with something the government adopted from the Bible about a certain thou shall not kill rule, which indicates that although they have no wish to get killed they would really like to kill somebody and have stories to tell about it to the point that if they are killed as well the purpose and pleasure of that would be that the person never had the chance to decide for themselves – because he thinks he is a form of extremist of some kind and we don’t mind anyway its just that the same rules prevent people from killing him right away to find out how extreme that would have been. My point is of course that nobody is endearing themselves to anybody as the reality is rather that the difference between the government paying twice as much for a structure of economy that says simple market, simple living wage, simple workable profit is whether or not they can find the skills and expertise they need locally and for somebody to racism me on television I find their aspirations to be incredible, while those who tell me that saying such things creates a means where poorer people take up peoples stuff and do it get to understand how I feel when they wreck my academic work and finances in order to turn up on media to talk nonsense at me all the time. So I win again and I have a problem currently that I don’t like to discuss because it is so stupid it should only be acted upon in the form of the activities of the Duke of York at the Economy. It is the old story of Political Power of course where we hear racist republicans who then tend to speak of a President that likes to do things that are against the will of the people which they will tend to like anyway, then make references to me and how they like me anyway and therefore should be able to like him for it too. here in the UK The whites think there are things I will not be able to say because it will ruin my life which hands them dominance and will cost me everything but even more remarkable is the fact the blacks have their own to apply on me even though I am black as well; so when I say I win again they think they have media and if I get my hands on it they will never see it again too.

I mean they say I have a problem with hardworking people, whereas the reality is that they are the same thing as racists, only that racists are more determined about the violence they take my right hand side thing away from me like they love to put their need to dominate others, they on the other hand, black white blue yellow, Asian, whatever will never achieve it; now media can be really powerful and make me weak for racists then establish contact with them while abusing me in a sexual context all the time. The Politicians however are another story and its a case of yet again the great hatred and wickedness of Politicians who hate religion and faith has prevailed on a global stage and there is no shred to truth to it as such, so that they think it is a game to a point where you feel you want to start voting for far right groups and of course they have already expressed their belief that when you do they will find out and alienate you from younger people, whereas the reality is that you borrowed the video games of somebody that hates the idea you like to lazy around, don’t want to work out and play football and get around with the boys 2 years ago without a problem but today he is racist, hence that counter measure in their view is therefore enough. The hard working people that do nothing else but steal from you and make up some fake work to cover their tracks because it is really so important to invent and practice things that are known to distress you to desperation, then make it worse with media where it is made to affect anybody that does not give them what they want at which stage the very sight of you will be something that annoys them and when it does they act, thus when they had ensured it has affected others they use their media to finish off by setting out who is responsible.