They say the MOD has revealed lots of things about plans not to look after its personnel, this is utter rubbish as we all know that the problem we have here is a condition where people get off deploying the military for causes and ideologies which work against Nation interest and security and no body to this day knows how they do or would have gone about doing it. I suppose they think those that suggest veterans should be looked after by the Public and not the MOD do not know that it is the same tax payers funds and therefore technically does not make a difference. I mean it is either when they alienate themselves from the rest of us they already want somebody to go and die somewhere thereby leaving their place in this world for them or the other feeling of fratenisation of country after they alienate themselves by making sure soldiers die or somebody looks like it and then dies in their place. Of course they are very evil set of people and always think the rubbish they get up to makes a bit of a difference about what people really think.

It was supposed to be a case of growing up to get a job they had rather decided it will be a case of rounding me up and waiting for me to grow away from my parents so they can catch me like an animal. So the result of course is that I planned my way by being the one that is famous for bossing people around first and now that we know where bossing people around is, we can find a job and get on with the rest of what we need to do. I mean as it stands they want the rebirth of a Nation founded on the greed of their wickedness, the latest one to be founded on it was the Nazi era and it was completely obsessed with gobbling up other peoples lives and so the whole thing ended really badly and resulted in a wall built to divide the country between democracy and communism who couldn’t see eye to eye on any matter. Later the world was supposedly meant to have moved on so the wall came down as it were and they are back again obviously and I am in trouble already with a big mouth.

 Now the way it works is that when they are stupid it applies on my earnings and the only time they are not is when they are withdrawing lots of money from the bank for earned salaries and so the result is what we have today where they are stupid and I am stupid freedom and it will end badly before it gets any better. I mean I know I have not completely set myself up at my market place as it were but do I need to before I start to sell my wares, whose idea was it that it is how it must operate? Why would anybody do it; I mean see me broke equities with Mr A and B and C so he goes off to media and music industry to get rid of every history of my own life not his which has to do with having been seen with Mr A and B and C; why would anybody make music from this aspect of the history of my life to ruin it get rid of it and get rich at the same time. The earliest consequence of this behavior was obvious cutting to pieces that stupid culture and society now I suppose we will step it up and they will die until it stops.
I wonder what the stories about their wickedness and power from it is all about anyway; their racism and Pornography and club life thing looks pretty good as it stands in any case; maybe this is the reason or perhaps it is rather the whole package of their wickedness altogether, I couldn’t care any less. They will never stop thinking Politicians should be taking up their cause as it were and I will never stop making it really perilous for Politicians to do so.

I mean we already know if you tell people to buy your wares or else, they will never buy it and that if you cannot tell people to buy your wares please but have somebody that says it on your behalf you will not go very far and that if you have a state that tells people to buy your wares or else it will become the thing allied forces with blow to bits at some point, they just need to leave me alone. We all know these things already but it will never get any better nor will they get off the finances because they have so many excuses and top of them being that they want to know how to love.

Which is where we have the familiarities with me both that which they claim in Public places to ensure the process of wrecking my finances then getting off to get rich and ruin my recovery with everything I do to recover or get my work place working operates the way they want with a big mouth boasting all over the place for it as well and playing business bloody mindedness with me while getting government bail out funds as if it proves a thing and is therefore not a waste of my time that will soon become really expensive too and the familiarities that are created by contact and followed up on media through stalking and insults and abuses, all of which was bred from the results of what they have already done to me to get themselves into that position which were created from the fact that if I am a Christian and God is a man then the other thing I am not having or doing is a process where women are my weakness and the means by which their chance exists to beat me at things I do for myself and put me in what is supposedly my place which is how they became relevant to my earnings and this has not gotten better it has gotten worse and therefore gained Political immoralities to it’s advantage while they have more money than I do and use it to provoke me all the time which is then how the process whereby I claim to do things I have not because they are the ones that are planning to go down in history as having done it operates and since I am already a Royal prince and my finances are always being wrecked by their stupidities in this way is I can see meant to cause me as much suffering as possible.
The big idea is that I am fallen to this things but I have no idea too how that is supposed to operate in conjunction with the protest about how I restrict their sexual activities and also how I pretend to while I am having the most corrupt sexual activities there are in secrete which simple increases more obsession with finding out what is happening in my privacy which will again be followed on with more consequences because they leave the sex and go after my money they attack the religion but want to see effects of doing so on my bank balance. The truth is that everything I have done to take a breathe from detaching myself from them and this evil destruction of my right to live like a person and not abusive violently when I refuse people who already have control of my life things, their community women whom they wreck my finances to help keep an eye on me so intensely they can sense me on my own bed with their racy insolence will put everything back in and then sit back to hope on the day I will finally have sex with them which they will never stop hoping on and abusing me everyday for because it is not forth coming yet; this is how I got to gain control of their pornographic industry and all that stuff and set about to ensure they know where their place is, especially bearing in mind the insults from their friends abroad who think we are unwittingly providing them democratic reforms in parts of the world where they have manipulated us into doing so. It is the physical pain you see and the boasting of rot created into my bones so to speak which is then tested out with threats and intimidation all the time while they show off their wicked conquering powers with respect for absolutely nothing in their stupid lives, not any victory on their part; so I might be accused to being a bit of an extremists but you need to understand this kind of pain and the insolent intrusion/celebrity vandalism that has brought it about and the need to sell my books to those who want it and stop it not have them make money to ensure they can reach me anywhere in the world before I am allowed to with a big mouth.