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There is this question it is said I must respond to which is more to do with a problem I have with society people that will never go away but it has always been as obvious as their need to follow me around and invent abusive things that make me just give up on what I have doing and what I have earned, such that what they know about me will bear such results as allows them to own it and the primary disposition for that is the insults that suggest their wives and kids must get privileges at my expense because his family is tougher than I am while I walk around like a great conqueror, then start to tell lies about why I smell like what I eat all the time and issue threats over it. It never stops getting its imagination up my anus all day and this is the reason that the business of their socialism making out Christians steal opportunities from them while popular culture hits me really hard at my income has become a main problem – it is the reason following me around to make use of my personality for money, wrecking academic work and finances in the process, has meant I have not settled down well enough in the UK and the kinds of alternative foods I must have draws attention to the kinds of things they sell to Celebrities in the City underbelly but they are still convinced they need to handle me while they do not fancy existential threats associated with my response to these abuses being precisely such a result – it is the reason we have started looking again at the fact that Nazism was a brainchild of socialism and was developed entirely around the making sure those who have had nothing and those who had not have everything, right up to the point where half the government operatives are wondering how the public will be fed if government files were destroyed while they are thinking about destroying all the evidence – it is the reason their Politicians claim I have exonerated myself from all the responsibility while we know I do not make their decisions and neither does the Media, that they make those decisions all the time which lead them down a path that means they are no longer able to live in the one and only society that they have got and that the highest authority in the land are not exempt from the homosexual practical jokes they want to play with it – the reason the destruction of my academic work was the only way to bring about full equality once government funds had been spent on their needs to kill off every idea that they needed to be superior to me, which is how all these abuses were devised after due to the fact the damage and destruction, followed by legislation to create a now lifestyle for the Country that covers it up means that they think handling me is what their new civil rights looks like while the destruction of everything that facilitates a process where they did on account my bottom hurts and I am not doing well financially irrespective of how hard I work on my job, Books and Academic work was the result, the outcome being that I can no longer stop them getting imagination up my bum and need to ensure they can no longer stop me from ripping up everything that facilitates their nepotism against me – the reason that the destruction of my academic work paved the way for a business of responding to their stupidities even when I know it is insanity to do so.

Hence it will be said I paint a gloomy picture of them which was never necessary either as it has always been safer to say they are really stupid people who have a pathological fear of work and in order to ensure other people were doing the work while they got the money, they needed corrupt Politicians like the ones we have, making sure everything I do to see them go from handling me to dealing with what they cannot handle which gets them facing full consequences of their nepotism and its obscurity was completely destroyed while the safest way to get rich while others did the work was through Celebrity culture that allows them buy equipment and venues to spend my Public image on themselves. We know that on the streets the following me around bits have now meant that Shops are getting robbed whenever I buy my supplies, it has meant that I have heard of a Bank being robbed because I visited my Local Bank Branch – the parents can no longer cope with the needs of these individuals who now have access to civil service and the media and parliament to enforce the rules of the Bible with, particularly the one that suggests I am disrespectful of my parents and will not live long in the land while they are the ones that have an ingrained inability to get along with their parents, I am only trying to provide for myself here and the Politicians who help them rip up the academic work are not paying the fees either, a gloomy picture thus painted.

I believe I am now in a state of mind that wants to completely get rid of anything that allows socialists, ageists and criminal feminists to handle my person – the problem they have had with me is that they become too important for the day job when they do it but cannot be caught dead finding themselves another past time. There are the busy body opportunists picking up these nepotism brewed around the fact these gimmicks are developed concerning their ideas about how they should behave towards those they are superior to, who never stop blabbing of how my issues are becoming a problem for everybody and I wish the idiots will stop contributing to the problems I have already resolved by showing up here only to buy and read the Books I have created. In any case of which I have no idea which part they fail to understand if I had repeatedly explained that the reason I see they have not prepared for the fame, dressed like it, applied makeup like it, which is why I let them have it instantly for handling me, which sets the stage for what I am going to rip up as well over their insults. Its all good whatever insults and abuses people wish to invent at my expense but whilst they believe an alliance with Celebrities will figure it out for them instead of the business of getting organised for the job that gets to their heads, the reality is that when there is another occasion of their children speaking of driving expensive cars passing insults at me because they bought those from popular culture money they made cultivating their madness all over my Public image, they will get from me another response – for now it’s a reality they claim I make a mess of the job each time they got organised for it naturally as it were, since being organised for a job means employers and business owners are always at war with them for wanting to get involved with a business run by somebody they claim to be inferior to them, as stupidly as possible.

So their excuse has consistently been that I am disrespectful of other people but I wouldn’t know anyway; I know however that their Celebrities are large people whose meals I cannot afford, so if I have warned them about what I can get up to if they grind the culture away at me and they have wrecked the academic work and finances which I am not able to move on from because they are keeping it wrecked in order to be me, then it was rather obvious that their bodies being fashioned into a financial weapon that is bigger than my earnings and out of my league needs to get a response from me too. How it works is that I sit around in a Hermitage developing plans that allow me live according to the Bible whereby I get money when I need it and they brew equality stories which mean that they need an income from my wallet – so everything that facilitates this nonsense is that which I am unable to get along with and they do claim I respond like that because I want what they have while the conditioning process that led to such an outcome originally started out as a statement that they have seen what I have and I am not going anywhere until they got rich with it first, a statement that suggests I am being educated on the reasons people kill people on this planet, talking nonsense on Media over it to make a mess of my patents every day. So it is incredibly perverse in the sense that for their part, it has become a matter of busy body opportunism that feeds into popular culture, politics and stock markets and ensures I feel as if the age of 50 for me was a luxury, about which I have warned them enough times about my knowledge of this and how the possibility exists that fi I did nothing about it somebody else could do something about it for me, for my part, they want to see me grovel for money, so the perverse nonsense of Company owners playing along with my so called Intellectual Property Administration gimmicks tends to mean they are at war with managers who take that war to another level if I got a job in their Companies. So, this in their opinion is what respect is made of and they have always had need to know my experience of human beings have never been this stupid and that I am not accustomed to it.

There is a case right next to it about Royals that have given their heart to me and I am aware of this as well, much as I have set myself out on Social Media and tried to reach out several times without success, so it tends to suggest they are not interested and what I have done to ensure my Hermitage was subordinate to their Office due to a more senior position must now be shut down as it means a waste of time – either way which we know if I shut it down to stop American idiots organising foolish wild girls in their neighbourhoods into socialites that operate on my Public image and think they can ensure I am worse of and their stupidities were better off either way I turned like the spawn of the devil, talking rubbish at me over the money idiots have given them as if these behaviour stops the wars and the military operatives their chase them bums for it all together and that doing so would not prevent a single Royal from getting involved if they wanted to. I do get told it’s a matter of me avoiding the difficult decisions while it has rather become obvious I need to raise myself about at least £150,000 in about 2 years in order to begin if I must make the decisions, which cannot be done if Media and Celebrity idiots are still solving their personal foolish problems by running off their jobs on publicity I have built for my Books when they are not sharing their salary as well for it. I have been told it’s a clear indication that the daughter of the Duke of York chose well here but its difficult explaining that to some silly Americans picking up my work to set a relationship with her because they are Americans employed by Mr Branson and can do whatever they liked, the latest being an Estate Agent that has abandoned Wife and Child to establish links with abusive radio waves and take mine, each of these gits being determined to get married into the Royal Family by chasing my Bum, telling me I have no money while they cannot do the fighting better than I can in the first place, cannot do the government better than I can and I know about the money better than they do – Her business concerns them endlessly, something about marrying Mr Poor guy who had devised it that way about 12 year ago. The questions they ask is whether or not The daughter of the Duke of York is settling for less getting involved with me but we know none of these questions would have mattered if they did not enjoy digging me out of this Hermitage and then complaining about the culture and society trouble makers thereafter – bearing in mind it feeds directly into other stupidities they engage themselves in that has to do with deciding which one is special and which one is not while they settled how the Public associated with both in order to ensure their goods and services sold fast enough to make them rich, knowing very well I have the power, intelligence and knowledge to change their ideas about which one is special and which one is not at any time, but becoming content with the abusive and insulting business of doing everything they can to keep me as I am instead, as stupidly as possible. On a grade of 1 to 10, it is stupidities of the highest possible degree, feeding into the business of why the Duke of York's daughter should settle for madness on my left and right hand side instead of me.


Only two positions here matter; one of them is that my Court comprises of only white women, as the blacks are much too busy with wickedness and running around the corridors of the international community finding Political idiots to serve at the expense of good men, in the hope another will work for something they can entitle themselves to as usual, supposing it was possible they do their insults on absolutely everybody and more so successfully and the other is that my Court comprises entirely of women that are white because they do not wish to be friends with all white men, particularly office trash idiots that do nothing with their time but travel the world fucking women that are close to important men especially when they are younger and unleashing their stupid girls on other peoples finances, in order to hug the media as well, besides which those always think they are discriminative against none whites but wish to find their way into and alienate these women from their own lives anyway, hence I found a settlement of my own.

What men on media get up to contrary to popular notions is not something of a concern to me like they claim it is. Everybody can easily see that grown men of 50 years of age and above chasing fame and youth and fortune like that can only do so much damage and that is not the end of the story either because they also say I should be getting out of the right so they can occupy my personal life and move me on to the left to tell me where I am supposed to be and so I cannot make out which is what they are actually saying either for my part. About which they tell me I destroy multiculturalism and then complain about racial intolerance thereafter when it was all done for my benefit in the first place, which is utter nonsense bearing in mind the things their wives get up to i.e. they will want toy boys for example and when they do they wish to choose people that have high causes, high responsibilities and even high callings and better still if they are Christians as well, knowing fully well that the purpose of it is to have a boy to bully for self gratification and then push into a fight as well as keeping hold of money to rule the roost and when you ask them why they would want such things from a Christian they tell you it is because they can do anything they like. This is what I say when being objective about it of course, the real facts behind it is that I am weak either by my actions or by rumours they have spread about me and therefore they just cannot stop having a go at me because of he cravings of gratifications they desire and it is also clear from the things they say that they actually expect me to get used to it and this is why I have prepared myself for every Politician that thinks that if I tell people a particular thing being done to me by their hands is something I do not appreciate, I ought to get used to it, for those that do it however they hate my guts like hell but continue to claim I am being bullied. They do really stupid things you see, for example along a traffic light you walk and the light goes red for the cars and green for the walking man; they still feel as though they should be telling you how fast you are meant to walk across the lights with the revs of their cars and stuff as though they want to hit you and you see that tendency to hit you with it being shown by the versions of them that have added violence to the stupidities that I find really insulting in the first place. So of course lets say it was done by a bus driver and I went around to express my feelings, you soon find that all of them gang up on you and do it over and over and over and over and so if anything goes wrong, it will turn out that the outcome is that you and Bus drivers do not get along and that is how they want society to operate. So generally at the moment it is clear that people hate the idea I have a livelihood and such things do not just happen but it does not mean however that we have yet come to the pinnacle which is the point where the idea white men want money and black men want money will become a matter for amusing spectacle and then there will be human rights issues as well. They do not seem to take anything on board when I tell them not to touch my property; they harm my websites everyday and realise it will get no response from me and if there is no response there is no way of capitalising on the bullying and so they get on media to extract one and this happens everyday before they complain. I mean it was always really easy in the first place anyway; they are really stupid and really predictable and I seem to look like I am a god all the time because as soon as I set out bait it gets a bite everyday and so I have come to the point where for everything that happens to my property I know exactly who is responsible and when they get on media to get a reaction it is as though it was a case of if ever there was reasonable doubt and then with this they even claim it is an inability to work with the people but seeking power thereabout never the less. For how did I come up with the prognosis of oh look white man needs money for example? Except by the fact I need to be detached from my life and moved to the left while the fathers have the past which is what really belongs to them, tell me where I am supposed to be and tell me to hurry up about life itself. Then of course they tell me I spend all my time seeking privileges of older people as well and whenever they do they think it scares me but it never really does because my books are no such things, people have always thought they were because that was the rumour they spread to earn my income and not work for their own, insult and abuse me and extract the perks for my job for their gratification. Better still it explains a lot of things about other issues as well, such as the fact that people try to understand some of the things I place on my sites for example, which is largely that they can get up and set up a means on other peoples lives so that any movement the person makes will affect their profits and the person will suffer as a result of that and then of course there is also the part where every industry you apply for jobs at and every place you have shopped in before must be harassed by them on your behalf until you one day go to the Job centre to listen to a staff tell you that they are there to help you find jobs for which there are real chances that you will ever find and so it sounds like power but it obviously will end very well too as it were.

I. Uno



As for the question of why people do these things, chiefly among which is their prognosis of wickedness and evil with other peoples lives, livelihoods and health (The bane of it being the process of holding people back so that foolish women can bully them until they have sex with them, picking up from their audacious cheap shots which means always that oppression is a good thing if it is temporary as long as few are chosen for it, so that they can get away with doing so using a majority rule government-about which of course no matter what they have, it is never enough as though they can give to others), it might be Kleptomania, it might be racism, it might be because of their huge and terribly insolent egos, I couldn’t care any less. The bottom line is that they are pure evil and I should never reward and never be seen rewarding it, either way of which I am not their father and I am not their doctor and I am not their bank account either.

Of course they will get the gangs and I am perfectly happy for them to do that; self destruction is how they do their own as it were which is better than vandalism of my property all the time, they can get racists as well if they want, all I want is to see them get off me.

They tell me I tell lies all the time and cover up the evil things women do when they are rich and famous etc and of course when they see my books like to get on my market place and stifle sales by telling people it is an exposition on what women do because I am desperate and get their stupid girls to confirm it for an even greater chance at more vandalism, if they get anything out of me it was worth it if they get nothing it must mean their victory against me has been attained. I am not the one that tells lies, not to mention the one that tells lies and then ends up believing them at the same time. They are the ones that lie all the time about how people join gangs because they are being cheated out of what they deserve by people like me who make deals with oppressors to have money and live easy while they fight for freedom; when in actual fact the reason they join gangs and do violent things has always been that when their parents discipline them, gangs will tell them to stay off their records because they are so horrid their discipline tends to turn up in Public like my evil mother that planned to get me murdered so she can live more freely in the UK which of course is not a new story at as she is my mother and I have put up with it all my life in the first place. The issue of course being that when they grow up their since of independence is a condition where no body tells them to stay off any record, so they join a gang, show what they are made of or even establish their own gangs. I have always known a spin doctor government like Labour is a racist government and the first thing it will do once it gets in office is to make friends with gangs, so they always come up with those stories about discrimination that they think somebody ought to be scared of and then all kinds of rubbish will emanate from that to wreck peoples lives while they get rich. I am not and have never been interested for my part anyway and I have always been clear too as it were that whether or not they get off to dispatch public funds in a certain way does not bother me in anyway as I do not want to know since it is not my money but they have rather always wanted to create the effect by attacking my academic work with their pimp rubbish and my finances or my job and now my book sales too-claiming there are things I know how to do which I should be seen doing. I only thought I ought to do their own for them as well. As I said, I have always known a spin doctor government is a racist government and the first thing it will try to do is make friends with gangs and when I say it, it sort of becomes obvious I have not gone to extremes to defend myself and with their insults stalking and abuses I might well do so yet.

  They do say I support government austerity of course and there is really no such thing; here in the UK The Labour Party which is the socialist trouble makers we have spurning other scams such as the SNP for instance made the NHS and the Police force into a job creation racket and so there were to structural changes to ensure the waste of public funds works for the government of the Country, unlike when they did with the creation of a New Supreme Court because people were on their case and I myself had developed my own grey areas for abusing and attacking them and getting away with it too, this therefore has meant each time the Nation decides on a different leadership but their own the incoming government will see these two institutions as unfit for purpose and that level of stupidity and waste of tax payer funds by a collection of selfish, twisted and spiritually evil and greedy idiots who spend all our time telling us about nothing save standard of living issues and austerity could never have gone on for eternity anyway . I don’t think it’s a problem because I know what I am dealing with; it’s always a story of how they have some money and how they get to add some more money to it by taking advantage of somebody and then comes the question of why ever on earth taking advantage of somebody every single time, which is what expresses their true evil and twisted nature all together i.e. the primary purpose is to satisfy a desire and if that desire is satisfied the stage will be set for civil rights to help them get rich while they get to hound others until people work for it for them but the part where they want to be rich and famous all together always comes as a result of the realisation that a condition where they are seen as losers can end because you are an adult that simply have no opportunity to stop working for things and when that is combined with their need to get off and create grey areas that allow criminals to make money, they think they are feeling the hand of history on their shoulders and I for my part do not know what their problem over my books really is anyway, I don’t know what they want from me save the understanding that if they kill off the sense they are losers just like they love to mess with the legal system to create grey areas that allow criminals to make money and a problem they have with the state of affairs of the law, if they end the sense they are losers people will not mess with their need to get rich. Its as they say; whether I have no other thing to be concerned about save slapping down socialists all the time but again the reality is starker i.e. assassination of peoples leaders hooray that is a socialist ideal, encouragement of paedophilia and sexual abuse that will cover their desire for it when they are being restricted both through public attention that they have been seeking and got over the year and other things that ensure they cannot hide hooray that is a socialist ideal and it goes on and on and on and you can list them if you wanted and it is always okay for them to get on media and challenge of course except we will hear the complains when I kick them too.

They do say I am actually scared of them but the whole prognosis of the fact when people think they are political hot rods and mavericks it means that they have to have a go at me has not yet resulted in serious problem; only complains about things I have done which I can reverse because I should actually have been scared of them in the first place but then again if they express their hatred at me in order to make use of my personal and thinking space in a grand way with impunity again and I handle them again it is very likely to have become a profession in the process being something I do for money.


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Posted by Ikpe Uno on Saturday, July 14, 2012, In : The Court and HH Office 

So first I am still accused of the great old support for racism and that I think racism only starts and ends with the gang type racism. I really don’t in actual fact, I know racism is everywhere but the fact here is that over the last decade black people have stirred racism more than white people have done racism and so we end up with a condition where I was instrumental to the creation of racism and therefore cannot say things against ...

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Business at the Arch Prince's Office

Posted by Ikpe Uno on Monday, November 14, 2011, In : The Court and HH Office 

They say the MOD has revealed lots of things about plans not to look after its personnel, this is utter rubbish as we all know that the problem we have here is a condition where people get off deploying the military for causes and ideologies which work against Nation interest and security and no body to this day knows how they do or would have gone about doing it. I suppose they think those that suggest veterans should be looked afte...

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At Court - Only how Muslims and others deal with the Problem of social unrest and the attractiveness and insurgence and terrorism and the funding for it compared with how Christians and Christian leaders handle the matter and of course the fact nobody really knows what the Americans are all about but it is clear and obvious every involvement they carry through anywhere in the world leads to would be terrorists getting funding, women being attacked and abused or even destroyed and ultimately war.

It is always clear as such the reasons young people always want to be part of the trouble makers, it means others have to design a future to serve them with and destruction they wrought on peoples person and property can easily be excused as Industry competition and yes it tells more when it turns to competition with religion, for none really can explain why Politicians continue to support them at such a point; so that others get punished by the Politicians for mentioning it and they assume their own right to punish those who interfere, still peoples finances are being restricted by their media appearances and celebrities to competition with religion as the evil people of the world - looking for trouble.

Its never me moaning, at this stage its a story of a dilemma of how to stop them especially the journalists and celebrities from using my person and public life to make money and then blaming me for it on claims I use myself as well thereby encouraging it without doing any damage to health and well being as it were.

The tale of how I have taken up and done most of the work for the Monarchy as peddled by Politicians will not do either; I mean it is not like I am a separate thing from the Monarchy in the first place anyway but then again it does seem the matter needs to be settled around how Parliamentary Parties will come to an agreement to end their hung parliament disease – I personally have a suggestion that since the Labour party does best at bankrupting the Country to provide for the poor and the Conservatives do best at restoring the economy so Labour can bankrupt it later, they ought to agree among themselves which party is to back down for which whenever there is a National crisis, so if it is poverty then the Conservatives back down for Labour and if economy and deficit Labour for the conservatives, so that they can stop talking nonsense. Their American friends speak of a world of imagination and change that I have created but am now trying to keep people out when they need it which is utter nonsense; the truth is that I own the Liabilities of the British currency and the Queen owns the Assets and stability, so if any of my structures thus created to foster trade relations with the US is ruined by any American idiot, the whole prognosis of the fact they speak a language I speak as well and can understand what people are saying to them so that being an American does not necessarily mean you have to be criminally disobedient will come into perspective again and the end product will be another case of the fact I actually do not need the help of the British government to take them down. Overall however it’s a matter of making sure equities I broker with firms all over the world is secure at the end of the day i.e. for instance German Car firms always tend to make lean reliable and fast cars, what is it that has now caused them to start making fat cars like the British – it’s not encroachment but equities brokered, it seems that they have to borrow from us to settle relationships where they have major trading partners and so on and so it’s never really an issue until an idiot in Germany wants to be a rich trouble maker of which there are social structures in Germany to prevent it unless that is the British become obsessed with the next persons I am supposed to have been scared of and then I will have to intervene – personally of which this habit they have of using me to make money then blaming me because I use myself too has got to stop, it is not going to continue for any much longer.

Naturally the whole business of the appearance I do not seem to work hard enough on security matters, which creates this outcome where people need to assist me as they believe I am not strong enough to handle certain issues, which is quite right, except each time they back onto the fact I am Royalty and it is probable what I think about doing is something I know how to tackle i.e. the only way that those who are stronger than I am and fear for my safety will have their own safety jeopardised by something I am doing will be when I am not working hard enough on it and this largely refers to criminality matters, such as young people and criminals chasing addiction and attacking people randomly to ensure they secure finances and market for it - same as smoke screen for criminality Media Journalists relentless and ever abiding disobedient practical jokes with peoples livelihood and finances, when they wish to interpret their civil rights as a process of extracting an income from the wealthy city centre without having to do any more work for it than has been imposed on them by force, it therefore usually gives way to the throwing peoples valuables to fat cats that they and the young people who follow them at popular culture work so hard to prepare themselves to do, that they believe absolutely everybody is taken by the stories they tell of work being imposed on them and of course at the heart of the supply of start up finances and mobility for such things is a bit too much of Politicians showing up in peoples lives.
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