The recent matter thing about media settling matters with armed forces in order to return to beat me up is where I had enough of this matter. The community idiots are always checking me out by provoking me so they can unleash their insolent wives that will defeat me through sex without reason or purpose and the businesses are always moving into any aspect of my life that ensures I live like a normal person because they want to have evil powers to get rich and I need to experience violence so they can concoct it, the rest are just looking for somebody that will take over those stupid Unions and run it for them, which is what I will do, so that I can make their lives hell in order to make them understand an attack on my business or my finances or my faith will carry grave consequences.

As for the beating me up part as it were, the issue seems to be that of people doing things to me I don’t want all the time top of the list being having sex on my business and my personal life. These days they claim the reason is that I confiscated the left which I am not giving back anyway so we can see the success of their greedy wickedness and its violent integration of which my privacy is first of all the right side of their country with that stupid media before they then move into it.

I have no idea what sortment of insults are those anyway and they will get seriously hurt before it gets any better. I cannot be clear enough they need to stop doing my own job with that stupid camera and more so never get off doing it to earn money that can be deployed to beat me up with which if it bloody happens will see me commit murder. Time and again I think it is not worth it to go around making sure they never use those stupid back stage media and stupid cameras to do my job in order to get rich, time and again it turns out they are a pain in my back side and things will never improve; so we also end up in a condition where they go all over the place training their stupid cameras on people embarrassingly so that when women think it is about me and tell them when next they see me tell me how much I love them it results in such intense abuse that it ends in dirty sex; this beat up thing will see me commit murder I swear it, I mean beat up whom exactly with such a big mouth? They are even settling issues with armed forces before they do as well.

All that east end west end rubbish that gets people all over the place does not perturb me at all. They are just a collection of fools that want the middle class lifestyle without working for the money they need to maintain it and so they think when they steal mine I will not be able to get it back, when Politicians lie for them each time they steal mine I will not be able to get it back, when the entire world lies for them each time they steal mine I will not be able to get it back, stealing mine is how to be successful. So we end up with such rubbish as telling them to stop reporting my job where I am the one making Politicians so happy when they are Politically immoral so that when they see the electorate the chances of getting it bearing in mind they want it so badly is virtually nil, they are the ones reporting it to get rich after which they will beat up; somebody will get seriously and severely hurt before it stops being so funny. I mean less than 12 hours after I do a job and they report it before I say something in Public then set about attacking my book sales to create the idea it is something they have themselves done to be famous they are threatening to beat up once they smooth things with the armed forces and we are not yet talking about taking up the control of my life and job which is why their ideas are always clashing with mine in Public making my book sales impossible while they get rich and famous changing what people believe about what I say all the time for the purpose. I have no idea maybe the next time beat up comes up I might commit murder. As for the stupid girls that control and manipulate me as well for their fame, I would never understand the process by which they cannot stay outside other peoples lives and really like the part where men have enemies so they can sell something to the highest bidder to get rich without work and it will never have a sense of discretion until it get seriously hurt as well. Maybe as it stands the problem is that I do not yet have a classification for the whites, the blacks are below whors currently so there is little problem coming from that direction.

Did I mention their biggest problem is a process where their regard of my market place is base and the self improvement is a process whereby I say something they already know and expect to sell them a product after my personal life has been public property for a decade supported from the US and all over Africa and so called developing economies (that develop without foundation as it were), where all I do to protect it is the usual thing that priests who are expected to live at the mercy of their generosity trying to sell to people things that God gave them to share with the world free of charge should do and for those of them that claim to be priests of that kind of course making out the big problem is that I had refused to be their son in the Lord and all these things always happen without my knowledge, just one of those things which happen and raise thereof questions about why I am not being successful as it were, looking for trouble; so their female idiots can vandalise my work to get them off to it while they do these things so their whors can get off serving me claiming criminals are the best men whatever on earth they know about it, which will carry on and end badly like it always does too. Nothing is as provocative however as telling me everything I had been doing all along was stolen and that saying such things is what I was supposed to do.
I hate it when the Politicians get involved with the business. Somebody will get up and let us know that predatory pricing is happening in the energy market for example but it is not exactly clear why he or she would let us know that anyway. The time frame at which after the higher prices have appeared on our bills and we are trying to cope just to get extra worries from being told such things and that of a process where they actually get to do something about it, is always enough for the energy companies to make their adjustments to ensure they are having as much profits as they used to have. The point of course being that it is assumed we consumers do not know at all that energy companies might make profits now and in the next quarter incur maintenance expenses which takes those profits away and that it is the idea behind the government wants us to run a company and supply energy from a company that feeds from hand to mouth which results in a corruptions that lead to predatory pricing, so why do they have to tell us. I forget I ask these questions because I clearly do not know they do because they plan on winning elections with it and by that time they will never be able to do anything about such policies which should never be up for electioneering because if they do it will be unlawful and having mentioned it energy companies will make adjustments in preparation for whatever they might do and how to make it useless. The point of course is that just like their fame freaks they want to be rich but do not want to realise that you cannot be without serving people. So if a company supplies my energy at 12 pounds a week and takes it up to 15 only to realise I am cutting out certain usage which results in a condition where I will not be paying him more, when they realise the stress they put me through and the chances of loosing me which is what market is supposed to do, set out to give me more free stuff and then maybe make up rules to ensure it is harder for me to leave; not trap somebody’s business and use things he does not make it work to make money without serving people because the person is inferior enough for such abuses; with the help of guess who?-The same politicians of course. It is because of this that things will keep getting more and more difficult for them until they leave alone the market and cannot wreck anybody’s life anymore. In the end the important thing is that they will be paying their fair share anyway and if they claim too much expenses they will go to prison.

So am I the man that will bring about women equality? Yes of course for those who have worked it all out as it were, what the purpose of my job is too by the way. they never take up the space for which women equality is relevant, no that is because they want to create it into my work to have money they don’t work for where it is completely irrelevant and this is always because others have taken up all the space for which women equality is relevant as it were. Don’t get the wrong idea, this is not what winds me up the most about them, what does is that they must always come round here to do things to me to create a condition where they bring their sex and have it on my life or property and there is never any stopping them because they have media until I do something to hurt them seriously maybe, which now that I have not means criminals are the best men-whatever they know about it.

Apparently I cannot look at a girl and say to myself such things as I really like that one, I will like to settle down with it, so I too intend to start with those stupid Unions too all together. It does not ever happen because somebody else has media and is always twisting my mind and punishing me with my own challenges too to ensure the mind twisting works. It seems I have not been absolutely clear enough about the consequences of people attacking my finances and my faith yet, so I will continue to emphasise it painfully.
Popular idea is that I am crashed and burned which I wonder how I tallies up with their complains anyway. I mean I have been completely detached from the Royal family and I do wonder all the time where all these is going and they never let up letting me know; that it is about having a leg up on me, getting more money than I have at my expense and then getting to own my personal life in order to be superior to me with their pretty face; thinking businesses are pushing me to an area where I am the kind of business people like to vandalise which is utter rubbish because the truth is that we have this thing where ugly people cannot leave me alone and beautiful people cannot leave me alone either-everybody is always telling me they are ugly when they are or they are beautiful when they are all the time and they get on media to worry me with it really intensely all the time as well; for the ugly people you also have the prostitution industry which those stupid violent community women seem to think they control but as far as I am aware there is always some connection with and so every idiot thinks I am sexually turned on when I see naked women or even prostitutes etc, so when people see that they think they will be able to make me into a prostitute and then just because they think that presume to have the right to touch my property when they like and talk rubbish on media about it, the expenses of doing so which they have never once paid and for the beautiful ones you can also have the sadists and the idiots who are really stupid and like to want to have access to what is most important to me to get my attention and I know they will ruin my life too; none of which has anything to do with them or indeed any stupid businesses.