So first I am still accused of the great old support for racism and that I think racism only starts and ends with the gang type racism. I really don’t in actual fact, I know racism is everywhere but the fact here is that over the last decade black people have stirred racism more than white people have done racism and so we end up with a condition where I was instrumental to the creation of racism and therefore cannot say things against it because I am in no position to. What we end up with is what has always been the problem, that every idiot wants to be leader instead; so now it appears my life hangs in the balance and black idiots are struggling with a sustainable statement on racism and want my opinion as well and it is for wanting my opinion as well that I get to destroy all they built up against it; which of course here explains why I do so. Other time it is the language I use like stupid black scumbags that is being reviewed but of course whenever any black person speaks to people, they still address people as though people are scum. I mean what is scum besides the thing that floats on water after you wash dirty things. So years ago I decided to settle the matter on being addressed and spoken to by black people as though I was scum and they were adding their own scum to it; so the issue was whether or not it is a bad thing and the answer they gave was that it was but because of the country they have to live that way and address others like they are scum who need more scum to be added to them and so I got about getting rid of it, while they travelled over seas to get more scum to address me like scum with and keep it going. I don’t want this scum on me and it does not show signs of getting better yet until it gets worse. It seems however that the process of addressing others like scum is a matter related to their means of telling those that do not matter to shut up or get lost when important people are speaking or getting attention; it is a wow situation of course but I want to do other things with myself, like go to church and pray without having scum hang over me, do my academic work and job on the same condition and of course write and sell my books as it is impossible to run a book selling company with scum all over you, without any scum on me. If that is not the way it is going to be then it should be seen that this is real trouble not racism. So it reaches out to the central issue of how I have the right to feel whenever their stupid girls cannot stop pushing insults at me and there is no end to telling them to cut it out as it were.

They say white women do it and I allow it to fly because they will tell me how to live my life but in actual fact what really happens is that this is the same old problem that got the white women to act in the first place; they can take my property and use it to fix their stupid problems then return to fix mine and retain it, so those that care about me always take my property without permission, use it and try to pay for it. they have even extended their problems in my name to the US where people have begun to realise it is easy to make up stories kill black people and invoke self defence laws, otherwise in the past every street will have its own racism because it is impossible for a black witch to understand you do not like being insulted violently by her because it is what she wants to do as a basic form of her stupid existence, as it were in the US in the past. So there are problems created and problems cropping up seriously.
Their strong point is always that I would never dare to say such things to their important selves in African culture but the African culture they speak of is another story entirely of course as it were, they only speak of it because their gay idiots will pick up on what they say and do their violent insults with it, that have much to do with injustices they have suffered in African cultures. Rubbish; what really happens is that the culture there recognises people who are fond of creating individuals that have no sense that money is something that comes from work for everybody else. So the mother was bad enough as it stands but she is determined to give birth to a child that is worse, in order to mastermind a Political criminal that ends up an armed robber that kills people to take their money; the result is that people see the system is corrupt and that they have very little chance ever but here are another group that have no sense that a job is what really brings money and so people have very little tolerance for it. sometimes you might educate a lot of people around you for example, I mean as in paying the school fees and all but there will be some that slip through and tell you that you cannot change what people are, so they will take their chances with the waste these idiots create and that is where you have real problems but they are not phased of course and only the government can bail you out but that will mean hardship for everybody including them and this is why people there are always poor as it were. The gay idiots will say it will never happen if society was more liberal but that is the old story we always hear; they expect that no body knows these idiots are never liberal towards the government because they fear them and worship their money and that no body knows why people are so intensely and deeply intolerant of them in African cultures. They love those stories I am the greatest force for reaction in the world but in actual fact they were foolish when they were younger i.e. that there is always another way that others could have done things they have been told to do, even when those are their parents and when they were teenagers they became immoral all together and their idiots still have no credible explanation even though they wish to get rid of the good and evil one and now that they are grown ups have added selfishness to that as well and claimed it is what religious people try to destroy; strength and freedom and it is not difficult to see then why people kill mothers so the babies do not get born etc, in these kinds of circumstances.

Here in the UK they have connections with people that do business and of course have mapped out my market place all the time with results that they have calculated what the outcome of any possible actions I might take really is. I don’t know why they think that is an issue for me but clearly its purpose is to create fear; however the bottom line of course is that it is not clear why anybody would think that somebody who popularises the evil side of society in order to make it impossible for people to make fame and fortune out of the good side, does not know what to do with people who have plotted every possible action he may take at his business to their advantage and a domination of him. In the end they have me all mapped out they say and I suppose it is really fabulous in their view; all I know is that it is a job and that I should guess is what matters to them as well, no body knows why they numskull activities continue but as it were it is the same old story about people who do not know anything about business, staying out of it and or training themselves at getting jobs in other peoples business without wrecking some body they have deemed is not worthy or regard to their existence, who is definitely going to have their Hyde as well for it.
I still see it in the same old way; if a business idea stirs inside of you, it is exactly the same thing as if a cause did and those who do not have that problem should not necessarily seek it or create a trend out of the fact somebody else has but it is the same old story is it not? Like when they wonder how I do what I do and I simply think it is a process of placing the best we have in the best possible conditions to aid our place in the world and our economy which I also suppose they can manage to perform too if they wanted and they will tell me it is an advocacy for elitism while it is simply the simple reaction of a leader to over-enslavement, so people can do their own for them as well.

So when it comes to racial violence for example, do those who ask me to be definitive about where I stand think that it is okay for there to be a condition where unless I promise to do blood thirsty violence so girls can feel safe, think that it is okay for people to feel they do not have to achieve minimum standard for anything they set out to be or do because they can have it through civil rights? It is the condition by which some people for another to tell them they are free to carry out some violence. In the end the truth they do not like so much is that they want to have conversations with me about or get it out of me by provocation, their own version of racism and I have no idea who is playing any games with their insolence around here anyway or wants to have such stupid conversations with them.

It is not that I do not care when people cannot let other be unless they destroy their lives and property and end up being the ones that have it at the other end. It’s just that the social morality issue is more important. The pinnacle is meant to have been the state of affairs where they tell me due to the fact I have ignored them and been persecuted from any appearance I make in public being a means for them to get rich, to my academic work and then my job and then of course God help me if I have any business as such, that I have mentioned something about a property of mine which makes a connection between me and their millions in their bank accounts and of course I am not having any of it. People might be famous in the real world but never them in my books, it must never be.

I mean I know what it feels like if I am unable to go around preaching the gospel for example, so if I have to look after people who have ideas for business while these fools do these things they do, it is easy to understand why I find it difficult to tolerate them. “Who is this bag of shit that has no respect for me and establishes connection between him and my cultural elitism abuse and insolence based theft money in the bank” – it happens when they have reached the fucking pinnacle and never will here.

I want my gospel stuff all over their heads, it happens as a result of their insults and the notion they can use for my work for whatever they please. Especially to get rich due to first of all the claim criminals are the best men and then the claims there are men who serve them, bigger than I am and will have me beaten up. Their sexual domination and craziness for money over my head will not be tolerated and as it continues I will handle them again, yet again. So in retrospect there is nothing that worries me about claims I am friend of whors to create violent scandals - there is already no love lost currently.