When I talk to UK Politicians and games they play about getting out of Europe to install an American system in the UK. With respect to the fact they speak of the right to go around sacrificing peoples in order to show what will happen if people dare to play around with the economy and the fact they have done none of that to show that it is operable on the basis of their own choice and person yet, ever since the recession took hold of the economy 4 years ago, even when they are loosing businesses, they have done nothing to show leadership as it were. They tell me that I speak to MPs in the wrong fashion which is not true; the truth is that they are always setting out programes by which it will be required of them to sacrifice people and then they can wonder why they need to sacrifice many when they can one big one which is me and it will never stop either. I mean with respect to getting out of the EU anyway: the backbone of industry in this country is regulated by the EU and that is the side that concerns the EU, the side which concerns us is that our role in balancing the world between main land Europe and Political Europe is indispensable to EU affairs. So exactly which one are they talking about getting out of when they talk about getting out of things and bringing new ones in for which the big one is to be sacrificed. I do not think much about it just like their media and Pop music friends, these are simply a collection of very wicked people and nothing more-their smiles I am still waiting to be deceived by anyway. And those claims about how much trouble they get into is another story entirely because if I were to go by facts I need to work with, then I should see the longer I leave this process of crushing this problem with older men totally which will never affect my book sales even if the economy of the world is burned up in the process, the more they will entangle themselves with every useful part of everybody’s life before they turn up to wreck mine after provoking me without reason. So the longer I leave it the more cash strapped I become and the more cash they have to spend but if I act on it, then it is the whole process of taking apart my business to earn my income with their stupid products that will be settled and the process of stifling the lives of any customers I have or may nearly have too and the result will be that they will wreck my business and I will wreck theirs and the economy will suffer dearly for it. However on one hand it turns out the way it has played out is not such a great loss to me as such thus I do not act on this prognosis and they damage me as much as they like while I make sure their finances continue to remain at a level that I can take down whenever I want, especially bearing in mind even Pop stars are singing rubbish about me and making me live in a certain way to ensure sales stay up as well and the end product is that all the money they have with that fame life that is different from their real life rubbish is in some way supported from Public funds and which then does so much for the economy too as a whole. They speak of leading me and all they have done for their own businesses and desires to get rich since last the recession made business issues popular is get in touch with Politicians who give us nothing but veto and self exclusion from European decisions and many such other choices, get on the media 24/7 and spend most of their time with Popular music singers. They couldn’t lead a rat and if they sacrifice me will feel me as well bearing in mind it is not a new story and I can always do the me v political immorality so corruption does not take up a life of its own thing but that is a matter too of what it will cost them as they always already know.
They say it is about scaring me. I have made it clear I don’t find it funny anymore and if they want to know what I am scared of they ought to know I am scared of failure. Failure to ensure that when those idiots at the under belly of those celebrity cultures get around killing people they are the biggest losers so they might not want to, speaking of which those their stupid insolent girls I have no idea when they will get them off me to do what they can.

As for the media and the process of super injunctions I am supposed to help people with. I wonder what they expect me to do about a process where the most nasty media goons get around with the most nasty fame freaks. The only reason I am crazy about the media is that I hate it. These are a group of idiots that hurt people because others know them for their egos (and I am talking about Mr A is said to have done something to harm me and I do nothing to find out the facts because Mr A is responsible, he should have known people know me for my ego and what I do about such things); nothing can get me to like them and this is just as aspect of the way the UK works which they do not seem to understand. Next which they have links to people in government departments and so on and those should be telling them things too in my view as it were. Of course the media issue was never a big one; the real matter behind it is that they have been teaching me a lesson for trying to get my academic work done in order to close that gap and make sure they never peddle me to get rich, by wrecking my academic work, then get into Universities and pass the exams just to return to do celebrity culture and leave me to pick up the pieces and so I had decided they need to deploy the degrees for professional reasons whether they like it or not and it is for this reason I will rip that celebrity culture to pieces as well. so now they want to be celebrities and I want to get on with my work (an equity and securities broker not the kind of fame everybody wants to have) and we understand each other perfectly.