Now I understand people want to make the Police look bad in the eyes of the Public, we hear it all the way to shifty idiots with ideas for business and the Free spirit of the Roma communities etc but it is nice to see that despite the fact their methods of making other people live an entire life of distress, there are others whose very existence makes them uncomfortable, shifty ideas for business and moving into the right hand in order to ensure there is access to my personal life in a social sense with a completely twisted idea of what is wrong and what is not. The reality is that it does not actually help anybody; most parents that live in crime ridden areas of the Country think their children are dangerous and I have no idea what self seeking idiots are doing asking them questions about it or what they think will aid people from a process of setting out criteria by which to mark down the work of the Police – I wonder if they expect these parents to tell people the Police are doing the right thing, knowing that if they have dangerous children they could be murdered and I have no idea what monumental idiots would think such activities are a game because of course this is the only point at which anybody can mark down the actions and job of the Police as unsatisfactory. Its like the old story of why I never put most of my activities into a commercial parameter, yet they do not even know what it is about in the first place anyway. They are completely unaware it is about generational reprogramming because these evil children do grow up to have their own children and these wheels must be turned. So they think marking down the job of the police is sort of fun and brings attention.

They speak of things I say which amount to social engineering of course, of which there is none such around here; only the fact as I have mentioned previously that you can make laws on the basis of what is right or you can make laws on the basis of giving people what they want – if you do on the basis of what is right, then you will have to agree with religious people and if not then you will have to assume you can deploy government office to move your stupid life and business into people’s personal lives to mess things up there. In the end nobody wants to be stabbed and nobody wants to be shot and nobody wants to be beaten up and anybody who proposes or does these things must be made to answer for themselves as it is never really that cheap.

The story about china is very well understood but I have no idea what they expect from me either; I know china got involved with UK Diplomacy and they decided to deploy the opportunity to chase some economic activities and the result of it has been the second biggest economy in the world that now has to worry about the Politics because scum like them exist and I will be made to become a Child again in order that they might experience the active side of my existence to move into my personal life in a social way with which is the only thing that will satisfy their uncared needs and ensure they are able to exist with that big mouth. It is never true that I am worried about them; they are simply a group of people who cannot settle their problems with you because they prefer to send in the cultures and communities to do it instead and so you have people garb over me in the most evil way imaginable and give you sleepless nights thereof on account some idiots has an opinion about what your use to them ought to be due to the fact they want a desire satisfied and a need met. It gets worse of course because these societies and communities turn up all the time around matters that really don’t exist, problems and issues you do not have with them and turn up so for pleasure and so on to gloat over your body and wish to see it suffer etc and I have asked if it is possible for me to get to an office and to do a job and carry out a means without having to deal with the powers of their culture or evils of their society especially when and if I work beside them or alongside them and nothing yet has changed about their behaviour and it will lead to a process where I rip it up for them as well. They always say the nonentity it is a matter of how they want their country to be; could never shut it and get off my books as it were.

For the last 24 hours it seems they have been dying to know what I think about the matter of Cyclists being killed on the roads and are even having a debate about it with people too and I am not talking about what my people want to know about it here either, that would have created a completely different matter all together. The cyclists thereof whose fault it is that they get killed on the roads when we all know that the biggest bullies we have in this country are motorists, who can be perfectly normal people when they are not in their cars but once they are in it the power to cause people mortal harm which is the last thing you should think of doing with your car makes them into an animal. I mean there are cycling lanes all over the roads in the country and the fact they are not on all the roads means cyclists get in and out of other lanes but people continue to complain about being interrupted, it gets even worse when it is given careful thought since only a monumental idiot would drive through the city centre at 30 miles an Hour, otherwise we are supposed to imagine those who kill cyclists made a mistake on account there was a gap between them and the next car that needed to be covered at 50 miles an Hour but it gets even better when the realities are taken into consideration – the realities of the fact that even when you are a pedestrian that has nothing to do with the main roads, you are still being bullied by motorists who complain to the authorities that more rules make nervous drivers which equal bad driving and at the same time are convinced that life itself is all about making people who are not in secure wheeled metal boxes like they are nervous on the roads, the Bus drivers that drive slowest and safest being the most notorious offenders however which there is a pack mentality going on all together where the bus drivers make you nervous endlessly on account when they see you they are so annoyed they feel like fingering your bum to make you hotter and more active and when you have enough of your tummy and chest being a plaything they all seem to gang up and show you what your stuff looks like and it is  not as I do experiment sometimes, a matter of straight roads where the traffic seems to go on and on and a lot of the cars can see what is happening on the curbs, we are talking about curved roads and a condition were about two cars in front and two cars at the back at any given time would have seen you disapprove your treatment by a motorist, yet each one that comes by that corner senses at atmosphere and decides to attack whomsoever is responsible for offending a motorist and be part of what is happening to show you what your stuff looks like and here we are yet talking about what they want to hear me say about the deaths of cyclists on our roads, its incredible. I mean how do you in about 10 seconds of waiting by the traffic light tap into the inspiration of my life to power your life with and drive away with great changes that you have paid for out of your own extensive goodness for example – I could never work out how anybody would on first instance of meeting a person create such a high level of lasting perception for feed their stupidities and greed with in such a short period of time but neither do I have to look far beyond to see the reasons which are a sustain system of social and culturally and community organised systematic and sustained abuse of those who are not on the roads with cars. They feel perpetually that it should always be a market place where the bullies make the most money and sell the most wares and that it should mean competition that they are evil twisted fools with ideas for business that have to do with other peoples personal lives.

I mean I have mentioned before with respect to the Bus drivers that we will degenerate into a condition where I have an organised means of public expression of hatred for Bus drivers which the Politicians will be well informed about at Westminster too but it does not seem to have struck a cord with them and my personal favourite of these abuses continue i.e. telling me how quickly I am supposed to walk past the traffic lights which will then please them. The blacks think they are invincible of course like the story of how I have taken out a collection of years to hound Mr Blairs work until I completely destroyed it, their Labour Party speaks of how I boast of changing their culture and society which provokes them into doing these things and makes them more temperamental but of course apart from that we would soon have been discussing the part where I don’t know what people are saying to me which is the most favourite excuse when it comes to the idea their stupid cultures will be restored when and if I am unemployed for long enough with that golliwog mouth. The part where I don’t know what people are saying to me of course would have referred to what some people do when they want to tell me that showing the good in the world and the good sides of me will only create more problems that I cannot handle in that environment, it is a very different thing from either Mr Blairs activities that had to do with the need to use my faith to make himself into a great world orator which is clearly what I don’t want my personal faith to be used for but does not matter to him and so when he left office I simply felt it was something I was free of never to put up with from then on but he was a lot more serious than I thought he was and I have ignored him and plodded on until it undid itself. The part about their societies and communities and cultures being that I had lived comfortably in this country with the idea the only relationship you can have with them is a violent and homosexual one, I had lived with the fact that I have been or must look like I have been abused and will like to tell somebody about it but they are not interested and so should everybody else not be if they want to have jobs or earn money etc but they have since wanted a piece of me and as I have mentioned on other occasions continued with the insults of their women to think they will determine what my life is using lies and rumours that overwhelm what other people see about me as a result of abuse that comes from it and a fear of them, so it has also developed into a matter of allowing them take stock to assess how long it took them to get past things like Police racism in order to settle into the UK to create black communities where they are always conspiring to do something to harm me in a condition where they think those black communities belong to them and I can never determine what happens in it when I am a black as they are – only making a fact clear so they can understand they will need to invent a new name for my actions if I get to do it as well, since black on black racism to complicate things around here will never work with me; they complain and tell their tall tales all the time because they think I will or can be made to go back on what I have done and it is completely delusional.

The part where what they do is about the Common Wealth is very well understood; all I am saying to that effect is that I have done enough yet I think to express my intolerance of peoples freedom and capitalism around here and they can take it or leave it otherwise carry on and find out. My head and tummy and chest is not their plaything and bad company getting involved with me whether I like it or not like we were mates is looking for its own down payment as well. I understand it is suggested I make contributions to the needs to these trouble makers by actually doing the cowardly thing of talking about it but of course the real issue is that the Politicians say it is their civil rights that they do these things, when I look at the Bible however the reasons is witchcraft and this civil rights story therefore is the only reason I am not out there circulating pamphlets about witcraft in the UK and how we can live with it for example which has created this idea I make contrutions to their needs. I mean people say it is civil rights that causes others to abuse a person every second and I am not exaggerating when I say every second – I do wonder where they get the energy, I mean the House wives I can understand but the rest must be a matter of tapping into my health or even my youth because they do not actually have that level of energy by themselves I should say and the purpose is to ensure that their men can scare me and threaten me and have me beaten up so they can have evil ideas for business that has to do with my personal life. It was not a problem when I first arrived in the UK, it started to become a problem when Blair came along and decided he wanted to run a spin doctor government to progress these activities and a spin doctor government like that was always something people needed to be wary of, only that in the UK they were not and we are not talking about a spin doctor or two in the employment of the government, we are talking about a spin doctor government in its own right here; so 10% of government time, funds and activity is spent on persecuting a Christian who lives in East London and then it develops to more than that, 20% and then 30% and then 40% and then 50%, all the time telling lies about whose stuff looked in which way and who has altered what and who has stolen which culture and who has dampened Political confidence and it rises 60% and then 70% and then 90% and then 90% and they are still unable to stop the Christian or keep him unemployed for long, so the question becomes what they must now do to solve the problem of their inability to show they have persecuted a Christian and won and I mention something about people voting something else and people respond with the idea that it must never be said that one persons need determined how they voted which is entirely incredible but they say they don’t believe in religion and they are now apparently so much better off for it too as it were. It is apparently incredibly easy to industrialise the persecution of a Christian on account they want to make money at his expense and deploy it to seek lifestyle in return for giving him his right to practice his faith later on as the twisted goons we all know they are; the problem we have these days apparently is how they have no wish to pay for the part that has to do with a sale item they have damaged and a career they have damaged and aptitudes concerned with personal life which they have damaged because paying for those would damage their socialism first of all and then ensure all of it made no sense whatsoever later on.