The States that went through the Arab Spring have become increasingly insecure Politically they say – this is not exactly true either: the reality is the same as ever, the fact that people cannot fit in and be successful in a Polity is not the fundamental responsibility of others or indeed other peoples responsibility in any other lighter sense; you simply cannot go off and grab the state of affairs in the US then throw it over a Country without the violence with which to enforce it and expect to come off unscathed: in Libya this is what Gaddafi did for himself and his own state of affairs – after his removal the real Libya surfaced and the Khalid figures became more important, so the society has got to develop and the culture has got to develop and laws have got to be made; even in the US when you have devised the perfect financial crime to commit against other people and target specific victims with it so that you might make away every single day, if it then degenerated into first degree murder the state will met retribution with capital punishment as well – so it’s all very well for the US Politicians to speak of freedom of capitalism wantonly, they take a lot more seriously the security of their societies. So the question is where the Libyan one is, The question is where the Egyptian one is etc, the continued failure of governments there is the result of people trying to push through these kinds of governance and I myself do not in any way believe it to be a crisis – it’s a job for job question, and not something people should treat as matters happening over there; if there is a problem, dealing with it is a job and the results speak for the means.

It is not a fun game, about which an idiot can be seen exhibiting herself 24/7 and making time to go home and rest when done with her desire for money on other people’s lives while their stupidities live on after her in media and the victim cannot – it is not a fun game thing where the biggest gain is the way I react and how to ignore me and spend time with their friends and throw parties and be loud and happy, they need to get out of my business and move on and as for the part where I do not recognise how increasingly violent Islamic misogyny is towards me however, the reality is that it is the media that claims we are all like that all the time that is to solve the problem: I can make available facts when they are lacking but they are doing it while I hold down the bad guys because we all know that is what they say back here in the UK – they want to live in a Country where people can fulfil their full potential and every window into support and success offered them at your expense leads to the same result of a need to make money with a condition where you fail at what you do so they can be loud and make fun of you and ignore what you say and pay attention to their friends and make more friends and generally show that greed and wickedness paying off so they might never have to work for money is best. So in the same way they are all over the Middle East and talk nonsense all the time while everybody else knows that if a Muslim was as introverted or obsessed with privacy as I am he or she would have been a completely different individual – but rather prefer they are all like that because in their minds I have been detached from being the owner of a literary empire and I have been detached from the Company Global Empire business emporium and they are doing it around my book sales and I  have been cast as a lost goon seeking to make do with community goons and it is only recently they have settled up on the matter of popular culture celebrities I make assumptions about on account I am angry little girls have done better than I have in life. Their own looks like that and must never be given these illegal opportunities to be altered - I am mentioning the matter because I believe we have as a planet seen enough of the bloodshed: it is not that much of a fun game carried out by those who have found a way of making money off your honesty so that they might.