The question now is that of something violent about me, of which the answer is that of a case of Royalty tyrant and the great democracy people clash coming up and facts around how it unfolds; whereby the idiots feel like getting on public places to groom me for financially and then touch me all the time and we have now reached a point where I need to ensure they feel like it all the time too as it were. I mean it does imply you cannot even look after female friends which means having a wife will be impossible and they will readily mention such nonsense as shaft British partnership that is operable in the US currently – about which they are doing very well and I believe I have made myself clear as well; I mean when they ran the filthiest elections in American history full of croons with a need to clean their filth on a British Prince it was about historic oppressions that needed to be corrected now they think they have forged a history with me in which I am comfortable with a condition where every little twerp can spend my possessions as he likes and have started talking nonsense about a shaft British partnership they have going on. I mean the advice here is a simple one about the fact I write and sell books on private equity intellectual property administration and own a global intellectual property space – with a Royal office that should mean any idiot can see I would find it easy to run a small country single handed but they have decided their insults have to be the way we proceed and this is just the time when their cup is full on those stupid threats and violent touching as well. So this is what is violent about me; I mean they do say top government people never even knew a financial crisis was on the horizon but I did and prepared for it; which isn’t strictly true – the crisis was beginning to show its face as far back as 2002, Industries were beginning to play the good old let’s find a safe haven and hide and seek with those who have the talents thing and it was immediately followed by another game of grab one of them and torture their secretes out of them to get rich with, which did indicate something was terribly wrong and people were finding facts about things that do not concern or belong to them. It’s just the bit about the part people played to make the crisis into what it is that I feel has to be punished otherwise it will happen yet again and they will feel it needs to be that way – I am referring to such occasions that did occur as stock market people chasing me around and asking me to join them or give them some equity, immediately followed by another group talking nonsense about how they will confiscate all my equity and then use everything to make themselves rich and drive the economy into a crash that will be blamed on me and made to hit me hardest unless I co-operate with their needs, hence the part people played in a physical way to make the crisis what it was. I don’t think it is a problem it’s just a case of the fact you spend all your teenage years to put these fools under control at least in your personal life and then when you get out there politicians become entirely obsessed with the needs of a filthy bastard who thinks himself a apolitical freak and needs you to be dominated by people with a need for power first before you are allowed to do your academic work while you have bills to pay, enforced against you from the highest possible levels of Political government; so now they have problems and like to explain their actions away as something they did because they wanted me to share my personal life with them in a condition where they will be superior to me in order to build political trust and it makes it so tough to tell if it is these excuses or the insults that are most infuriating. I mean what these fools understand as economy is when they are out there making sure millionaires lose all their millions and the reasons for that being that these rich people then end up with poor people and share their secretes so that everybody can get together and get rich at once and we all know they will destroy everything to create and look after small local business in communities that are not making any progress but serve their purpose when they want to look over the shoulders of women and children and hence the second millions that are a factor of recovery using your wealth of experience lost yet again and from which you will never recover now that they know you so well and so on, so it makes sense to spend tax payer funds on their need for popularity to talk nonsense about the future of Politics which is clearly now lost so we can see what will come of it with all that provocation I had to deal with. In essence their understand of a living existence is when they have problems and mark people out to take it out on then make excuses and run Political campaigns of hate to cover their tracks; it’s all civil rights fraud and enforced on me while I have to pay my bills by Politicians because they want to see what I can do to hurt them as well, not because there is no respect or privilege they expected as far as I am concerned. The reality is that they do these things because they are evil – in my case there was a time I used to enjoy my work around the gospel shining my gospel light in their eyes endlessly so to speak and so they had their revenge planned and Politicians were happy to chase the trappings of power and that is what happened – that stupid future is now lost as well so we can find out what it is they can live up to considering that their big mouth and we are not talking about the civil service yet, that is supposed to have been the citadel of blame culture where you are made to run three jobs, one as a result of being on benefits too long what you have done to plan a pension and the other the requirements for your entitlements while the third is the job seeking, time and again you glace behind you they laugh their head off each time you turn up at the job centre – then we see them pin the problems of the NHS on me as well; I mean these idiots only need see a privilege and all hell had broken lose right up to strikes in order to have a feeling of it and that is when a government is good, otherwise it goes haywire when it is bad; reality can be measured with such things as Blair being elected for his third term being so confident in their stupidities he gets to boast about being elected with a reduced majority; these idiots no longer change governments with their votes if they can spend it to give them a little tap for being bad in the past. I intend to ensure they really feel like touching me since we can never be free from it; I mean the bone of contention is this history where their bunny boy blockheads are confident that they can send as much of my property equity and Royal Equity and possessions as they like – I mean who told them to make videos and advertisement of Justin Bieber addressing me for example? It’s that old story when they can simply rummage through my personal life and zing me up and bring their twerps in here to sit around making nice little earner millions with my purse and now it has come right down to the threats of democratic people as well and is getting serious, same old cannot keep off my books story and it is the same case all round; 20 year old business women gets closer to me for security and it is not enough, they do that all the time with those their wives who are practically the same size as them and everybody else is therefore crass, peoples world revolves around them and their media, here at the authority of Politicians to enforce the reality that 80% of businesses die away during their first three years. There is no vulnerability attached to saying anything I say, I need to keep my equities with the industries and run a company that is designed to look after the small businesses that supply the goods and services the big ones need and so in order to ensure these fools feel like touching me all the time, I want to replace them right up to the restaurants in which Celebrities dine and so on; I mean they have not yet cleaned up their mess that was terrorism and the behaviour continues still where money means something only to them and the assistant kills the celebrity and she chases your anus and penis all the time because she is making millions cooking for celebrities and it goes on and on and on without rest, then there is my personal favourite whereby the white house will let them play big stick role.

I understand the tale of something sad about me which makes no sense whatsoever – I mean I have very good friends and my government work is in a much more than generally acceptable condition. So what they must be referring to is the cynicism of young men about my age and their need to be famous with it, the part where over 95% of young people bully others in very nasty ways as a basic form of existence and need to stop threatening me and more so with their stupid media as well. It has never been a problem, only that case of the need to breathe and be like a normal person by making people listen to what you don’t want them to do with your possessions, the same products about which they are cynical and nobody really can tell if they expect you to turn them into customers when you have the time for it and not when you are being made to lose your temper, each time they express their stupidities, think it is amusing and set up a nice little earner around your work and talk nonsense about how they feel you should have done it in the most violent way that they are convinced makes them feel and look like men – it is a story about how Royalty tyrant clashes with democracy freaks, a matter of how it starts. It is how this whole need they have to see you naked comes about – the means by which fingering your bum slows you down so they can catch up and be equals, save their jobs and families and friends somewhere safe to enjoy life with and so the crucial part is where they need to stop threatening me lest it does blow up as well. I mean we see them at relationships and sometimes think they do what they do because they need to be men, ensure when they are in relationships they can keep those they relate with to themselves and ensure they have a workable one but I am sure they can hurt people a lot less and care a lot more. I mean I can sit down here and list them all including the bit about how I have the luxury of hurting people less and caring more because of how I was raised hence they fizzle my entire career and business with their stupid media into that and try to get somebody to raise them the way I was to create equality every single time they are seen in public and I have had enough of it. Yet again the story leads to terrorism and the fact I am a drop out: the reality in terms of terrorism being the great and same case about their women and children having somebody to dominate when you mention the part about the fact that before Christianity people could be gay when beaten but after there was no direction in which people could go anymore but when asked to live in that way as a personal choice it becomes something they have no plans to deal with on their own but in terms of the drop out thing of which nobody asked them, the old case is largely a matter of the work the Monarchy does with people which then makes it irrelevant as it were and in my case I will have to deal with the black idiots they set out to stalk me at academic institutions seeking equality again and I will definitely not shut it down and set out those who were responsible for that outcome having been they are the ones paying the fucking fees. I understand it is something to do with sacrificing me to save members of the Royal family and as the case may apply here Prince Harry but he has been spending most of his time on the kind of respect men deserve and for it I have lost all respect for him for my part as well and find it impossible to work out how the insults of his aides will change that and as for the Politicians, they find their own idiots of that kind and unleash them on my academic work then complain they are making such friends at the same time and it comes down to the same old case of making sure they don’t spend my own anymore.

Now I understand they all want to explore my tolerance all the time but I have no idea what their problem with it really is anyway; it is not for their use and I think they understand that too, considering we never see them put their career on the line to chase tolerance issues. I don’t have a problem with it either, its bullying and that is what bullies do, they bully; it is ever so filthy and disgusting and out of this world and generally never as God had intended. As for the part about being bullied by Politicians, it is the insult of spending the career of a writer on themselves taken to another level all together – the first phase is what has led to this story about my tolerance i.e. spending tax payer funds to round me up like an animal and wreck my finances because I am a Christian and journalistic idiots need somebody to bully as well in order to secure a break from problems, now it’s about the civil service and draconian rules being made while I really have no concept of how many of them there are until the stage is reached where the Prime Minister can raise a finger to cut off my benefits after wrecking my finances which of course is the part I will do nothing about. I am only thinking they have not given consideration to facts about what the cost of that will be and right now the realities point towards two directions – one of them being that if David Cameron was not Prime Minister he will cut off nothing the other being that if he had none of those business idiots he confiscates people’s property for with public office and hence cuts of benefits of those whose property Equity he cannot spend then he will cut off nothing and they understand I am prepared for either outcomes and therefore think they are bluffing. They do say I created history with them when they are not my mates; after their stupid daughters attack my income every time to get rich and famous claiming I steal pocket money from their part of industry and their male ones will show me what they are made of when they are done with University for brokering equities – I mean the question now is that of how I would have found my way through to it if it weren’t mine, it’s not as if I am an activist that can get corrupt with certain social issues, or a Politician that can do worse, I am just an ordinary person, so if it were not mine, how did I find my way through to it? Point being the next time I do I will rip up everybody else’s own along the way and they do say I cannot when I am on benefits but I don’t need benefits to go to Westminster and target those whose pride and joy I want to completely destroy as well as it were. They know where their lives are, where their homes are, where their families are, where the possessions of their own families and extended families are and are not as stupid as they would have people think they are and I own a Literary Empire they claim does not exist unless they recognise it looking for trouble. I have never thought the Politicians were a problem for me, the challenge here is getting people to rebuild the economy – they are angry about the financial crisis and will not do it, so I have to give them a replacement and get them to buy the books, if these noise makers can solve this problem I will take my hat off to them but they do need to stop threatening me. I have my property equity of which at this stage I own over 60% of what exists worldwide and during the economic crisis over 80% because all these fools could rely on at the time was the savings they made from their plunder in order to steal markets and pile things high that they can sell cheap and these are the two ways we make money and to confiscate mine is something the devil would have dreamt up, which is why I want these Political idiots to feel like touching me all the time as well. We do hear that if I mentioned reality around what belongs to the family and extended family of the Politicians and what does not a long time ago these issues would have been long resolved but that is how it looks not how it plays out in the real world; Politics is the way to make a living while we confiscate anything you do without Politics and seek ownership of your personal life was begging for it and has got what it sought so vigorously and yes they do say I never really answer the question of whether or not I am an extremist of which there is no such question to answer having to deal with insults that have now reached a stage where I am no longer more important than those I used to be more important than before it started and is running now along the lines of the confiscating of a Literary empire and its markets and then we hear them speak of how I do not realise most people do put up with the same treatment but do not react the way I do which is where they are wrong; I don’t care what people get up to or what happens to them as a result of insulting and abusing this half priest Royalty and none of the outcomes is my fault, the endless shame. We do hear it all sounds as though the white race is under threat; utter nonsense of course because what is really happening is that they took a decade out of somebody’s time because they had spotted similar potential as his in the past and because he is not as superior as they are nobody will care what they do to him – the result being that they had decided to take away the stages of earnings around a business as it grows while they cut him off from any other alternative livelihood if the business causes him so much trouble; now the business is an empire while they control the market systems because the existence of money is synonymous with the existence of their stupid white selves and the owner will let them have that somewhere in hell; I mean there are certain realities in it that is always enough to make an animal out of a normal person, like an insulting Politicians wants to deploy contents of your books to sell things to rich people in the city centre and it only works if he ensures the books are never sold and shares the contents with others as well to look generous and democratic but my party piece is this part about stifling the income by spending tax payer funds to round up the business Nationally as it continues to grow, so as to reach this point where the markets of an empire is in the hands of those who don’t own it and a stampede by fans of the owner could kill him because he is famous without security taking the whole case of the best parts of your life being the biggest problem that ends up killing you to a whole new level. They would rather claim I tell tales about my fortunes and blame others for it but that is never true as the tales I tell are designed to ensure their stupid children really feel like making those violent alliances with militant socialists that will bully those that don’t let them deploy possessions to make fame and fortune – now they know every time they touch any aspect of my company these militant socialists will show up where they are trying to work or make that stupid money and yes I hear it had already been done when King George invented the New Year Honours system, that is not what I am talking about, I am talking about the responsibilities of a half Priest Royalty that is the biggest source of complain we hear from them while they have no plans to keep their insults where it will be appreciated – I mean they could be better people, it is the highest levels of government after all. There is as such no war on free speech around here either; the reality is journalists on one hand and me on the other and the only thing between us is financial bullying and abusive name calling they orchestrate, so that when they create those complains of a war on free speech it creates such an atmosphere of wonderment and then all they do will develop around power and not letting people breathe – all I am saying is that what I do to them when I know what their names and faces looks like but cannot make them stop this behaviour, so that each time I mention it they reply with a beat that statement, does not constitute a matter of free speech. I hear there are reasons they target me of course and it is the same as the reasons the Politicians do – nice little extra earnings in a condition where they are inflicting suffering on others; for the Politicians they want to sell goods and services to rich people in the city centre and having my books, sharing the contents thereafter when they are finished with the markets in order to look generous and making sure they are never sold is how they will do that, while these journalists mainly do it around living in affluent neighbourhoods and having trouble believing somebody else is physically more glorious than they are. They speak of how I have taken over the careers of media bosses of course which isn’t true; what is true is that they use their position to savage my career as a means of making connections with statesmen and celebrities and after they had made the money from doing that turned up to bottom out my finances and get on their day jobs to enforce my cash flow crisis they created bemusing themselves on their newly acquired power; what I have done with that too is catalogue every activity media bosses are getting up to and now I am beginning to reap the benefits of that too and they do say I attack them while they serve me which is utter nonsense as what happens is that I make them fix areas of my work that they damage while I supervise and each time they do find themselves at the other end realising that is what I made them do, which is how they resort to direct destruction which has in turn created this conversation, just like the Politicians and their journalists will speak of confiscating that my personal life to enjoy their money with when the issues are raised – then complain about the responsibilities of a half priest Royalty being a problem. It had to be taken away from them at some stage and that is what I have done; so that in terms of the popular culture goons, we are talking about two main areas i.e. one concerning small businesses in the city allied to me who are challenged by stock market trouble makers for example who are complaining about the decimation of their world and how it will not be forgiven, so those have children that get off to make a music video to deal with that and as soon as they do some issue with me will have been invented and a fool whose name is written on money made and abusive music CD around me as well to make friends with the great and the good that are being insulted – the other one that brings on the problem is the part where they believe they can do whatever they like with diplomatic aspects of my office because that is how to sell the most music CDs and do things like breaking America and so on and so I let that run for a while and when the time is right pop the question of whether they are doing it around the business interests of their own business goons who may have interests in Countries that do not necessarily have favourable relations with the UK and then the responsibilities of a half priest Royalty becomes a source of complain yet again.

They say what I say encourages people to attack and harm journalists and more so more than ever before but that is what they say, what reality is, is entirely different i.e. people attack journalists because they are the most notorious of all the professional groups for attacking people without reason but only just to be powerful by making sure others are not content with what they have the way journalist are with their own. So the part that does not make sense becomes the reality of the female ones spending all of their time fighting bullying instead especially violence against women and then it all comes together and makes so much sense i.e. that these things are done by the male population of journalists because they are very twisted and evil people who come from very twisted and evil parents which is where the story of people doing peoples stuff comes from i.e. these parents are the bullies that the female journalists are fighting with all their time in the first place and the most violent croon in your neighbourhood is always either going to be a fan or the parent of a twisted evil bastard that shows up on your television to suffocate you every day. So that case of what I do being the reason terrorists kill hostages and journalists is a matter for intelligent debate. They will say this is how they get to fight for my civil rights and it will take us right back to where we started all along when they say that; the bit where if I said something about where the possessions of politicians and their families and extended families are, it would have resolved many issues dead and buried. I hear I am one of the biggest sellers of Monarchy but whilst the Monarchy does support my activities, it is not how I would want to put it – it’s a matter of the fact the UK is a country that is driven and propelled more by its cultural side than it is by its Political side, so that it’s all very well doing things in a brand new power sharing way but we are not so sure that will not disrupt customer service at the super market tills and ensure such a large population of people are fundamentally unhappy on a daily basis. It’s the issue behind Scottish Nationalism, where most Scots are actually comfortable with go home Scots Westminster does not want to take care of you rhetoric but the present situation as it stands being that a collection of idiots have taken up and corrupted the devolution itself that resulted from their need to run their own affairs and are now talking nonsense about inevitability of independence, which is creating so much anger at present while they pretend to have achieved much. It’s the confusion that beats people it seems all the time i.e. that it is people on the right hand side that fight immigration and people on the left that support it which truth is the reverse since I am on the left and am happy about immigration but concerned the locals will not be able to cope with that levels of enlightenment all at once. As for the part where Britain being propelled by its Political side is a factor of changes due to my actions and behaviour, there is no shred of truth to it – I am neither American nor African and the insults will have to stop at some point, people will decide what that point is not me. It is not that I am concerned about there be said to be something violent about me; it’s just that I have to plans to let anybody’s ideas about what I should be doing with myself because of their problems and alternative lifestyles put any more socially organised pressure on me, I quite rather enjoy the thrill or having the dialogue with violent people which means they understand there are things from them in the form of behaviour due to needs or not which will not be tolerated and best to avoid trouble if they do hate it so much.