The idea I act a lot of the times to please people has no link with reality; they all simply think that there is access to this guys finances because he has created a business he is trying to get to the market place and so it seems that when they bring that their own along I get access to and ask myself the why not question as well. I don’t want to get along with any of them in anyway it’s more of something to do with how people cannot cease to do things with another persons property that their stupid girls want and because it will not stop another question is emerging of whether they think older women like to get raped. So they can pretend they care about their mothers who will let them have both sides but I have been under the impression I am a Christian because I am trying to steal their inheritance in this country for a long time. I mean before now it was a case of getting that stuff that the older generation want in order to get rich from those age mates of theirs that have got it about which no body can ever be offended. Their reasons are even more mind blowing and it is that they have got some money and know what the value of money is therefore to take from those who have not.

Now the claim that I write my books all over again several times is not something I deny like those who put it up on media as an open secrete suggest. First of all is the claim that if every writer wrote their books many times over they would have become millionaires, utter rubbish of course because they are not Princes, they are not royalty and are not government officials that earn their basic income from their books, just greedy idiots with a writing business as a means to supplementary income because it is never enough. I am not hiding from it; the reasons it happened was because these books were written couples of years ago and they have done nothing on media except report my life instead of their news until they got to inadvertently report my books instead of their news and therefore claim to have found new wealth of advertising power. There are three stages in which I write my books which has made such a mess at the market place; one of them had to do with putting them up for copyright protection so I can get to work in the circumstances, then after came the second which had to do with getting them ready to assist me put up company property at the website and then came the final in which the books are being made ready for the market. Obviously it is still an issue for them because they want to transform it bearing in mind word has gone round in that stupid industry of theirs, into another means of reporting my livelihood and books until they get to report my income and that is the reason especially for the Americans I need to make it clear they need to stay away from my Empire, stay away from the books and thereby stay away from my office. So we are still here; same media problem that led to it all in the first place. On one hand I fight them over my Literary empire on the other I fight them over its boundaries  of it so I can get the products out there and this has given them the feeling they can do whatever they please, the notion they can do and undo.

So the idea my work on my sites are being given to the children of idiots that can deploy it as the beginnings of a process of playing political discrimination and superiority is not something that bothers me so much; the message on the password aspect of the site says something about religion and the difference it makes to the world compared with media, Politics and corporations and then it says something about the fact that the only way to create money security is doing nothing about the fact they have such an access the way they normally have it, so I am imagining it is not riches they want from doing so as well. As I have mentioned before, if their political discriminations are successful here it will be the last they will have, I will take up the west and bend it up the other way violently for them as well. The media does not really do anything around here; those are the ones I will have fun with as they know how to bully people with bad news that they tell which makes no sense; I mean no body knows why any fool would get around teaching others how to bully them with bad news they give by bullying them with bad news like they do me anyway. In the end I understand people do some of the things they do for obvious reasons but I have made it clear I don’t want anybody giving my work to silly girls that get stuck somewhere baring their hearts to me, when they are this stubborn I am supposed to imagine therefore that it is the point where I am meant to have been finished; hence all I can ask is that their husbands and fathers are clearly big strong men who think their purpose in this world is to allow their wives and daughters insult me onto a health problem. I don’t bother about it either because that will surely happen only by the day they are able to protect the things they gain from insulting me from me as well but the men really do make something of themselves as well don’t they?


I hear them complain I have taken over their territory of course but I don’t look satisfied as though I am somebody that has done such a thing apparently so I should imagine there is need to find more things, make sense of them and take them over. As for telling me to get off the left, they know that is blasphemy and leads to a whole new ball game all together. I do not get around doing anything that causes members of the royal family to go astray in anyway; all I do is within the confines of the authority of my office, the problem remains that they think I am not entitled to a life where some things I do are right bang by my size as compared with other royalty in this country while others I do are just extraordinary on account when people are determined to peddle others for money hell and high water will not stop them and they will have it whatever the end with a big mouth. I am far from finished. These days they seem to wish to return to being real journalists after all these years of fun where each time I write things to settle damages they do here they take that up as well rather than move on and let me pick my pieces,especially for the migrant ones that love to behave as though it is their prime objective to push others to the point where people hurt them seriously over a matter which the bone of contention is money.