I do understand what they mean when they say I regret all I have done and am now doing my best to fix their lives and country which I damaged so they can get on with what matters; it is utter wrong as well anyway since the reality is that it so occurs you may kick politicians to a point where there is no safe way of doing their jobs save mixing up white and none white business communities knowing they will never get along because of how predominantly the whites want to get rich and so you do take responsibility when you are trying to buy goods and services and those tensions come to light and it usually works in terms of hey-ho I am here at the authority of Politicians to confiscate your livelihood and deploy it to my ends and then you have respond in terms of hey-ho do you suppose the way I will savage your livelihood will operate as you have always imagined and therefore made plans for? I have no regrets for anything I have done and they do actually need to stop being so stupid. I mean the way people want to get rich is largely concerned with a case of white people deciding I must be dominated first before I am allowed to do my academic work and then getting job after that will be discussed, it has no meaning and happens for no provocation, only the fact they think that is how I should be used as a person and Politicians will get off their offices and chase me around the streets of Britain for it and it becomes more important to get it done for them than it is for Politicians to do the job they were popularly elected and paid to do – the reasons are a simple case of them being one of those things that the Bible describes as evil with money to spend and hence bad merchants and so on while I am supposed to be one of those things Jesus Christ would have delivered from evil to piss them off considering I am their possessions and hence exist to be prodded and abused into telling their fortunes – as it stands it is the Politicians telling the fortunes of these idiots with that stupid Politics and they say I have regrets. I mean it goes right down to the wrecking of my finances operating to allow a condition where stupid girls that are used by their parents in such ways can use my faith and gospel to get a reprieve, damage my finances to make it work tangibly in terms of a personal life that is used to get new civil rights and then marry popular culture idiots and pop star scum into their family money and they say I have regrets and such stories will come up time and time and time again to play a crucial role in making sure a recent opening and a recent client is lost, followed by a case of trying to control my life right down to the day I shop in order to use me as incentive for customers at the high streets with a big mouth and this is the sort of things tax payers money gets spent on by politicians who are after self improvements at my expense of course to talk nonsense about a regret that I have for changes I have made to their stupid country, just like when people deploy my work by abusing me to make popular culture riches and knowing I don’t live like they do means they will go their way eventually and so will mine, gets turned on its head when they make the money and return here for power because they are my personal Gods – the fucking idiots say I have regrets; such claims would  no doubt had become an incentive now that they have helped their fools to such abuses as means that everything now hinges on whether or not I am afraid of them, afraid so as to hand over Royal property, afraid so as to hand over books and income afraid so as to hand over property equity and so I know I will not undo all their fake media nonsense in a day but this is the day this particular one is moving. It is not that I have not heard it many times before, it’s just as I have mentioned this is the time in which it is supposed to be sent packing as well – I mean Politicians have done their bit making sure everything muttered about my career is picked up by twisted evil scum who think money wherever it is, is calling their name and are blaming me for it as well right down to claims it is my involvement with the Monarchy that is the problem – now it’s only time for them to find out what such idiots are used for not time to talk nonsense about regrets I have which do not exist; their insults gets to a point and we all know these things would have happened anyway with or without involvement with the Monarchy. They do say I have done nothing to change my stinging and savage criticisms that occur without reasons that may have called it for  but of course we all know they have no plans to be seen somewhere away from my book sales and finances nor do we them being seen around my evil mother. So of course we do understand these are idiots as they say I spend all my time thinking I want to change the way idiots live but it leads back to the biggest problem here of them all – do your academic work with these idiots as your companions while we get around with your stupid mother and dominate you like we were daddies because it is necessary for the good of the Country – before the Monarchy it was because I have temperaments that can be deployed to create revolution now it’s the fault of the Monarchy and I have regrets for what I have done and the books I have written and nobody should by what the creators regret having created; when the fucking idiots are paying the fees and giving out the benefits thereof as it were, not when I am – we don’t want to live in a society that marks people out as stupid I understand that but it gets to a point, imagine giving a speech to a crowd for three days and returning home to this, only matched by a need to ensure your mother is head of the family at home and that you do not antagonise her which you never will if you do not have a good income or are financially successful. Six years ago they said nothing about their low lives being low lives, at the time I was getting a loan of 30,000 to fund a programme of study that I am supposed to do with their low lives as friends and companions imposed by the State – now they don’t want to fund the benefits anymore, they think I should do better in a condition where I do not disrupt what my stupid mother is doing living from outside to inside in order to help scum like them and a certain evil world that is not moral to the wealth of the family in which she is fucking leader with that big mouth. So we keep trying harder and harder to live in a society where people are not labelled as idiots you are meant to avoid but it gets harder and harder still; they say there are those who think the same of me of course but why is it not popular culture idiots and media scum with a need to deploy the career of a legal studies student on account the feeling is such a great fix they cannot do without – their stupidities even reaches a point where they say there is a glitch because other legal studies students and practitioners are not affected, just like their stupid Politicians get into parliament to make laws because things are made to happen enough times that it is bad enough to be prohibited due to the fact it has outraged or offended society, just so they can avoid looking at the law in terms of the offender and the offended. Before they complain they do it all the time – poke prod abuse attack and cause the need to manage a personal diary but it gets worse as anything I say about what I am doing is somebody else’s plan for life and for living and needs to be handed to others – nobody knows why they do it and nobody will ever know what they think will happen when they complain each time it gets to a point as well, claiming there are reasons of which there is always only one; I like to talk about it the way I do because this is government and those who don’t want a highly stimulating career that rewards with a comfortable pension and savings and not necessarily riches need to look somewhere else to get rich but the reality is that Mr News Anchor is for BBC 24 for example that means BBC Aberdeen does not exist and then we hear it is what I say and where I say it that makes their lives complicated after they savage the finances and book sales. I mean getting a job at the Industries if you want to be rich is not how it works anymore these days, if they can get off to confiscate other people’s property equity wreck their finances, grab the fame of a Royal Prince and get Politicians to help them to tax payer funds that they can deploy to sell products to rich people in the City centre and that has its day as well, this is not it yet so far. I mean they do say I lose contracts because I don’t listen to what people are trying to inform me about to corrupt the presence of God around me and win a victory against a light that gets in their eyes when the story about how everything I do means something could not be corrupted in the first place: I have for my part however put all that needs to be known about the books on the websites and those who want to help me sell them can see those websites as well as it is mentioned in the books too as the source of the books – so when I lose contracts it is because of those who hate the contents of the websites as it were not because of something I have not actually done, so it is all the devils work and if people want to buy the products they will, if they want to buy the ones these devils work creates as well to ensure they can sell their own before I sell mine they will too; it is not that I mind for the most part, it’s just reality around when they complain about my actions and of course there will be no problems if they cease to turn up to see if they can say something that bottoms out the sales, then claim I am attacked by black people and then I get to take it out on everybody which isn’t true as black people are currently fighting for their lives as we speak – the insults never go away and they never listen to what you do not want them to do with your possessions, so they like to try and be fathers and mothers for that purpose of dominance and until then it is all the white man’s fault, now I have been pushed down the line of building the company by the Politicians while they are hard at it and the result is building an empire in which all the channels for making money with it has ended up somewhere else and it is time for their African stupidities to keep it too if they have the fucking guts. So what happens here is that I build a community around a company and give people equities and then bother them about the book sales later not before, but these fools always must have a task that involves turning up to find out if they can say something to bottom out the sales in order to show me what it feels like not to hand over my own literary empire property equities to those who are richer and need it more, the part where they never knew they could be so powerful being the bit they find addictively thrilling and so when they do that organised criminals will turn up to test me over how they always had the support of the public all along anyway and of course this is where their problem has ended up too and not enough have died yet so far. So could I have bothered people about book sales first before I give them equities, of course but that would make them much more dangerous i.e. I have written equities and securities, you can see some but you need to pay to see the rest – I can do that but I need to ensure they are put on line towards rebuilding the economy so I cannot, the Africans one is the bit where I am being punished for wrecking their black market economies of course and it is going as well as it should too. We hear they don’t like to have their lives disturbed which seems to be a good idea to bring up at this point and not before and it is of course the sort of draconian stupidities they express every public places I have to put up with seeing it endlessly, getting rich with industry on my left and right hand side with no plans to do it with their own as well – so they are convinced that I care thereof as a result; it makes it so much harder to live without labels.


It’s like that story of how the problem is that I make people angry by interrupting their shows on TV where they are moderators and so on but that was before I had to bring my life so they can use it to be where they need to be and the violence that follows it, never mind sleeping with peoples wives claim so I might be attacked before the truth is discovered or the racial gangs they get involved with to scare me and do it anyway or the dangerous Africans they have shared their salary with and so on but the part that led to the problems was more about their girls being inserted into my Court after the corruptions of involvement that their freedom and civil rights men love so much when wrought on the lives of those who are committed to sacred activity, to corner them around finances and find something to corrupt and sacrifice when they hurt people to get rich and important or famous and these girls were supposed to have taken over a Court I had built after I decided I needed to set up a firm and speak to people about running my live journal and found some people were happy to take it up anyway because they are already high profile journalists and the reason was to ensure when they are there over a period and I think it is safe and write books thereof, once the books are published some decades of my time would have been wasted only for them to make a case in public for the fact they don’t know who the hell I am which will enable Popular culture idiots to steal my public life and make fame and fortune it with permanently. Now what they have done is split my Court and send some of them all around BBC services all over the Country and the world for example, insert their own girls in place and control a situation, having decided what their problem is as it were and speak of how I interrupt because they are trying to pretend they are civilised. I have never really considered it a problem; it’s that old case that led to a National issue over discrimination where positive discrimination was invented i.e. some women just make me uncontrollably mad and angry by their very existence and any involvement I may have with them on a personal level – the ladies say it’s something about water and milk but I know I don’t like it at all and need to be myself and there is only one route to that and the result was that I discriminate but it is okay because it is positive and hence the invention of positive discrimination by Politicians and yet they do it still, wreck my books and talk nonsense about interruption on my part. So we do hear the hatred bit that is linked to the fact that I have become the very means by which Politicians chose self improvements when they are done harming others but this is my advantage too and they need to buy books if they were interested in what I do; all I know about them is that these are things I am meant to deal with the way that I have, people using me like a piece of meat because I wrote a book and there is a service attached to it concerned with way of living and of course it was always expected from journalists especially; they are masochists and narcissists you see and these are some of the indications they will go to any lengths to ensure they get their gratification from a chosen target that they fancy and hence religion just serves to deny them and is an excuse people adopt to rob them of what they rightfully can enjoy by consent. The politicians act on those they complain about then ask questions later because they think I may be too insignificant for what I say and do about it to matter and this is now being tested – for my part I handle it like I do because I get the greater benefit of the fact that if I stood up in Church to say their civil rights were evil it would be so much more complicated but now it is easy beyond imagination; like when they are homosexuals because it’s a matter of consenting adults and in order not to live in a society where we label people as stupid and to be avoided like a disease if we want to get on the question about whether their consenting adults only works around my finances becomes so much easier. I have never considered it a personal crisis; I mean the fundamental process of being able to do one thing at a time despite Politicians having a need to make you into their plaything using jobs and finances is a matter of religion and faith, when I am okay with that the story about women falls to pieces and I am left with them and the sense that every fool that drives a car by me wants to stick his fingers into my bum thing and for my part I do think the Tories have not yet given them enough liberal and homosexual laws yet as it were; so their strange sexual practices and how they got to fancy a Christian despite what the know the Bible says about them and their activities is a clear and set out issue and whether or not they can abuse me to get those gratifications anyway is what is now being tested i.e. results we see such as it would have been possible if and only if I did beg them for money or something like that but unfortunately they cannot create the sense that they made money at my expense and I have been oppressed by them so they will never get the support that may make it possible, so they are putting up money they have because they are older than I am and have spent that much time in the work force against money I don’t have because they are making sure I cannot get jobs or keep them without employers who do getting into trouble with media, and have set out to build it up as fantasy that will eventually stick in the minds of the public in order to have it anyway. They do say it is my opinion of sex abuse victims that creates the need to teach me a lesson but if I were to say I am a Christian and the peace and quiet I build around my office is for the career likewise the faith and its benefits to serve God not so they can turn up here to defile my sacred places cooling off after being fucked, then I would be handling the matter academically but then again if I were not, it’s always been as simple as the fact that they are not my responsibility just as the same civil and criminal disobedience got them into trouble they speak of presently in the first place; none of it bothers me in anyway and it is the reason I like to indulge it i.e. I have created a product and the product is out there and those who want it might can pick it up but we are here talking about things that are completely unconnected – of course it is the devil work, an evil that never gives it a rest and I know it can never affect me around what I want to do. They say I am hard hearted about it but they have already spent their involvement with the gospel I preach in three ways; first to ensure rich boys and girls that are being used by their parents in unseemly ways get self improvement from poor Christians that will ensure they are superior and for it they got popular culture fame and fortune – the other is speaking to Politicians and rich people about how they are good at making money and I am good at morals and have used this to hit me really hard – the third being the one where they are supposed to go off and get into trouble and clean up on me to chose their own rich persons self improvement; so those who want to talk for them need to recap these facts on what it is about and I must make my millions the same way they have first and then we will be even.

I understand their excuse is that my involvement brings it on but the last time we checked they could do whatever they liked with a Christian who would only but preach a gospel to ensure they take over his life and do something useful for themselves with it hence the part where it is both amusing and stupid and now they are doing something useful with their lives but not as they planned it and media salvation is the way out; that said they have taken the abusiveness of it to another level and so have I taken my handling them to another too, they are to stay out and I will keep them there whether or not I look the part. It isn’t true all I have said and done goes to waste; I know the only way to actually survive in my business is to ensure the sales are done because everything else is settled and due to the fact most big businesses know I am better than them it will put up with battering that beats the imagination as well – I am just giving them ample warning knowing they will never change their course of action. We hear them speak of how I attack those that are trying to get things done all the time which is utter nonsense; what we have is a condition where those that are getting things done turn up to demand a future for politics and civil rights but leave subliminal messages about making a mess of me and flushing my life down the toilet to give their children a sense of superiority that they turn up in public to shed crocodile tears for like it was their right to have and for the Politicians it’s a matter of how others all over the world support my work but they feel like punishing me every single second claiming I grab the limelight and the shame and disgrace is everywhere of course costing them as well, only when they claim it is my responsibility that they get some of mine too. These are things that happen when all these mature minds way past their sell by date end up in government office; I mean if I and four friends and five others went off on an outing and we ran the Country doing so and I was the second most powerful, I do not believe I will want to end up in the office of the most powerful otherwise it will never end for my part but that is the sort of thing you get, never mind people dabbling into aesthetics they know nothing of while others have to study to acquire it for an important job and therefore need a beating a boy with that big mouth of which we know never ends with a big mouth but rather what happens with narcissist and sadists looking for trouble – they are way past their sell by date and the entire parliament needs a cleanup – what we need are people who are fresh enough to be blind to certain decisions around making money with government office that the rest of us who never get near it for obvious reasons do not notice but are also fresh enough to make mistakes we will have to stick by as a Country because we elected them – these idiots will get self improvement from me somewhere in hell and need to stop holding the Political system to ransom. I hear I can fight but never use it to look after the weak; it’s the way it is supposed to be though so when they think they will take down the law and it ends in a whimper they will know what it has always been all about; it’s the biggest issue around here, the part where they will use my Royal order to fight the British Police and Armed Forces which actually come from the same establishment as well and it makes no sense whatsoever as usual but for me it’s rather personal about their profits especially in terms of organised crime businesses. Their media goons do like to tell me I will end up in the same condition as those who get hurt by the Police of course but that is when seeing them get rich at your expense on the right hand side and on the left hand side, of which the right hand side can be mostly about blacks easily because when somebody has the tiniest thing to do for a living it should concern your anus and penis and so on as has been made available to them by their Politicians – in the end they love to mess with the intelligence stuff and play a game of getting involved with crime then leading the main criminals into the Police and finding their way out and so a Police officer can ask somebody a question if they happen to know more about an officer than an officer knows about himself and he may talk a false statement and get shot and that is how it plays out a lot of the time – sometimes the Officer does not even have to ask a question before the false statement had blown off which means they know even more than was imagined etc – so it’s the same old case of whether they are the people that stay away from bad things if they are immoral or do the best they can if they are moral people, that I will end up in a bad way with the Police. So we hear I am targeted and driven underground over everything I do and it is funny; cannot make it out anyway – I mean typical occasion a 25 year old, works for a big company, likes to do that link between company and community where she lives and home and family is situated, serves me because my public work is what makes it possible, does it mean I am being driven underground? They live in a dream world and those big industries know I am better than them and we try to live in a world where people are not labelled as stupid and cast out but there needs to be a price as well; I don’t have a problem with it, it’s simply not their family, not their industry community here, not their company here and their insult will find its level or their problems will get worse, speaking of which they need to clean up that their mess starting with that war on terror as they will take over anything here and use it to make money somewhere in hell. It’s like their Politicians complain about what I do with culture and society of course which of course is the way it is because I am having debates with their families and extended families, so they can own my Empire Equity and keep their private business interests alongside with Politics.


I mean people do ask if there is any opportunity for the matter to be resolved of course which I don’t mind of the asking; but the reality is the old case about how I end up being published on media all the time and the reasons for that is simply that they need to be able to make a story credible when they claim my work is sexual and they have already begun to describe me as a filthy boy with filthy secretes who wants to tag along with the great and good at all cost and it makes me angry enough to have those their industries done by others and those their sex lives done by the pornographic industry because of course there comes a time when you must ensure you are able to win your competition against industry by moving them out of your personal life where these fools had decided to place them and talk nonsense of how they control my equity property into a business environment but when that time coincides with a period of such sustained insults and abuse you really do get to take it very personally. I understand the issue with their Politicians to be that they want to understand what the nature of the modern British economy is or they will make up their own at my expense but I have no idea how indeed the Modern British Economy which comprises of such realities as an Industry Community and the Empire emporium where people must behave or the good stuff will end up with militant socialism so that they don’t use them against me first, that the Politicians fail to understand; things work a lot faster now, much more tactile than ever before. For me the cash point with their militant socialism came along not just with the activities of their daughters and fashion idiots with these social bullies but when they started telling me from the Nero side of them that they are the kind of people that support such things as Nazism, hate the killings but hate my type even more with a big mouth and now their insults have pushed me to that point where they have seen that what we have since they make noise about things that happened when they were not born the black shit, is that if the global community was a Country Germany will be the one group of people that always make up majority population in prisons and always have a tendency to go down that route, thus they have already begun to get out and grab the National frontiers of other countries to show them how hard they must work to be the best at what they do and lead them us and these black shits have decided that they want my personal life because yet again their responsibilities are always supposed to be handled by those who can do it. Of course we hear I am not a real writer but that will never make sense – I am not a writer of books which area of profession is full of media and trade idiots that will do anything for money these days by the way and need to be flushed out of my company which they think they have taken over; what I write is equity – imagine an entire book being compressed into one or two paragraphs and then another and another until it becomes a 300 page piece of literature because I am good enough to make it a story – have they written one like that in their stupid lives ever? I have to run my business in that way or their games of perforating my life in order to insert their problems, spill it everywhere and make me an activist which they think is really amusing will drive me insane eventually. Its a matter of bequeathing something valuable to the people of the world and putting it into writing to make it permanent and so their behaviour towards my sales and income and noise making about how the book belongs to them is enough to make a perfectly normal person into an animal because of course the last time we checked they could give to the frugal as it were. They like to say the problem is that I write my books using peoples culture and society but this is not technically true – what is true is that they have consistently made themselves into the point at which a media idiot can reduce me to a trinket and throw me away somewhere in which he can go to use for whatever purpose he pleases and in a condition where I cannot interfere and it is not the only occasion as there is the other one where they are the ones that perform some juju ritual for Politicians that need to win elections pointing to me as the obstacle to the effectiveness of the juju ritual when they are done doing them for these self seeking idiots who want to be rich and have their eyes on my income as well and therefore turn up on media to that end as well for some of them that do otherwise they are mostly interested in talking nonsense about how a beloved prince will be safe if he does not mess with what they want, to turn up here and mess me up all the time and cannot listen to anything anybody says to them. So as far as I am concerned one way or another they were determined to end up in my books and can suit themselves for it too; it is the game of loss that their media and business and Political friends have lost that seems to be the main issue here and I don’t think they have learned anything from that so far yet as it were; now they have to deal with what they cannot see and as the big guys in the Legal world will put it, it is they that are the ones being put to the test. I understand it is said that if people knew what to avoid they would have avoided it but of course it is not as if I don’t have priorities either; I do – they are Queen first and then the Court systems second and then Celebrities third and then Industries fourth and then the products from Industries fifth – so now they know perhaps they might leave me alone and I don’t mean signing off a rubber stamp tolerance of the evils of their culture either, leave me alone means leave me alone. I hear they say my treatment of women isn’t good either but of course that is actually not my fault because if people allowed pornography to keep its social privacy and kept their popular culture fame and fortune away from it, I wouldn’t have had to get around kissing all those women to find out if I fancy women that are older than I am; I know other guys will say it is not ideal but it is an example of how everything concerning sexual impropriety must be done at my expense all the time because people always must act in such ways that leaves the laws of the land a conundrum; like they tell me things change so quickly around me all the time which makes no sense whatsoever since the advantage of being taken in by HM is that you cannot feel dispossessed but they on the other hand can always tease until they tease themselves and that then becomes other peoples problem. I understand they say I am austistic but I am not; its just that when you confiscate peoples culture and society it is quite a baggage and means they can handle any aspect of your life too – so fun days are over where the advantage is that they are so low down they can do whatever they like with me as involvement with them will cost me as equally as my need to get out of it after I have hence a win  win situation for them – I am not autistic they can only ended up creating a condition where things are happening, after all they said all a Christian can do really is tell them how to deploy his life to enrich theirs when they hurt and attack and provoke him and this is what is being tested; all I know contrary to their claims and what we know of their wickedness and need to create evils of the proportion of bloodshed if they are not having my faith without repentance because it will ensure the devil is happy to make them rich – there is ¾ of them on my left and ¼ on my right, there to peddle me and make money with an inability to listen to what they are told, so idiots who feel they want some power to deploy somewhere can have somebody to target and have sympathy for them if they provoke police officers and lose their stupid lives. I mean all these idiots do these days is developed around the importance of Politics in the world such as the confiscation of a Royal Estate from a boy which helps their exhibitionism especially when they expect it to be given to them and means I cannot breathe because of it while they complain and their media does nothing else with its time except a need to see all I have is destroyed over matters of sex and sex abuse.