None of what I have said or did say before has anything to do with the influence of the USA; what there is to it is that every American idiots out there have become convinced over the years it is perfectly alright to send out their foolish prostitutes to address me for a living, especially when they are black and for those of course doing so has developed to a point of conquest as well – not to mention the fact they all believe they should be married into the British Royal family so they can do my stuff. That I am by myself a very divisive figure is entirely laughable; the reality is that black people in black communities do not know what being a white person in a white community feels like and whites in white communities do not know what racism really feels like, which is actually half the story because the other half especially for black idiots, is that it is me and my white friends that seems to be their biggest problem and it is for this that I will burn it for them in turn as well. I mean each time I write my books and am about to talk to people who buy it, the most important point of conversation on their foolish platforms of useless publicity is stories of how all I write is something that was coerced out of me and it never stops and never goes away this whole process of being famous for doing things that I have been forced to do, considering which such nonsense has never actually occurred.


They speak of other leaders getting by after the black versions of them sit around speaking of connections with my parents and how all I do is something that a natural subordinate does so that the leaders can deploy it and how they are simply after me for what belongs to them lest I give it to another, which then manifests in public all round black and white and none white alike as people reaching a point now where they are seriously terrified of the fact that I do nothing else with myself but deploy other peoples visions and plans but even while that fear goes on, their insults and attack on my finances which is actually a crime they believe I have not got money to chase up and protect myself from because they have seen to it and of course in context of how I am famous for doing things I have been forced to do of which is never what they tell people their real problem is and I for my part cannot mention enough times they need to get off my books so it does not get worse too. Then there are these other idiots on the left and their media and it is as though I have an important sword and they are always borrowing it to slash, slash, at their enemies with and it has come to a point where doing so is becoming violent and they are certain I will get into trouble if I go up against them, nobody knows who their mate was supposed to have been around here either. I do not believe any of these things are a major issue for me, except that because people have media, each time I set out to sell my books, the publicity that takes over is that of how I wrote what I was bullied into writing first of all and of course the other side which is that I am confident in my leadership plan, so confident in it that I do not care what they think and if they leave it alone they will be okay, if not, then they will see the side of me that has had enough of them as well. There is no such thing as a condition where I have been used and abused by others; reality is that they believe I need to deploy my priestly temperaments and countenance towards their cars so they can feel confident about it and thereby make more money with it and it has developed into a way they want to live which permeates every aspect of life too, hence I worry about money and what comes from me either way makes them money with a big mouth and the warning never gets through to the bastards that they get the money they get because people have it to give to them and have it to give them so as it were and not because I had a choice about it or that it affects me in anyway. It is usually here that they become keen on talking about problem transfers which I have no idea what they expect me to do about; tell perhaps? – especially for the male ones and particularly when they are black. I am a man you see and these things do not cause me sleeplessness, a Mans life is supposed to be complicated along these lines but their attitude towards my property is something else entirely and with respect to that they are incredibly stubborn and practically deaf, claiming they are spreading democracy around the world as well which is the only thing they know - looking for trouble and wrecking other peoples lives.