Now we hear Politicians feel they are vilified when they are in the government for doing anything and are criticised when they are in opposition doing anything that they need to but this isn’t true since we all know what people tell them on the streets is that they are all the bloody same thing and we have to listen to each of them take turns to have a go at us with a sense of what you know because you exist on a need to know basis after taking up all our time with distant fascism and abuses. It started with The Labour Party where people can never ever say a thing without crossing over to the ideology or Political position of their colleagues opposite and so it all gets so very, very, nauseating all together and they love to bring it to you wherever you are and have no wish to take part as much as they possibly can. In my case it has become a matter of provoking me by damaging my possessions and turning out in public places to claim that my reaction is a process of vilifying them or criticising them when there is no such thing going on here – what is going on here is whether or not it is actually funny to set out to damage peoples finances and keep them damaged for years at a time in order to seek out trappings of power that you can use to climb the social ladder and to get rich? Because if it is, we have a problem since it is clear bills here need to be paid and so if the behaviour has no need for change, I have no idea what they are complaining about for my part as well; all we know is that they claim ethnic minorities need these behaviour in order to feel important and to feel free and confident in themselves and need somebody they can practice it on and have therefore chosen me to that effect – so the mere fact that people were in the work force before I was born and some of them are advanced in years and have a certain level of savings becomes the means by which they need to determine what will be the outcome of competition between me and them over survival in terms of resources and finances which they have become quite so obsessed with and never works unless they first damage my finances to ensure it does and so the problem now is whether or not they think it is funny because that is where I act as well. I have never thought of it a problem, it’s always been the case that it exists and I allow it to exist as a matter of the things that surround me to indicate facts and realities about what I have not yet grown out of in terms of my personal achievements, the last thing I would have imagined is that it would become so important to Politicians to build up publicity for each and every one of these activities towards me by black people who have a relationship with me that is very violent, at the end of which we have seen how funny the idiots think it is and so this is their problem, nobody here wants to criticise them. They do claim I might want to get away with it but considering I have damaged all the plans they have made for years it will be difficult for me to – I couldn’t make it out anyway since it is really difficult to work out what plans it is exactly they get to make; we all know they are a bunch of bone head halfwits who believe they need to abuse me as much as they possibly can and build it up to a trappings of power that they can share as profitable prerogative with industry idiots in the City centre to secure people who have money on account they are planning to set up small businesses from which they will be selling products to such persons, having said that the reality is still that they are confident in their belief they can never sell anything unless they are stealing from me or destroying my possessions or abusing me in the most unbecoming way even making an open show of what they consider to be wounds they have inflicted on me and those insulting blasphemy that is a function of their service to Satan they do all the time that sends out subliminal messages that indicate they have a problem with my temperaments and want to be the thing that lives in it and directs my path because they are God – so it does actually come right down to the question of whether or not it is funny because that is where bills need to be paid and they cannot take the health as well. I understand they will claim having spoken of it they can now take over and control me and what becomes of what I have said but I need not say more – its books I sell and there is no way I can sell those books if it turns out that they are able to get away with building these things around it and around me either as fantasy or as Politics or indeed in the real world, so that too must never ever happen. I hear of this story of sexual abuse and how I say nothing about it again and again and again when it comes up requiring me to play a role to please women who actually dominate me hence the worsening of my so called situation – it will never make sense either anyway: it’s like the story of me living on benefits, being shameful when in actual fact the real issue is that when I sit in front of a computer to manage a company, the fact they live in my temperaments to do secret societies and be God means that I am abused in sexual context and distracted to a point where the company means nothing and the website is a personal plaything – so that everything about everything that concerns that particular outcome annoys me right down to the benefits and when I am finished they get to pay the benefits anyway. In terms of sexual abuse however the reality shares the same common place with the part where I am being spied on by Muslims, which they think I should get about saying something to deal with; much the same story as a case of God giving some people things they are to get born into the world to share with those who need it that is them otherwise they can one way or another return to God and take it with them playing itself out again but in the end it does appear that they think my only experience of Muslims is them whereas I have lived in a Country where I have had to come across Muslims for 20 years all together and know that the fact that there are various ethnic groups and all as Muslims does not mean they are the same thing neither does it mean that everybody knows everybody in a particular ethnic group where people are Muslims but what we can be certain of with respect to my actions is that each time I see any of their nonsense here I will never stop until I cut it to bits as well and yes the last time we checked their latest complain was that the UK no longer feels like home to them, although spying on and abusing me has also become an acquired taste. So in terms of sexual abuse where the issues concerning a case where they think I am like the women they abuse except that I will yield more dividend, the story has always been the same as ever before it i.e. I will not be the one that complains about people staying out of my home in this matter, they will do that for us all but in terms of the women it’s a matter of the fact we have so many awesome bitches around anyway – they must have men whose lives they have destroyed on one hand and me on the other – they say those men had their lives destroyed because they want to live in the city and do religious things when they should be having sex, getting stupid, living a useless existence in order to avoid provoking them, then pretend when I am told to act if being insulted, it determines what the same men some of men are mentally disturbed at this point get up to; so in my view it has ever been the same case that they like it when it happens to them unless they actually tell us that they don’t and yes I am cautious they say but that is because of some games they play, like a need to go out and find Daddy’s little princess and introduce her to some men and if she gets sexually abused they can vilify me for what it is exactly I can possibly say about that, which is how we end up with a condition where I always want to catch them out my way and now they are complaining about a sex abuse epidemic and the sex abuses instances that are never reported, so we are actually make progress therefore as such. It’s never been a major crisis; only a case of a certainty a Christian will not respond to being treated like trash because Politicians and their idiots must be rich but when they do complain about being vilified and criticised and the three facts are considered of always getting into the ideologies of another party, damaging my possessions to create financial favouritism for their party members and then pretending it is amusing to secure the support of the mob, then we have to look at what is real and what is not yet again, thus not everybody is comfortable with a sense of them having somewhere on the right hand side where they are comfortable as well. It feeds into this story of Royals as well in which my only duty is to HM most of the time and I make provision for The Prince of Wales’s concerns because he is known to go through one end and out by the other over my work and I need to ensure he does not need it to a point where he takes things into his hands, The Duke of Cambridge however has no need for these things so it’s another group of idiots messing about around him to pretend it is a problem – putting into context the part about things they must never have as fantasy or as politics or as state of affairs lest my books will not have a credible customer service. I understand it is said my actions to deal with it is rather feeble but that is not true; we have not yet come to the part where every anus and penis abuse that is built up like a state of affairs or not is punished by some thousands vanishing from their bank accounts as a result of some extra problems, like I have the women in terms of the things they do to sexually rough themselves up and turn up in public to handle my income over the treatment of women which is the backbone of those stories they tell about sexual abuse and a need to see me respond alongside it; when that starts to happen, they will stop feeling they are living in civil and criminal disobedience heaven but until then what will be the main thing to expose will remain the same i.e. how much of a fool’s errand those things they have in mind that I am supposed to do for them to justify my position really is, not everybody is comfortable with the idea of somewhere on the right hand side they can move into in order to feel good as I have mentioned before and of course we can never be free from the case of civil rights idiots of theirs getting the better of me either as it were, those have never done any such thing in the first place, what happens is that their idea of the reasons for writing books is to set yourself up to be exasperated by people so you can say something that will result in god feelings for them and now they have to chose between me and these secret societies idiots that want other peoples presence of God to pretend to be God with and I will never stop punishing every occasion where they turn up around my book sales either – so for now it’s the birth pains – the Police shootings and the riots and the protests and so on since we can see nothing whatsoever is salvageable about their character and if at all something is, is not there to benefit others, like my penis and my anus and my tummy so I might hearken to them always when they need me to with a big mouth. They do say I am done for of course which isn’t a problem since reality since I am okay if I can make out the difference between people panicking and what is really happening – so the days when they were out to have what those who don’t have money but have things their money cannot buy was the fun days, it only just got a little bit serious and does not constitute a process where people are living useless lives which shows its worth at their bank balance so they can seek financial industry power as well. They are the bone headed halfwits who see themselves as other people’s leaders all the time and need to get rich ASAP, for of course they do love to pretend they are at the top of the food chain when I actually am. Like the story of my women being vulnerable as a result of my view about sexual abuse whereas the reality is that the men on the left hurt women that stir desire and the ones on the right women that ruin morality while the women must have men whose lives they have wrecked on one hand and me on the other, so it is  a matter of whether I did plough that route or whether I did plough that route – the part where I will get into trouble with the men I encourage to beat their wives all the time is all very well but that is never how it will turn out either, currently it does seem they want to get out there and earn their way in the world anyway apparently it will break my heart and if it doesn’t then they will earn their way in the world in a way that harms my finances and helps them with access to girls of which it isn’t clear then why we are having this conversation and what it is they are complaining about. We are quite fed up with the stories about what they want and what they need to get.