Now it is said that I never pay attention to what others say concerning threats that may affect me and its utter nonsense, all they do is talk about processes that will get me serving them because they have taken up public matters I had resolved and made a mess of it to build a queue that will be deployed for the purposes of making me serve them personally by solving the same problems for them individually. The Muslims for instance will speak of US threat and how we sit back when Muslims are being hurt, so Muslims will sit back when we are being hurt and yet  what they are talking about is a group of Americans that want to take part in war and show up later to wear pony tails in Hollywood and Casinos in Las Vegas but where I am concerned the big question is still that of the exact problem that they have with my Books as it were.

They do say I talk but am haemorrhaging and it’s understandable but in the end this is happening because I have refused to tackle these matters they complain about because I am always being punished by Politicians when they gain from my activities and they are always getting in on the act; I mean its bullying and it performs such nonsense as change my personality or the countenance on my face and so on but people who deploy busy body opportunism talking nonsense about the part that appears to be my fault are the ones that have witnessed the physical contact they have made to ensure that I do not ignore it and get on with my academic work and livelihood and of course the main systems that support it is the tax payer funds Politicians are spending to wreck everything I have while spending some more to help them keep up a face. So the Politicians say there is something about me that is not quite right which is utter nonsense; I got a Royal Commission and a special arrangement that allowed me secure tools for my work at 22 and I still have it to this day alongside their insults on Media having progressed from abusing me and getting pushed back but since they do not like to lose send in their children which makes the insults many times as bad, hence my position would be respected only if their children got the Royal commission, talking nonsense at me about the concerns I am meant to pay attention to on the left hand side like their own looks that way – so we see that it has been very annoying for me that they have spent the last 6 years of my time, wrecking my Book sales and building me a certain Public image that will ensure I were serving them personally but it does not actually change my position which is why it is so infuriating and brings to bear the need to act on those stupidities that are ever so profitable once they know that their victims are on the side of democracy and freedom as it were. So after 14 years of the Treasury working in the hands of those who want to make these things happen at Parliament, I am kind of haemorrhaged since mostly I have no responded to it but have had enough thus decided to spend a lot of time pushing them out of my life in 2018 and we have only seen what I have done in response over  a year, I would therefore like them to stay away from my Books and stop following me around. I do get told in essence that I am not necessarily worried about them because I can handle the matter but it’s not a case of handling the matter as such, they love to get involved with people’s concerns and work very destructive cynicism all day long – should I act on such things, the top end will be those who provide Politicians and Celebrities with security; they are the ones passing around most of the cynicism and then it will brew up the popularity trouble makers and they will not only claim I am afraid of them but when I get Celebrities who are looking after my Public image for me while trying to keep it for themselves off my concerns, they claim I did because I am lucky. The Celebrities being another typical example; now they do not like people chasing their bums and my Books may help but they want me to stop writing the Books and spend my time making them feel safe instead, so they have been working with Media idiots to destroy my Books – another example of incredible stupidities that rely on me to get on the side of freedom of democracy and spend my lifetime paying the price for each time it is exhibited. Hence none of these things change my position as such no matter how much they were made up on Media, there is nothing wrong with me and everything about me is as right as it can be.

It feeds into this case of Brexit and how I am never on the side of either Brexiteers or Remainers while reality is more a case of Brexiters wanting us to leave the EU and then negotiate our relationship with each Country on a case by case basis, while the Countries will be making decisions as a single European Union most of the time – remainers on the other hand think the EU exists to provide them a condition where their teenage children will drive around in Limousines passing insults at absolutely every person that is definitely not their mate; so far both are the ones having a go at me and doing such nonsense as claiming there is something not quite right about me due to the barrage of bullying changing my personality with the physical contact they make to keep me from doing my studies and writing my Books, while trappings of power idiots appears to perform a busy body opportunism excuses that makes out it’s all my fault all day long.

I do get told people do not know what my exact thoughts on these matters are but they are simple enough i.e. an Arch Prince in a Hermitage will have been aware of spiritual wickedness without which idiots who love to claim he is afraid of him can never make money especially when working the world of Men and playing with stupid Politicians – its entire purpose apparently is to ensure others are sore in the private parts all day long while they grab fame and market, the theory that I am afraid of them therefore being entirely misplaced all together; so I have not been tackling this matter for years now because I am constantly being punished by Politicians for doing it, the Politicians who need it to facilitate paedophile rings at Parliament and leave you wondering what the exact number of people who have been sexually assaulted by Politicians in the Country is, this allows them to show up and rip up my academic work playing practical jokes on me at University until I dropped out – before they realised that their whole world now depends on making sure I kept my mouth shut when I was already too much for them to handle at the time bringing on the haemorrhaging thereof, so they might hang around street corners proposing homosexual sex, for my part of which ending up in this position where I spend all day reacting to the stupidities of society is the reason they complain about and hate my guts as expressed all over media and the Politicians are inundated by, I dropped out of University and ended up spending my time reacting to their stupidities, what I have done is meant to ensure their foolishness understood what it felt like, I am not afraid of them as they have claimed. It beats me every time that people see them do these things and must still find some way to make out I have a behaviour to be apologetic for all the time, which brings us to the women issues being again another example of how my leadership is perfectly all right but what they are interested in is the mess they will make of it and the work they will make me do with it to serve them personally and yet they know I am the one who has gotten their Celebrities over a barrel at this stage and therefore best placed to oppress them with work if they started taking it too seriously for their own good.

I am better off therefore handling the matter of their spiritual wickedness with an imagination about people’s private parts by working it in terms of the bullying that changes my countenance and allows Political idiots to tell me where I am supposed to be on the basis there is something not quite right about me, it means that I can spend all my energy serving myself instead of stupid Celebrities, Journalists and Politicians who then set about making out I am a Character they feel like hurting all the time when they enjoy ripping up my finances to make me do the same things I had provided through my products as a means that protects them from the bullying that makes them smell, now blabbing about which threats I am informed about that I need listen to; in the end when it comes to the sex and relationship issues of which they have their type, everything about them getting involved with me just really, really, really hurts and it’s difficult to understand why some human beings are like that – as for the threats when I will never do a thing here to save them from the bullying that makes them smell, I think it’s cracked up out of my league threats as it were, needs to keep away from my Books and stop following me around, whether or not I am on the side of freedom of Democracy. I do get told doing this will make them worse but it will not; it’s the cynicism especially from Celebrities and Journalists and it tends to mean those who work in the Military are treated by the enemy in a way that they had invented – in my case it’s a matter of keeping away from my Books and not following me around if they do not wish to complain about me as well, considering that wasting their Public image on Government Office matters, while oppressing their goons, especially the security operatives with work is becoming an increasingly attractive prospect here.

They say it’s the complete failure of government systems on my account that is the main issue, but it has always been easier for them to stop making up stories about how not spending time with Royalty that has no business with Politics leaves Royalty to make money that should have been theirs with the sensibilities of Majority Population. I mean it feels just like having a personality garnished by University system, only to drop out due to practical jokes played on you right up to the Office of the Prime Minister because you had committed a crime in displaying something of your thoughts that suggested that you had an issue with other people’s barely criminal existence – it’s difficult to diagnose what it wrong with Politicians when they do these things and like in my case when they continue to make up the excuses for it as they got along. They are trying to make one central point i.e. that their salary is ridiculous considering they control majority population and can make a lot of riches from it if they were not serving it so others may get rich instead but then I am the one with botched academic work and finances on account that they are busy building warehouses that they do not have time to work on and supporting Cardinal sins in the neighbourhoods which target me specifically, expressing an imagination that goes up my bum and making sense of the smell all day long. I do get told as such that I appear to be unaware of how good my work is but I am aware of it, I just really hate it when people show up to leave me in tatters expanding my world and letting themselves into a life I organised for myself over their convenience; I mean I know that the guy who never passed his exams at school may have been the son or an illiterate trades person that is actually very rich, I am not a dunce but I have dropped out of University to sit around reacting to the stupidities of society including foolish women telling me the problem is that I set my sights high and do not know when to be submissive to authority hence opportunities pass me by whenever employers want to take advantage of me like I asked them to give me one a stupid ideas I really want to hear when they are certain I am on the side of freedom and democracy to be made a mess of all the time – giving me one a wry smile that shows what low lives do expect when they think they have unfettered access to the important or good looking if the Politicians want everybody listening to their plight instead while busy with such nonsense, giving me one the advice when we have no relationship of any kind whatsoever.