I hear the most recent debut on media has turned to the need to install and arm moderates and modernisers in the Middle East and I should be very afraid of that – I cannot make out what it means either but I bet it is more concerned with that assumption that swirls around all the time that I want to be their friends. I mean people chasing me around to build their perversions of my faith which is not what it is about claiming it is a tool with which I am in my mind repressing them to have the might of state finances on their side while I am targeted by them until they make an enemy out of me and implement it is truly out of this world but that Politicians have been financing that for the last decade and a half or so is something about which a reason must be found – they however think that they can spend up to 60% of tax payer funded time doing that while explaining it away to the tax payer over what is happening with their money in a way that sees they are stuck but for these their idiots its largely a matter of when they reach a point with chosen victims who do not want to suffer any more nonsense from them while they have reached another where they think people have gotten used to something and they are the boss – so that when we consider it in light of their obsession with violence and the fact that those who become responsible citizens in this condition are only creating a means to reward the Politicians even further for these activities while the Politicians revel in the fact that people have no choice but otherwise there will be civil war which means they can do whatever they like, then the question becomes that of how they consider violence to not be a shameful thing and want to converse about it with anybody that is not their mate but nobody really knows what they are scared of now that they are having it too as it were. For me however it’s a matter of the fact when they think they have suppressed and oppressed me, the need to find my morals and compete for attention on it becomes funny and these are the sorts of things that other people do exist for in their view as it were. I am not an extremist, they love to make that out all the time and I think when it comes to seeking out moderates and modernisers about which I should be scared, a normal person would have seen that shutting their gob would help them a lot better as it were. I hear the case of how I pretend I have done nothing to offend them which has no basis on truth or reality – I have done things to offend them because it is one thing to turn up and set out popular culture to bully and attack me because they hate morals, then when I react and they are sure I am into the provocation by which I will get hurt by them they turn up on media to get famous with my work and possessions after which they deploy their fame money to push me into wars and gangs and crime in order to show that nobody messes with them and it is quite another for them to start to think they are counted among the upper class and therefore turn up around Buckingham palace regularly especially when HM is having a party there – so I have been offensive indeed I can tell you that. These things are just facts, the reality is that what provokes me is the immoral competition for attention with my morals but the realities are that white people are always talking nonsense about violence and blacks are clinically insane and do not mind abusing and sharing it because you have no problems and need to get some and both like to think they are your personal Gods, so that when they need to get moderates and modernisers and I need to be scared I really do feel like whacking them one as well but it is clear they would help themselves better if they did zip it too: I mean everybody has to deal with these things and they are at Civil service and at Media and at Rail work and so on and an example I would like to make it clear with is the part where Council puts up environmentally friendly way of charging for parking tickets and people draw graffiti on it: you will never know what point exactly it is that they decided they were the environment people and council has been looking for trouble by using their ideology to make money but you will have been able to see by the way the structures the council sets up and the graffiti that people draw on them works, that it’s all going on: it’s just that there is nothing amusing about how they will find moderates and I need to be scared, we have been there before and they didn’t come through looking so good.

I do not think these matters are unusual, I mean a celebrity will set herself up in public and pick on you for no reason until get reached a point where she is making fame and fortune with your life and everything you do in public and bellowing threats at you as well when she does not even know you and yet married women will attend geeks every week because they are sure they will sacrifice boys for their husbands and it is these sorts of things that get me volunteering, to be a victim or chose what I want to be otherwise anyway – so I am fine if they like to think this is how to earn a living anyway but they will be fine when they keep it off my book sales not think they are my personal Gods like they do at the moment. It’s nothing out of the ordinary, it’s a matter of realising that although she is famous, she knows that when she swoops in on the latest changes at your business to sell music CDs she is doing something exceedingly harmful especially considering she made two million pounds selling those music CDs at your expense last week but her target was 20 million for example; the issue is that people ask to many questions and we are not talking about the ones I ask when I want to cry out to God as per whether I have seen it all yet, we are talking about questions as regards the fact that when a character stinks it does and that is the end of the story.  Hence I do not think it is in any way funny, it’s just that I have been really offensive to them indeed and although I never think it funny when I am doing it, it is rather amusing when I reconsider the facts of what I have done to them.  So freedom is indeed one of those really good prices people pay as I have never before signed a Contract with them that means they can handle my possessions and more so the way they do as well and of course they think they have got me worked out as well for handling them whereas I am only engaging with them because they have been here too long, so long they cannot go their way and let me go mine as well bearing in mind how they want to live their lives be it at my expense or not – as I said, they think they are my personal Gods and their lawyers are stupid – their Politicians clearly can talk as it were but the reality remains they get a lot of respect from me while I get none from their followers and they continue to sanction and fund it with tax payer funds as well. It has never really been as simple as seeking out some liberals and modernists to solve the problems of bringing others who are better than you to heel and more so all the time as well. For me it has become a matter of how confused my people are about my activities and there is really no confusion going on; the part about the Royal Family has always been as simple as the fact I have an Office of Government to look after and being popular does not mean that it can be messed with – those that have more authority than I do know there are rules and I am not responsible for what those rules do and those who are not know there will be wrath – the rest is simply a matter of how people think society becomes more deviant as they compete with me for the attention of my morals and become so desperate as to be complicit with the social deviances in order to win by any means. I am therefore not anywhere near half the trouble they claim, it is physical damage to my book sales that creates enough setbacks for them to make freedom on media but of course that is illegal and I have no plans to seek redress in the law Courts either – apart from which I have taken those cultures of theirs and will never give them back and they are off getting rich and important at my expense and in order to get by I need to control every single one of their activities which like their insults in my direction is something I have given authority by the law to do as well.

These are just some of the more typical examples of why Governments and Politicians should never spend tax payers funds to savage the finances of religious people while spending the same funds to help these fools – everything they have done around and or with me right up to this point has been all about living up to those old claims they have found a man they can bully into homosexuality and absurdities of their stupidities in order to be powerful and has been developed to ensure that everything I disapprove of them doing around me becomes their major preoccupation, so that in order to prevent a process where I get hurt I need to ensure I disapprove of nothing. Personally I have never really thought of it as a problem since I am aware they are clinical lunatics but it is the manner and method and for what purpose the Politicians help them share it with me that has continued to remain the problem that constitutes sexual abuse while they complain about a history of suffering some themselves which means that the whole business of sexual abuse is to them an industry, nobody in Politics seems to think that is unprecedented but I am convinced I do not need to disapprove of nothing around my possessions in order to avoid creating opportunity for them to do what I disapprove. Hence it is not racism those stories we are always forced to listen to while they gratify their stupidities that clearly died along with the Nazi Movement in Germany tens of years ago - this is what psychopaths look like when they are poor and useless of which technically is how they should be not least the criminal ones, as a result of the nature of their character and the effects it has on others – there is method and planning to this and Politicians do not wish to respect the fact I have little time for it as well, until method and planning of my own on them comes into play as well.