I understand that media idiots these days say Terrorists are more clever than I am and they say it is fun they are having teasing me to get a reaction and then spending time talking about their problems but it is never an emotive issue; the first time my academic work and career had anything to do with them was at University where the end product was dropping out and ending up on depression pills, these days the purpose of media where the majority of idiots who are so clever people want to  become terrorists and kill them go to do their dirty work say if they don’t know what I am up to in terms of my academic work and career then what it means is that everybody is more clever than I am and my possessions are to pass onto somebody else that is more worthy; so these stupidities have become power all together as well besides the fact they refuse to take responsibility for activities they carry out that makes people angry to the point of wanting to kill them, it has become power which means that whenever they are to be seen around the possessions of another person the owner should be rest assured it will be damaged and hence the fear thus means they are powerful and get to sell that on as trappings of power to people in political offices and keep getting worse and worse; for me however they speak of wealth inequality but when they see wealth they destroy it since the owner is not just going to hand it to them considering they need to pay their way in the world and that began a long time before at University where your writing will end up being the source of self improvements that are amusing in parliament and on media, until you dropped out and they passed their exams to end up with claims they have qualifications that befit jobs that you have without being qualified for but at this stage by the time they take whatever it is that will offer them equality more than half of it has been destroyed and the owners need to be made by Politicians to share whatever it is they have left of it that they have gone through hell to save from them – so at present women are complaining about me and they are next on the list. It is remarkable to note that these women who complain all the time understand female success as the men you bully one thing after another after another that there are so many ways in which you get to hurt them that it is impossible for anybody who gets off having enough of you to counter every one of the examples of the things you have done to a certain men and they like to chose religious people for it as well – in my case they say I joke to boast but cannot do anything because I have not made this and a process of dealing with them a part of my career, which complains they make are a function of the fact I intend to make it a part of my sales strategy for my books anyway but these male idiots are next on the list as well as I am fed up dealing with them turning up on media to investigate and expose my life and put me through public humiliation with that stupid media so as to talk nonsense about doing my career. I have no idea why people love to assume that what the security services do in terms of contacting people forms the basis of how terrorism should be policed anyway; the truth is that the security services do these things all the time i.e. when they see people with high level gang character they contact them and get involved with them and monitor them over a period and when they feel there is nothing amiss let them go, so when those people later become terrorists it is not clear why they should be blamed or why that was actually how terrorism should be policed in the first place but these stupidities on media is nothing amazing I mean I am an example; I can sit down and decide that on day one I will be doing all I need to ensure that I am not associated with deviant women but all of a sudden an idiot will turn up and spot an opportunity with which to start his anti Christian campaigns which means he is insulting and abusing me anus and penis and all and reversing all of it in order to sell that up as trappings of power to industry idiots that want some and its the same with things I might do to avoid being associated with gangs and its the same with things I might do to avoid being associated with those that damage finances and so on but they do it and then some idiots will make claims at Church until they end up there too which is how we hear stories about what appears to have been my responsibility, likewise parliament and its nothing new especially when they claim I am now begging to be free of their culture when in actual fact stage one was the bit where I was said to have taken my Christianity to extremes when I mentioned it was sinful and the results was the financial damage they still brag about to this day and the consequences which followed that to create the stage two we are talking about at the moment; the one whereby when they have feelings I do things and when I see them on the roads I back down because they are walking past and so on – like it was before the story again develops along the lines of what you don’t want them to do with your possessions being an impediment to their freedoms and democracy.

I understand it is said I never talk about what my relationship with the security services is like as well but that is not difficult at all; it started with being checked as to whether the fact not a lot is know about me and I know how to handle a weapon might be a threat to others and then they found out my writing and wanted to know if I was looking for power or something else and having been I was remotely interested in the existence of such things, their position had changed into one of being caretakers, latest development was the bit where I thought I had been looked after enough and had provided facts and figures about my work enough and need to move on but they decided otherwise especially the Police making a case for what they have gotten used to. So it has been good and these goons can eat their hearts out thereof for it too; they do say it s crowd pleasing goon like me stealing all the attention but I am not crowd pleasing at all, its reality about their sense of violent sharing as a result of their insults and stupidity that is the hall mark of their superiority being a threat to other peoples health and when coupled with the fact that when you tell them not to do things to you and your possessions you position becomes a threat to their freedom and democracy especially after they had gotten on media to make a case over it until it became too big for you and they have no choice but to do you the favour of doing it anyway elbowing your chest and head and tummy and penis and all that nonsense that follows – which in turn puts into perspective the reality of what I already knew for instance like taking their lives and minds and going off to do the devils work for him with their own hands when he should be doing his own work if he wants it that much and then turning up to pretend my own choices will not stand due to their modern society and their cultures and societies and Politics and so when they cannot leave me alone and let me be it seems they are also unable to see that it is looking for trouble right up to their stupid Politicians as well. So the bottom line is that the head hurting and chest hurting and tummy hurting of others to soften them up and grab their possessions is a function of collecting peoples power and toughness and adding it to their own which makes them supreme and that means they don’t have to work for anything, so this idea of being able to get away with that on media will not stand as well as we are not mates; its all dead and buried as can be seen as a result of mentioning it for it so becomes clear their stupid women could only have insults and abused and anus and penis insults to collect my strength and toughness for them in the knowledge that I will take it back and collect their own too just before we engage each other; the issue with women is always a mystery to people of course but I actually do not have a problem with women in a generic sense - its just that they feel nobody is paying attention to every wicked thing they do to ensure they are making money and getting famous without working for it on account they tell lies all the time and modernisation will cover them too, so that when their first impression of me is that I am a kid with a sense of their finger up my bum already and their hands just casually brushed my penis and can do it all day long if it wanted, it becomes a matter that has to be settled when it is impossible to answer questions when an employer is asking them at interview and so on, so as it stand the results are the results and it is not actually clear why they like to follow me around anyway with that big mouth - its the old story of when a man is found within a womans disposition, women only need wait and make a global case over everything he owns and take it away from him because it befits a woman more at an opportune time but when women are found within a mans disposition it is called social equality and feminism, so that they now have their media routine on hand and turn up to ask me for relationships that will exist within a criteria of being the man they sodomise with a dildo in order for women to be powerful, so when I tell them to get lost they can be found around every one of my business and possessions playing the idiot that got scorned and I have taken everything away from them save that media as it stands especially over the insults that I need to push it out like they push their own when they got sexually abused and so it makes me want to take the issue of how prejudices around sexual abuse is handled away from the legal system considering they do complain about that a lot as well, and place it firmly at the social systems, so they can tell me if they follow me around and cling to me that way because this is their side of society in a sexual context as well as it were. I understand people do ask how long I have been on this problem, but its always been around; I am a Christian you see and these are very twisted evil fools with a love for money going for them - so in their minds men should always end up in a woman's disposition to work for things while women end up with powerful men that will help her claim ownership when he is done and so in order to set me up on such arrangements, since I have a Court and spend time with it everything else must be destroyed and all my life built around my relationship with my Court which is a woman's world that they can claim when I have no other choice but to become a woman when I am really not and so I had to prepare for whatever it is that seems to be their problems, with results such as their powerful men being informed they need to tell them to behave if they have no plans to kill somebody recently and I am now left with the decisions I must make to take that celebrity culture and media away from them as well all together but if they want all I own which I created from the disposition of a woman they can come round my place and get it assuming they have the guts for that; so we can put to the test their love for money – after all it means they can do any evil thing they want and others simply exist to wait somewhere and have it happen to them as far as they are concerned, so the part that is tolerable is the bit where she and her twisted husband have these opinions and so he thinks he can handle anything you own while she thinks she can fancy you sexually while she is married like you are an alternative penis, whatever her reasons to take these risks might be chiefly of which is always that I am a Christian for instance and if I lost my temper it wouldn’t have mattered because there is nothing that I can do.