This story of Arabs that are a problem for me can run for eternity as we can see obviously but there is no such problem; I mean they are the Arabs that dress in suits and get around with rich Americans before they blamed the British for the part they played in the destruction of their Countries for instance; so they usually have it all worked out and soon enough we will see them in suits and scarves showing this is the life with their secret societies that range from highly organised ones that are heavily deuced by its members to ad hoc ones help in drink parlours and so on telling me how I am supposed to respond to terrorism on media of which there is nothing new as it were. It’s the same populous trouble makers and Mr Obama is at the top of the list too; they are never seen talking about their problems in the context of their part of society, it’s always other peoples part of society and the need for democracy that means their aspirations are to have what others have got too – Nelson Mandela was the same thing but became a Hero because it was complicated, people had made enough trouble to set him out as the saviour of all black people in South Africa and maybe all of Africa too which does actually make you blank every time, so that you think that maybe his role is legitimate and never wish to talk about it until he decides to play that games of being Mr Nelson Mandela the greatest and behind him all black boys such as yourself at to fall and then he becomes fair game too. They do say I will get into trouble again but I never did the first time; that first time when I wanted them to keep off my mother and what she gets up to concerning my businesses and finances and public life but apparently if they spoke to her she could collect it for them Mr Populous etc they would never do it – if I don’t then I am already a Christian and every idiot in the land wants to hate my faith and get after my finances and the last thing I would appreciate is somebody turning up at Media and politics to barricade my public life and business for the stupidities he wants to get up to which he then finds amusing and seeks to extricate good personal life and lifestyle from as well was going to be a problem, they would never have taken that seriously until I set them out as fair game and then we see them on media all the time and all over the world for it too. It is never true I am in trouble with them – what happens is that I get abused while I am at work i.e. what I do is write and sell equities and they are designed to aid friends and fans bargain their dignity at domestic violence or even unpredictable street kidnapping and so on and child sex abuse etc, so when these sort of things happen and the perpetrators have to consider the dignity of their victims, it is possible to bargain what is being paid for and what is not and more so the Police can enforce law effectively as well and criminals can be rehabilitated easily, so it is the abuses they levy at me while I am at work and what they do in public with it that they claim is reality which has no basis on truth, that I do these things because I cannot get off my office to fight for and protect people personally which would have been counterproductive too by the way. If I get out there I will definitely kick them again and we will hear all about it again.  It’s never really been an issue, just the games their white friends play which means they hurt me to get good things and think it surprises those that are asking them if selling my books will be a problem – these are deviant people whose whole lives are built on the prognosis of preparing a world where popular culture rules and that will create an economy where people come to enjoy themselves and in that sense provide a cover for their spiritual wickedness that those they have harmed in ways which ensures they are overtaken by the evils that plague them can damage to cripple their ability to fight back when people bully them as well in order to earn their hate but at the end of the day politicians find these sort of things respectful when they are off to spend money on it to enjoy themselves etc and so do the industries, so that is where they feel they can do and undo and are never wrong but when you have had enough of the deviance getting involved with you then you cannot deny it is deviant and that it is getting involved with you to your detriment; i.e. they pipe weed and probably cocaine as well all the time, so the fact they provide best holiday environment for Politicians and people at Industries is not to say their involvement with me does not do the damage it is supposed to but the question now is whether selling my books is going to be a problem with them – it is never been any complicated; every time they wreck my finances to increase probability of bad things happening to me, I rip up their culture and civil rights and they become helpless every time they are attacked by others and this is because it is impossible to reason with them considering the distress they cause me is quite obvious more so – when it means I cannot sell my books to increase the chances of gangs getting hold of me or women cannot do their academics and finances so they might never escape from bad men because they have the money to etc this is the full album and applies to blacks and whites and Arabs and every other miscellaneous villainy idiot.

Of course we have heard it for more times than we would ever imagine in necessary; that I am doing some speech therapy to deal with my problems and mental disturbances, there is no shred of truth to this whatsoever either. The reality is that Blacks love it when they set a man out as some person they will abuse to create a totem that will solve social and cultural and Political problems so they can do popularity and popularity culture to get rich and famous and important and once the whites had seen somebody being picked out for it such as myself, they become convinced the only way they can be should have something to do with ripping up my livelihood lest I sell products to a market they have claimed is their own at my expense, so that when you settle up on the reality that these are the idiots who do civil rights all round and for every destructive attack from their popularity and pop culture music CDs lined up to make riches and fame on this basis is a process where you will spend that their civil rights to sell your books as well, then you are done with the blacks but for the whites there need to be an extra kicking before anything improves. I do not have a problem with this matter and never have, only they like to say I suffocate people which is not true either because their behaviour is all about their problems considering others have got none and a process of issuing mortal threats at me for it too making out it is both powerful and amusing to and that means that in terms of the threats itself they say I am always being targeted because people will like to kill me which is utter nonsense as they can kill nothing i.e. they are seen on media every time building up a sense that I am afraid of people and for the Politicians that part is achieved by spending public funds to wreck my finances so as to be able to threaten to take the benefits away, so as to make it possible for people to feel this way when they issue abuses at me where and when nobody is seeing or looking until those people feel they might as well just stop issuing abuses that can stand up in court as evidence I acted because my life was a danger which we all know they never issue in public but use it in secrete against me to build up an atmosphere for murderous youths to target me with looking for trouble and then start to act and this is where they fall because they will never be free of me and any act will end up in a condition where I kill first as it were and in terms of suffocating people, what they do with their time mostly is seek to from popularity idiots to having the means to ends and life of a religious operative like a Vatican pundit for instance or somebody like me who is Royalty as well as a devout Christian making his living along those lines too and after which we see them pretend that if they tell lies and issuing accusations as to whose fault it is concerning the violence and problems they entangle themselves with, this particular behaviour will suffer no downsides or setbacks and it will never be clear why any person would believe it is sound judgement to deploy things they are supposed to use to keep their feet standing as a means of attacking those who have a power to harm them back as well regardless of how insignificant that power might be.

There is a story close to it about how I support the Russian President while he makes the world an unsafe place which has no basis on reality; since the Russian President is leader of Russia first of all and I am supposed to have been completely naive of the nature of their villainy and wickedness hence the role I play in British Russian Relations; so that what happens in Russia is a case where Mr President comes into office to deal with the fact 20% of his Military operatives are still of the mentality that returning to the soviet era is the best foreign Policy to have but where these fools are around what becomes more important on media and the worlds stage is that there is no way Russia will know if or not democracy is good or bad when they have not yet tried it and so they like to think they are the sales men and women and that my books are indispensable as something they must handle to that effect. The reality on the ground is therefore that these trouble makers in Russia will get up to all sorts and the Pressure will get to the top but we soon realise that somebody is out there stifling everybody else’s career by standing out as the person that puts the matter in the hands of vulnerable Russian people who have lived in this kind of society for all their lives complete with features like certain details that need to be kept to them the leaders being preserved and so on and you can never tell who killed them, if it is the Russian President or some person in Russia whose life got worse or a mentally disturbed person and you simply cannot tell but what they always achieve dead or not is the part where government cannot function in a Country where they have a communist economy and fundamentally rely on their friends and allies with whom they have history to settle domestic affairs, while we rather get very well informed about mistakes Mr Putin must have made for instance like becoming paranoid about foreign involvement in the Country which he could have handled better with benefit of hindsight. So it’s the same case with the US President sitting at the very top of an abusive set of regimes of socialist women setting around to find amusing a process where they distract me from anything I do in sexually abusive ways, which of course is the issue at the heart of this story of supporting a Russian President that is making trouble for the world and of course the fact that these fools have already spent time wrecking my business and barricading it with media to get me to hand over some Royal disposition that will give them  a sense of rebirth and power and freedom from the origin, which means that they become really busy telling tales about how much of a problem women are meaning that these women can then pile pressure on me as much as they want, everyday a new layer of abuse, knowing if I say women are a problem these fools would have been the ones to gain from it claiming it is their own and they were there first and it is the philosophy behind that need to get into my personal space and make it into something people can just join and of course get new civil rights from my Christian personal life as well which has become something they will not give up, all be it make up a version to satisfy a desire on media – so the question is still the same i.e. is selling my books going to be a problem with them and for the US President I am comfortable with having a piece of him too every time he shows up in public after conducting intellectual property crimes on my products and then he can run all his affairs on the basis of the US being an empire and thereby exerting its power over me which I have got to shut up and live with like black people will want him to.  I am saying there is no speech therapy going on here – we all know the insults never get better what we do not know is what these fools will be up to next and as for the Labour party here in the UK Labour is the only thing that is democratic about the UK because everybody needs a job and that includes Tories and Liberal Democrats and UKIP as I have had enough of them threatening me which is just one of those things they must be seen doing no matter how much information they have on the extent to which it causes me distress as it were, not if they can tell lies each time they do it and get others to listen to those lies instead and in their defence they do say they are fed up with people turning up to offer them Royal services that will never go away but so are others fed up with others getting involved with personal space and extricating new civil rights through corruptions of involvement destroying entire careers and making peoples work many times as much as they need to just so another can distribute their wealth after saving their energy for it by never having a job of their own unless they are working for others but it gets even better because whether or not they want Royal services is always determined by using other people’s lives and not their own – such that they get divided into two sections of violent ones who want everything including economy and government to be operated on the basis of who can beat up whom and these others fools on media talking nonsense about a speech therapy I engage in knowing it destroys my books and their purpose is to ensure people cannot run businesses or do their academic work or get a job and the reasons are that both are building anger against the Monarchy, so they do have a problem and I cannot see why they turn up here all the time knowing what I think about the only thing that is democratic about the UK anyway, why they turn up knowing this is not their own lives to express their stupidities still that they have no wish to express at those that actually wish to listen to it and then there are the threats that turn things on its head because they are really distracting; so that if they feel so strongly about it, the easier thing to do is to leave me alone as it were – I for my part will release The Labour Party the day it agrees to work for me so it’s a question of what it is going to be as such and if they do not want that can stay away from me and my concerns instead: these are fools who would normally in school or a dormitory have their own cliques and those will mean hell and discrimination for everybody else, so when they get into the real world it is perfectly okay to ask their Politicians to rip up peoples finances until they are famous first, so I like to explain why I do what I do so those who attack my business until I had on account my world can revolve around them can get what they came for as well - we have done all the routines, from getting new civil rights from my personal life, to a personal life they can join in especially the one about somebody whom they get  involved with to fight their battles and win with honour being something they believe I will get off my Office and find flattering but I still cannot get the all clear over my Books without force, so far it has cost my academic work and they have become more convinced that is what normalcy will be like and it isn't.