The talk of complications with media that I can never get myself free from is a familiar and well understood one, it comes right after how my openness about all I do will get me killed; in terms of which for the former it is largely a case of the fact I have books to write and a royal office to look after and will never stop hitting media that turns up between me and that every day to get bigger and bigger and more violent as well, with respect to my openness however  of which there is no such thing, only things I do to deal with them on account they are unfathomably stupid. So this is the kind of activity that happens day in and day out, week in and week out, month in and month out, year in and year out to create the results that we have today. I do enjoy the part where they abuse me all the time and I talk about or talk to them like I am their parent all the time because it is their weakness as well like the name calling allows them to do this to me as it were.

I don’t think they are a major problem, its just that we have now reached a stage where the provocations have borne fruit i.e. after their abuses and how you wake up every day to think about work and how you will get to it and the energy sapping competition with your colleagues, you have to deal with intense bullying from the media five minutes after getting out of bed on a daily basis and therefore decide the behaviour that gets you hated by their silly community croons must now be extended to them i.e. they want to go home after they are finished with their media nonsense but you think they need to give a big speech and there is no home.

With respect to my books however, the reality remains that they enjoy creating publicity for me that they can then spend on somebody else; right from day one my books always turned up on media instead of a process where they buy it if they see it and so that was always their idea of how to relate with other peoples career if it is relevant to them which I have not had a problem with – except that I did not elect the publicity or pay for it and they might want to think about saving up some of the insults for a rainy day.

They speak of how I am possessed by an evil spirit of course, I am not possessed by anything and so do I know that they are; it has been 12 years of banging on my chest and talking into me all the time; they will even claim I am an enemy of democracy for example when they are the ones that claim a bad thing can be good sometimes and a drugs lord that wants to reinvent himself as a politician and set out very clever psychopathic nonsense that follows stage after another of finding out what people will let him get away with it perfectly fine but will not support it without me and that big mouth thereof but the part that really gets them into trouble is of course the bit about a hatred for religious people while expecting a judge to sit on a chair and deliver justice on the basis of what he thinks is right so they can have democracy and if I don’t like it have anal sex with a willing partner. I know they are possessed and that is why they are always confessing their problems on others to ensure it ends up in their lives, it is common knowledge that what they expect should end up in other people’s lives is the evil spirits inside of them and of course it is the reason they always make it clear they don’t believe in God and claim there isn’t any such being.

We are not mates you see and it does pay to set out clearly even though I don’t dwell on it because I am a Christian, the facts about what I know which they are dying to know as well and does get to make it very clear that we are not equals because there is usually no other way of understanding that they do what they do to others because they think there is an advantage to it, along the lines of the fact they would not have liked it done to them; I mean you cannot even use an idea they came up with to solve a problem but they take permission from you before they dress the way you do and claim it to have been their original idea for example, hence set off a violent aspect of their stupid societies which is all about others creating a path that they can deploy to find answers to their stupid needs. I don’t mind the idea I am supposed to be bullied by them at all times in their view like it is as present as such; no, I don’t think they have the right to breathe or go home when they should be making a big speech instead either.

I don’t stifle their media existence as they claim I do, the reality rather is that when they want their lives back and their media nonsense back they will find it the normal way because there is no way in hell, in this life or the next that they will get it from me. I mean if I approve of a woman taking pictures of herself and putting it on billboards to deal with issues and earn a living, how financially sustainable is it if every little twerp they know can do the same as well like they have proposed and imposed over the years. They will never be free of me unless they move and move out of my life. Now do I spend therefore all my securities as it is proposed I do? Of course not, so many idiots like these around you see without a focus on anything in their stupid lives and an eye firmly fixed on my God blessed earnings. They always make that big mouth big noise about how they will one day get hold of me and force me to make some money and maybe kill me with it like I love to refuse to go out and make money so I can attack them all the time but so do I think about getting hold of them and making them make money in a moral way so that they can be famous if they want to be and not notorious but important with that stupid media at my expense and yes it is true it provokes them that they feel this all the time because they cannot shut it. The part where I am done and finished being the biggest nonsense of all usually of course since it is about getting ones priorities right as it were and they are not going anywhere near home while I think they should be giving a big speech like big mouth markets about which I suffer until it is looking good yapping all over the place; I have no idea when they will learn anyway, I do take up the media and fame career of those stupid girls of theirs and do it for them with a simple blog that I place on places like Twitter where I may even follow them as well for good measure – no idea when they think they might want to stop it to avert the harm that comes as a consequence anyway.

In the wake of the Kennedy anniversary 2013, it seems the main concern of Mr Obama has been the matter of how Americans have always tried to do democracy in a moral way but those who try get killed so that British goons can turn up and do their stuff for them. This has never been an unpredictable issue whether or not they are convinced they will kill off my career as a matter of somebody marked out to suffer as a result of the fact slavery and slave trade happened, it was entirely so that a person who sets up community croons on the stage of his National campaign and allows them to pass insults at another Country because slavery and slave trade occurred was always going to be a social retard that is convinced about his own superiority. I mean this is an individual whose madness extends to a process of setting up community croons on his National campaign seen by the entire world to pass insults at the British over slavery and slave trade but at the same time needs a specific wing of the secret service to be created for the purpose of spying on people in order to gather intelligence on terrorism. He really does need to finish his academic work and his White House service and get the hell out of there as soon as possible: I mean if we speak of morals take a look at what America has become under his watch; abuses and homosexuality running wild in an environment where serious social issues are happening and Republicans have made mention of brushes with cannibalism, laws made by idiots who claim these things are simply things that have been mentioned by people so more of it can be done that they might be blamed for it and that sort of demagogue all over the place while a judge must sit down in a Court room in a Country that pledges to stand together under God and deliver justice under the law for the oppressed.

They all always make out on their Publicities that I have been exasperated and bullied into saying things when I say them but the reality of course is that there is no reason for them to be here and there is no reason for them to set themselves up and grow bigger and bigger between me and my Office and Public work and there is no reason for them to sit around in public places getting violent with and over it and I will never stop hitting them and this is all I do with media every day, once the five minutes I get out of bed and it needs to begin had started. They flatter themselves I gather recently that I am in some sort of slavery relationship with them but of course even the government does send a clear message about the fact it understands that people have their benefits taken away when and if they are not meeting job seeking criteria and the only reason you would not have had a job as a means of planning your career is because others are messing it up for you; the reality is that they want a process where they abuse me and have parties with their friends in which they discuss it and that is what I am giving them as much as they can have. They have always known I abhor that nonsense about old idiots with families seeking fame at my expense but the more they turn up here with that big mouth to seek it and it all begins with taking their weaknesses out on me instead of following me when I lead, which are things they would not do when I lived with my parents because my parents would have supported me but do now I live on my own and my focus is more streamlined, the list gets bigger and bigger with political fame demands and popular culture fame demands and media fame demands and then we hear that noise making about a desire to go home when you want them self harming bastards to have a big speech instead and that is how we end up with things you cannot do to them because you are scared and hold them in wonderment and it never goes away yap yap yapping all over the place; back stage media control systems are manned, Regional Assemblies have curators, civil service departments have managers, Unions have leaders and they have always known I hate it became they want to be rich and nothing is ever enough for them not just because they set out to get what they have by hurting others but because no amount of doing so will ever be sufficient, they have always known none of it happens because I am in any stupid slave relationship with them.