So it seems that whenever some place is burning up in the world, it is already put out as something which particularly bothers me all over the world’s media. I think Western supremacists needs to get their acts together about what really bothers me and it will not be the first time I have made such facts clear. A man who sets up a state of affairs in the air waves of the world on Christianity and the Holy Spirit of God, does not get bothered when those whose cultures he manages by it, get to burn some place or some building or indeed blow up the entire world. What bothers me is that it is no route to heaven to think about sex 24/7 because people are putting it there, nor is it the route to The Kingdom of God to be angry 24/7, so since this is how people want to exist, we will have to find out how deep the rabbit hole goes. ‘Shut up boy’ which passes off more often than it needs to outdo itself will not help on this matter either. Generally the idea is that they feel the deserve as a matter of right to have their own cultures, they think they deserve as a matter of what the Law says they must be provided with as a basic right of existence for them to have their societies and cultures and that is why they do it in my view. I mean Muslims ones do the same things; I want to pray and have personal times with my God, they are more interested in scaring me with their Islam. Then there are the African and Asian ones who have their own religions and cultures as well and have now ended up in a place where they hate my guts just as much because they have their own version of racism which is actually not an innovative discrimination in condition where they are white, just a racism that applies to their interests for those who are not white. So for me, no body changes my state of affairs unless they are looking for trouble which I will definitely give them. This of course is where the American ones who consider themselves to be incredibly tough come in; they will build secrete society powers on my Christian and Holy Spirit state of affairs and sit down somewhere to tell me I am out of my depth, such that when they hurt me I tell them where their American identity is, wherefore of course if I did it would have done them so much good – bearing in mind the kind of violence and discrimination that can be created if I get around being the one that tells people where their identities are. So if no body damages my state of affairs of a global management of their cultures in the process of the existence of my Christian and Holy Spirit life, they will be fine, otherwise there is no point complaining.

I am not saying I am an innocent victim, they mentioned something about what bothers me and I had to clear the facts up. For of course the truth about it is that we can easily live in a world where no body knows anything about what other people believe unless they show it by the way they dress up or actually open their mouths to mention it but if that was the case then the means to using strange powers on others when they least expect which you tell them is perfectly fine because you did not kill them as though you are some kind of demigod would not have become something that makes people rich. I mean these things have their good sides don’t get the wrong idea I suppose, the religions especially – I am very aware the religion ones do offer people personal salvation and the secrete society ones for the most part do not bug other people. It is all about money therefore and there is no force on this planet that can convince me that those their cultures and societies are a good thing or need to exist when they start.

 The other side is where they claim I started first and that would be referring to a process where media goons turn up in their various villages to ask them for power that can be used to rule me and they give it because a few pounds have been dangled in front of them, then obtain visas and come to the UK to sit down somewhere and enforce it. At that time not once will it occur to them that somebody with that much money to throw around for evil powers that will help him take advantage of other person in order to obtain a bigger mortgage than the one he has already got, must be attacking somebody that is important and powerful as well, until it is my fault I now have to set up a global state of affairs where I manage their stupid cultures and religions for them. Much the same for the Labour party in the UK, they do these things in order to turn up to demand from me as a means of running government things that make no sense to give to share to the point where it is possible for them to deduce that the only way to obtain such things is to have me when I have a full life and then with that, each time they fill my life with their problems I will have too much stuff and have to shed the good ones and keep the bad ones if they can enforce it that way; during that time we hear nothing from them about the fact that the way it works really is that I will be the person they take their problems out on, in order to express their wickedness to the point where there is enough arguments alternative to help them profit from it, what they are more interested in and more so at this point is which one is my fault and we are talking about things that really bother me which are discussed on media already as it stands. When I say I will squeeze the stupid party itself out of existence they always tell me it is far fetched on account that they can get into Politics and have conversations with other parties - I am not actually socialist as it were and do not have to think about how to sell socialist Policies but the warnings will not do, so far I have built my writing career on the socialist patform and am that close to selling it on the capitalist one extravagantly. They love to claim others I exonerate in order to be corrupt do the same things as well, however the fact remains that if others happen to do these kinds of things which it is said they do, if they make a certain amount of money from it, they leave me alone and go somewhere to enjoy the money and when they do I get reminded that we live in a world where people can sometimes be impatient or greedy but I do not loose my mind or humanity in anyway thereof, most damage to me as a person of which are worked with a politics of bet and extort in order to create arguments of alternatives they can get to profit from while doing it; they therefore on the other hand are just evil and so I do understand that it would be obscene if I were to mention something about the fact that somebody has died when those things they claim bothers me are happening but there is also the question of whatever on earth their problem really is and I like bets too as much as they do.