So it’s always said I like to go up against white men because I would never survive against black men and it makes no sense whatsoever – these are supposed to be the equality commission human rights act idiots; so that what becomes of it is their stupid children having hate figures to stabilise and attend school while they become race managers along with a 13 charter human rights act while the international community’s has agreed there are three charters. I mean you cannot get a black man to make trouble for you while you become civil rights activist for a career because out of an expected 500 page book he will barely have any steam left to keep bothering you at 20 pages, so he will need your own and really mess things up after; if I say it then Mr Golliwog who talks nonsense because he thinks he has a beaten arsehole here to screw around with starts to want things that those who oppress people normally enjoy so he can get to show me looking for more trouble. I don’t like them in any way; it is as though I am being forced to fit in with and work many times as hard so idiots who are somewhere below the me that is below basic morals and immoral issues that is below academic work, that is below career, that is below profession, that is below the great and the good, so that they might be in a place where they are superior to me on account they are trying to be equals with others which they claim is for my own good and Politicians never listen to what people are saying to them hence it continues but I have got to spell it out when they start and Mr Golliwog thinks he has found himself a beaten arsehole here – then again these are the sort of things that lead to the genocides we hear about endlessly too. I do get them out there of course due to my intolerance of that stupid culture and society and let them get out there and pay taxes too, it’s how these things get paid for but Politicians never listen when it comes to not building career and taking over the world when in their company, they continue to allow them mobility however hard you work on it. He is always after white men because he fears the power of black culture; the bloody clowns and its play time all the time; during Charlie Hebdo rally, during armistice day, always about attention and whether they have the same things I have to feel special with but where the problems begin is how I don’t need millions and property I have to effect of such money is looking for trouble by breaking their record and it is the result that means what happens at Industry makes them seek privileges of injustice from Politicians against that boy, so it gets more and more insolent and more and more problematic as it were that big mouth all over the place. They do complain that they are only trying to rescue their enterprises from the onslaught of my destruction but I wouldn’t know anyway; following me around and being a really disobedient sociopath generally has come to mean I built a literary empire in which the market equity has ended up somewhere else and it is not with them either so they can chase and steal a sweet thing; how long do people have that sort of fun for, to claim its problems created for the black race by white people and abusing me with the boy thing endlessly, a decade and a half everyday because of how beautiful I am, how rare a thing to have somebody that owns an empire in such a position in a Country where there is racism? Its the cost they have not counted apparently, as typical as ever, the part where they never calculated it will cost entire empires too as it were, any normal person can see that this sort of abuse can only be resolved if they lined up and lost entire global business empires to you and that a process where that happened would constitute gradually normalcy for you until all of them had lost their own too and then it will all be resolved and all returned to normal and yet it can always otherwise be as simple as a process where they stay off my books, their women keep their goading to their stupidities and they keep their insults to themselves. Its that old story that I feel I can do anything I like whereas there is a difference between what is required of me at government and co-operating with Mr Obama’s needs – I mean because of him these days being a show man or show woman in the US involves abusing and laughing at me, so I have done everything to become what they are the children and relatives of tyrants who behave in this way hate i.e. ruin my finances and hold a government office still and it has done nothing to change their need to touch somebody, the flesh men that become important while tough blockheads should have been etc – so I really do not need Mr Obama’s co-operation or help with anything I get up to.

I hear they say they want to know what is going on in my mind – it will never make sense but is an expression of their insanity but then again perhaps they are interested in 6ft individuals not being able to see across a fence that 5ft individuals can i.e. Mr Obama cannot tell that drone patrol and the protection of people’s rights are not two compatible things, i.e. Media bosses cannot see that a consistent culture of celebrity scams encourages extremists and far right groups to infiltrate and get jobs in their establishments, Politicians cannot see when people are criminals they made a decision that led them down that path and if rehabilitated made another that led them down another path – it’s all a matter of perspective but then again if I must be blatant maybe what people want to hear is that in my head democratic and liberal people are inherently evil. I mean there are things you do which are wrong but they are just evil and it gets to a point where it affects them physically i.e. the law says what is good for you is good for others, so you attack what is good for you so you can seek what is good for other people and when you had failed look like an inferior citizen looking for civil rights; I mean are they asking me? Is this the answer they expected? Take Mr Obama for instance; we will never know what exactly he finds pleasurable about exploring how republicans do that stuff that makes them look all formidable and noble but if you put it to him that democrats fundamentally lack a sense of leadership that will be a different story entirely; so drone patrols do not happen because people need security, they happen because somebody has invested in drones, it is not true they are unable to see what everybody can and therefore need to be informed.

There is that talk I do things that benefit children and somebody needs to finish it off as well so children can have the life they have always deserved – it has no connections with reality of course which is rather that of companies and governments and individuals having this unquenchable need to savage my Business and Literary Empire to make themselves well off in some way; so the truth is rather that there might be things I have done that benefits children but people are here to buy books really otherwise they should not be here at all. I don’t feel it is an issue its reality about large businesses having this need to get involved with governments that help them pillage my empire to make more profit and every little twerp joining in too and they have got it worked out to a state where they now believe they can tell me how I am supposed to respond to terrorism – terrorism which in their view is my problem as well since I am the one that get around winding people up like that in order to get rich as it were. I hear of the damage they have done to mine and there is really no such damage, I mean there is some damage but it is not enough to construe something serious i.e. when you look at the papers these days for instance there is considerable reduction in advertisement made to pillage my intellectual property and products on guaranteed popular products such as Iphones and so on, so that is a level of regard that is good for something and offers a start – those who don’t have that level of popularity around their products rarely try which is a measure of success. Its a matter of what people see a lot of the time – I mean I know about a level of disruption from them that is totally intolerable; for instance I have some millionaire women at the Literary Empire that are associates of Intellectual property administration business that we do, so we have this little area at global markets where we get to enjoy the luxuries that we have somewhere at the end of jobs I have finished concerning Policing and tourism but there is such a level of disruption from these large companies that means it is something that their stupid girls can do fashion with, pass insults at me and threaten me making advertisements claiming I mess about with other peoples companies – then there is the other bit where they need to be seen conducting their concerns around me, using my products without paying for them as entire communities, looking for trouble whereby they have problems first of all and those problems need to end up in my life and they need to use my possessions to get rich or extract an income from my purse on the other in order to be superior to me, to a point where when I have an affair with others, it becomes their business in a real way and in real terms; this is a level of disruption that cannot actually be measured.

I know when I say these things white communities will take them seriously but the black ones will not and the most popular disposition for the black ones is usually how the problem is that I need more people to get involved with my concerns but it has never been an issue – we all know there is only one language black people understand, we all know I am black as well and they know what that language is and we all know it is when their contraptions for making money are lined up and pulled down like dominos to reveal normalcy at the end of the tunnel that they get to take anything anybody says to them as seriously as it sounds, we all know blacks are never ever conservative because it means being in a place where religion is a good thing and morals is the way to go, we all know they are always liberals and democratic because it means being in a place where religion is the evil and morals is a threat to them, so we all know they are fundamentally evil and cannot be reasoned with and we all know the only form of conservatism they understand is a position taken against and about younger people with a big mouth looking for trouble, so we all know it is not hurting badly enough yet so far as it were the part where they never take it onboard and stay off my empire.

The story of being manipulated by media is not an emotive one; its the old question of what abuses are meant for – whether they be community croons given the right to hurl insults at you all day long to others that are discriminatively motivated but then again that said the media has always been the biggest problem for this company; they are the reasons that firms owned by several people cannot make out the difference between their intellectual property space in the world and one that belongs to a single person that is black and owns a British Royal Estate. I am not saying they are a problem, they like to make out they manipulate me all the time which is not true; I am the one doing all the manipulation since last the invasion of Iraq meant regularly handling my person and possessions and asking George Bush stupid questions that led him to responses that meant they can to whatever they like with me and find it amusing as well in their own little expressions of power and oppression, so I did catalogue every important aspect of National and International media business of course and now they have to spend time on their jobs lest somebody else grabs it and they are doing what I want at all times so the opportunities to get the best headlines do not pass to others. They do say they are not doing what I want of course it can also be measured by realities surrounding how I have not paid attention to my finances for sometimes which has given them opportunity to catalogue my market and plug their pop stars into it everyday as well and I can always upgrade it for attrition or for money reasons too if they are keen, otherwise we can keep it as it is; nobody manipulates me, not really – the last time we checked they were stupid people who think that their stupidities combined with access and involvement in the lives of important people can result in wealth they did not work for and have no plans to because they are saving their energy to enjoy it with and when it comes to the damage and disruption they cause I was still the best that the world had.