It is utter nonsense I find it impossible to make myself financially successful – the matters are as follows;

Am I aware that it is not the Monarchy but fools who run between the Prince of Wales and the media that have access to my personal life? Of course I am and I will hurt them seriously before they see it fit to put an end to it as well. I mean it will soon be a case of one more attack where absolutely everything I do is followed with their distant fascism violence and it will be society and gypsies like they want and we will see what the end of it will be too and I personally intend to use it to make him run away from that Throne so somebody that wants the job a lot more can have it. I own that big show and I still am not giving up my post as guardian of heart disease either, which is rather concerned with how I ensure each abuse from peoples girls means that they become sex objects on media as well. As for the part where people are trying to detach me from my hold on the way things work, there are three issues to it; one being that they come round here to attack me for talking about pornography for example but that would have had to do with their weakness and not mine when I talk about it, then there is the other part where they are important but do not know it unless I am made to pay and will determine whether the way things work in the west is down to the foolish men in it or me and then the third which is more concerned with their insults and the fact I need a holiday away from their foolishness and how those insults prevent that from happening and keep me away from richer allies who can help me as well, while they climb up my books and tell me I am good but that they know what it should have been and will get somebody else to do that part for them, which is something I cannot allow them do when they have already wrecked the finances. So it will blow up if it does not change and change very soon enough as well. Besides which I have a thing for those their celebrities – they are now convinced you see that they control both my life and the lives of these idiots and that it is the ultimate career plan to ensure they can always sell themselves to the highest bidder and for them it is a case of every blessed day for the last decade as well, just like these foolish men. Then we hear then talk nonsense about my hold on the way things work too, as if this is their own lives and for the Prince of Wales there is the question too of whether they are his mate or he is a Gypsy King as it were. I have before mentioned the link between a job and having money and the link between saving money to spend on fame and having it and I have no idea why people continue to assume they ought to use my royal property or public work for it and it will end badly to that effect too; never mind the talk of how I will do nothing when they have the money whereas I allowed them have the money so they can move elsewhere but now they realise they want power and we will find out how it ends too – I know its the price for being important and all that rubbish they have cultures for but I believe my warnings are clear as well about their Popular culture industries and stupid media with it. I cannot mention it enough times, especially when the story comes through I think every important person wants to have a conversation with me; I mean I have not seen their personal income go into creating the fame that I claim as mine anyway and it was always the way it was supposed to be i.e. they become guardians of money concerning which we will tend to see their face on it any time soon and then if they do not spend it they will be like everybody else but if they do then others will get jobs and the money will do what it should – this is clearly not enough hence I have to keep mentioning the link we are aware of between getting a job and getting money on one hand and spending money on publicity to be famous on the other, instead of other peoples Public work or books or Intellectual property and then talk nonsense about how the owners claim to it means they want to have conversation with important people, when the biggest question really was exactly the point at which it became their own as it were. It goes way down to the issue of American ones who talk nonsense all the time getting married into the Royal family; they are dating the Princess of York as it were and of course their attitude is something I will pay for, however which their American in the Royal family sits there doing nothing about them and only regularly blows off his big mouth about his money in my direction which will clearly not lead to serious issues bearing in mind I have already mentioned several times I have had enough of them. It is a lot more serious anyway because the way I remember it of course was that I sent my book to Richard Branson’s company, I made it a mess then of course to see what they would think of it if they liked it and of course the response was the usual, of sending it back to me, keeping the CD copy and then regularly using it for self advancement, where they got a threatening email from me and Mr Branson decided he wanted to make a meeting with the Queen during one of those Occasions at Westminster and brought along Mr Dave Clark after the occasion who was a bit close to Prince William and decided he wanted a relationship with Princess Beatrice. Now as it stands I have no idea why anybody would want to marry an American into the Royal family anyway when we all know they think they are very powerful prostitutes for the most part, so clearly since she was one of those they loved to abuse the most, does it apply she got hitched with him in order to suck up to them? Of course not because I know I and her think almost alike and she is very unlikely to do such a thing when we both tend to have a terrible temper and possess a tendency to do strange thing as well. For my part however I am not finished on the plan to break up the relationship and do the honours myself anyway, although she maintains she loves her boyfriends technically – there are so many factors involved in the relationship anyway; Americans threatening the royal family and risks she has taken, Americans hunting me and what she has done because she feels an obligation to protect me which is such a high price as I have got it under control anyway, giving the guy who thinks she is such a plaything that any conspiracy with a certain Richard Branson will get her into a relationship with anybody to get back at anybody what he thinks he is seeking from her etc  and not to mention others where she might even marry him but we do not see her think he should have anything to do with royal work since he is just a private and personal lover etc. For me however she just dates an American and drops it on my lap and it is very uncomfortable.

These are hardly things you would describe as challenges and that is why they are so financially destructive which is what you would describe as crime; it seems when you deal with criminals with a cause you have to contend with idiots at government and none tends to happen without racial threats whereas they all do the same things whereby when they see things, it does not apply it belongs to others, they must feel like they want it and then express those nonsense about how their desires are never quashed and no body ought to dare, while the media idiots get on their media to find excuses to damage me and my earnings in order to wind me up and put a fight in me, until I handle them as well and we hear the stories I now have to clear up regularly. Of which it does not help their cause to turn up at Church or turn up at Government affairs each time they sit around their parties describing me as a peasant that wants attention when nobody is asking them and then turn out to try and live out their fantasies in public as well.Besides where is the Media issue and how my actions are turning good media people into criminals but of course the reality is that they are at it everyday and have been so for the last decade, first it had to do with the fact if they cannot get rid of my Christian faith cleanse me of it through suffering because they do not believe in it and cannot stay out of my personal life at the same time and then it progressed to the one about beating elitism and social inequality - I mean how much suffering for a person and in this case a person that has to divide his life between himself and the State exactly, so that his state of mind might determine his quality of life no matter what he owns or has and his state of mind can therefore be manipulated to reduce it; it is never over until I say so, besides which I am not the one that brings up the story of my nickname in the business world and how somebody deserves such things because he turned up from nowhere to beat my record, after bringing up a conversation on the matter.