That when I mention these idiots getting on my case for the last decade it expresses some victory they have won is utter nonsense, there is no such victory; what it is, is a process of setting out what I think about their civil rights and I think it has no reason or truth or validation to it whatsoever, it is always either they wind up people who will beat them up seriously or indeed for the most part they wind up those they are certain will not do so on grounds they are convinced that such people will likely have found an alternative explanation for it and for those who react to it, it is difficult to tell which is more annoying, that they attack without reason or provocation or that it is because of their civil rights. What I saying is that it is not just a case of how what you own should have been theirs because of how they have made themselves feel about it and how they now feel about it which in my case I like to keep up and maintain to see how far their big mouth stretches, it is also a case of thinking about your right to sit down and pray to God and do your Christian things without a process of thinking about their activities taking over and the difference between having this and not is always down to thing they do with a very decided process of acting towards you in a very violent and wicked manner without reason or provocation – what I am saying therefore is that they are incredibly evil people whose nonsense I will not tolerate. It is clear they want to build a life on being able to bully, intimidate and oppress me and talk to their people who will talk to their people and then anything that is the basis of my life will come crashing down and so on but they have won no great victory and need to shut their trap and stay off my books so I don’t have to do their own as well. There is no great victory won and it is all hear say, the only people who use it to fight you being politicians that want your personality for their career and media that want an income from your purse to fund big mortgages and talk of some great victory will lead to something else entirely around here as well. It is very important they nasty somewhere else and shut their trap. I mean there are those things that I am said to do to prevent people from getting famous but it does not just happen; it is the part where I was famous and they wanted their income in millions from my purse and have been working towards and for that day after day for the last decade in which their so claimed great victory was meant to have happened, hence famous and readily available to the crowd, famous and cash strapped, famous and now an object of abuse and a person people would love to do violent thing to because of how society works and now it is something I must do to a point where people pay me for it. I cannot go on about it enough times the warning that it is their desire to destroy my books that will be their undoing anyway. The part where they complain of how the books are rubbish being the most important story for them of course and the books are not rubbish, they are written from half monastery offices and so unless somebody thinks the life of the Pope or maybe that of the Arch Bishop is something he finds interesting then he should not want anything to do coming across my books, it seems the only reason it gets their attention is therefore the fact that businesses are involved and money is involved and people are involved and I cannot there stress it enough that this is not their lives and that they don’t live here and everything I say which harms them hinges on that one issue of attacking my book sales and therefore my income in order to extract an income from my purse –what we have there is equity brokerage and Intellectual Property administration where I write the books to do basic outdoor adjudication and so, it is impossible to sell absolutely any of it if anybody messes with any part of it – this is not their lives, they do not live here. The part where I pick up peoples pain and suffering and make books out of it is utter nonsense, besides which even if I did, the reality of that is that their problems would have been copyrighted to my name and I don’t see them cope well with homosexuality at present so as to make for a process where they can live with having their problems copyrighted to my name so that they can feel as though I take the problems of the world and lay it on myself to serve God and then write books which I expect people to buy back into their lives as it were; it is a typical example of the reasons I would mention with respect to whether or not rape is a bad thing that it is unimportant what I say when everybody has their own choices to make and then the questions they will ask about why I would have said it that way but these kinds of behaviour will certainly continue as it were even so. They say the other problem is that I take up fighting when that is not my own stuff but they on the other hand want to be able to enjoy a process of taking up all of my time to force me to create a product that does something for them so that they can refuse to buy it in order to feel pampered and I cannot stop punishing them for various things either – the insubordination and everything else, right down to those things I do which results in claims they make that I am very selfish. So the Politicians have lost control of the Politics and the media have lost control of the media and the pop stars have lost control of the Pop culture and the businesses have lost control of the business, I have lost control of my temper and am prepared to use it to defend myself but they do not yet in anyway feel as though they need to leave me alone and stay off my property as we are not mates as it were. There is no great victory whereby they have secured an oppression of me that they yap about anywhere – as for the fame, they can come round and get that too if they have got it and bring along the boasting of having the greatest powers of squander anywhere in the world along with an obsession for access to my personal life too. It all eventually comes down to some of those really insulting and annoying things they do by interpreting the actions of the Queen and applying it to me with provocative violence as something negative which is good for their self confidence and then we hear them complain of how my actions apply the fact the first was not enough and I needed to keep going, for of course it is never really clear where the teasing stops and the bullying starts anyway bearing in mind I can never be happy and the fact I have something that should have been theirs has become the reason I must get through life itself suffering. The claim the Monarchy works against me is utter nonsense, the only person that does is the Prince of Wales. Hence the way this work around here too where technically my actions were meant to protect me from fools who get themselves all over his business and make it an excuse to wind me up handling my earnings, this I will throw and fester at him when he festers at me as well i.e. I really don’t know what marrying your mistress is but I know what a mistress is and I know you are not supposed to marry one or have sex with one as it were, however having been they did, I only assume they love each other and it has got nothing to do with a process where they must decide for us what our country is all over again but the problem of course is that if that was not what they are planning to do, then they would have told us so at this stage and not when the Queen is gone and they have the Throne to themselves – I don’t know why the established system of things always say it is unacceptable anyway but I know what a mistress is and this is where I stand, so for the most part I really don’t know why he likes to attack me either and I am not going to sit back and watch anymore. I mean with respect to taking an active role to seeing that he is made to stay away from the Crown, I do believe in an active role for my part and in my part and of course the way I perceive that is that HRH and the Duchess of Cornwall are too much fun for the Country, I mean it is not that I don’t like to see Politician grovel during general elections as such but it is the case that the both of them are just too much fun for the Country and it does not work for a job where you have to be there for two groups of people split between the Establishment and the Parliament, which is what your office is all about, it is the kind of fun that cannot be undone as it stands, so I don’t believe in the whole thing being remedied by a change in behaviour on his part – I mean if the change in behaviour were to be judged then we have to imagine the reasons poorer people have sex with their mistresses is that it was not that they were doing the democracy and civil rights but that somebody felt like bending them up the other way and then bending them down the right path all over again so they really look it as it were, concerning which I have made myself clear about idiots getting on their media as well after making out I walk around their city and country like I am superior to them with a big mouth – HRH on the other hand is a very wealthy man so why on earth would he have wanted to have sex with his mistress or indeed marry her as it were. In the end they tell me I make enemies with those that can thwart my efforts such as the media and that Politicians will not grovel if the media does not want them to but the reality is that I don’t care what the media gets up to and will stop mentioning them eventually when I am done with a footing in South America and my footing in Europe and the US brushed up to level because the media does not understand the word no and is getting more and more violent when nothing here belongs to them. I mean in the end it seems that those that do the oppression have to think about their actions and have to worry about people stealing their ideas too and so I can also play my game of how I feel things belong to me; hence it is apparent they will never get the chance to make my actions something that adversely affects the common people and this is not the first occasion either, the first occasion was the one that brought about the grovelling and the hung parliaments where I put their plans into overdrive and cramp them into a short period of time so that when they have to start again we will have know tyrants do work for their tyranny and that those that are oppressed have a means to afford a process of being decadent – just like that time they wanted to sharpen it seriously with how government has set out legislation involving those that work hard and pay taxes and those that sponge off the state, so I can make them get real work and pay real taxes, since it is their aspiration as it were, bearing in mind we have ever seen them work for anything in their stupid lives. I know they say I watch too much television, the reality is that I don’t – it’s just the same with radios as well; they think my media equipments exist for them to talk through to me with and set out areas of the world that is their turf where they can use my work for their own ends to pay off big mortgages at my expense. I don’t want too much television, I just don’t like bumping into things and that is what happens – every time I step out of my door the news and the documentaries and the advertisements change and it’s all about heaping things on me and it’s all about destroying and squandering my income and it’s all about my health and my physical appearance and it’s all about peddling me since the distance they have is a secure one and it is picked up everywhere and a very violent life to live – besides which it has become a cat and mouse game with law enforcement an service people to since somebody in the case of terrorism for example must be able to get around with Muslims at the Kebab shop – instead what happens is a game of oh you found me media and he will write a blog on his website every day and much the same with the Police and their connections in the Business communities and how what they do helps to tackle crime and regulate banks and businesses – which they claim is a victory but not yet since last we checked as it were there are an enquiry over media hacking into people’s phones and privacy and Police involvement so that indicates we have police that specialise in the media world too at this stage, of which by the way the rate at which they pick up media paedophiles of recent is astonishing and we can never make out if it was Jimmy Savile or both. I am only saying I don’t watch too much television but it is not to say I am prepared to bump into things throughout my entire life as well. I am aware too they say I have slipped my way into media and made a mess of some good women and used them for their own stuff but of course the reality besides the using of those women to make out they have found a man that sleeps with them when they are married and steals their beauties to make books and a career with, is the fact that they have those their secret societies of media fools and how they get together to put out master plans for getting rich at peoples expense and each time they gather, these women are always at the bottom and on the sidelines and the reasons their girls come in and get to the top all the time is not because they are not having filthy sex with these women as it were, it’s just that these women come from a different world and cannot possibly be allowed to get anywhere near the top of theirs as such but must always be dragged into those gatherings never the less and therefore the corruptions of involvement with me and my personal life and business where they are known to be able to get involved with the lives and affairs and finances of whomsoever they please since they last turned out to work with me was supposed to have been the challenge and I took it happily too with their big mouth and the rest is history even as we speak. Hence the issue of co-operation with politicians which is not just a matter of how the ones on the left warn me about the ones on the right when I never asked them and so provocations until I react to any and then there is always somebody that is more worthy of the benefits of everything I do; it is also the hitting on the head and the chest and the tummy and last we checked that is what Popular culture idiots call that abusive music they make; the hits – they leave their foolish spouses and stupid children at home and turned out to smash hit tracks the head and the chest here and it is getting violent too and it is not even as a result of my actions that it is anyway. There is of course that old story of how I have no understanding of when women are beyond my league; I do not know what it is about either, all I know is that women do not really have to be so insolent and the fact they are is not to imply I will tolerate any of it either. So they believe I am doing things that women should be doing and therefore should leave it behind and get something men should be doing to do, which is always the last word but it really is not because the reality is that they think they should be communicating their stupidities at me and so it is either I am caught in a competition with the Men over who the best men are or I am with them over who the best women are and provided they do not get an education or get a job or do both, then we will remain as we all are at present and I will continue to be the best Prince - however there will be no alternative explanations for the insults and they will not occur without consequences.