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 That I have reached a point where I need to stop my activities before it spills into something serious is utter nonsense; I have no reached a point where I need to stop anything; after all each time I have something to say on why I need to get out of bed to vindicate myself on a fight for my life which is what happens every day, what obscures what I say and do and continues to threaten me is the claim what I say is what somebody else owns or wanted to say; we are not mates and some people must keep their insolence where it belongs and that media and politics as well. I believe I God and when others don’t, its important they leave me alone – conditions that cannot be lawfully or legally quantified and now I am the one that has reached a point where I need to stop doing things while that is still happening. I hear them mention something about the economy as well, whereby the real issue is that when the Politicians want recovery then we will have one but when they don’t the reality remains simple i.e. if you are conservative you can draw your lines as visibly as possible but when the Politicians get into parliament they will mix it up and seek interests by destruction to have power while those who do not want to work for anything in their lives get all the financial advantage – Labour on the other hand was always at the heart of the problem, they are not business people they only want equality with those etc. The Liberals should have come to the rescue of the country but if they did they would be powerless and so the fight continues and they pop questions at me about the economy seeking my own as well. Whereby if I have reached a point where I need to stop in their view I want to know exactly what they suppose they can do about it; there is never an excuse for it and I will never pass up a revenge – for now there is something wrong with them and I will get to the bottom of it especially the media fools and if I walk around or talk like I am superior to them in this country again it will get a lot worse. I am the one that has reached a point where I need to stop while cutting me to size with a big mouth continues. Every time they get on their stupid media the story remains the same and it is never enough and they never listen and I have warned no excuse is ever good enough and I will never pass up a revenge but they rage on so I will need to round them up and control their lives so I can tell in advance when they are about to get around to my place with weapons and so on and if they do not like to live like that leave me alone and keep their insolent dirty mouths where it belongs so I don’t keep it for them. I mean its as though I am being educated on the fact they speak to far right groups or that their girls believing they should pass insults at me and shut me up when I am talking to others is a matter of self confidence and comfort for them is a new thing; I mean who do they think they are the point where I need to stop doing things? I have to take stock of how old I am and whether or not they got away with some behaviour towards me every day and they came up with that because they never listen as it were. I do not think it a major crisis in anyway whatsoever; the reality is that they do not get to tell me where to be or what to do or how far I have gone with anything over their useless lives where they never listen to what anybody says about what they own and even their person and health as it were, so they can make money and I believe I have been clear I have had enough of them and intend to get to the bottom of their problem as well. Yes I am aware it is said these are things I should be doing with HRH The Prince of Wales but that is after he gets around with them and its not just a case of giving them a head start over my finances, marrying his ex-mistress after that on the basis I have no right to have a family, it is also the matter of how he knew how to give them that head start so that businesses run by idiots who do so to suit the needs of popular culture idiots can therefore get around making sure I have no money so I might never be able to do anything about it? It indicates he does spend a lot of time with men who were the failures of his generation and how they have support from the very top which says there is young blood in the Country and they sense their time in the air, it is hardly a disposition anybody would adopt if they wanted a victim of such things to work with them on anything. This therefore means it has nothing to do with my book sales and that they take steps that are actually illegal to ensure it does because they are having fun and so it is the fun we are having here as well; where I thought that grabbing their Industries and taking the Lion share from it and leaving them what suits their size was the end but it wasn’t so I proceed to an inability to tolerate their stupidities and yes of course I am determined they will know, determined they will understand and hence like to take it up and use it to accomplish things and shut it down and their filthy mouths along with it too, so they can tell me they talk to racists and that I have reached the limits of what I am doing and need to stop, looking for more. It is no such thing as being accountable to Parliament in the extreme, its just that if their flash and modern lives is important to them, then I suggest they live like that otherwise carry on as they are so I might round them up and keep an eye on them too in case they want to come round to my place with a weapon as it were. I understand concerns expressed over my financial failures but I created the books to sell them in a market for Intellectual Property Administration and so if people had not decided that when they see a thing and it is not their own it just wasn’t their own on the occasion and came into being because the owner created it and if the owner had not given it to them cannot be their own, then I will never sell my books and as long as they continue to live those useless lives and hang around my property never giving me a break they will continue to court the big problems they complain about all the time. What I write is all equities and even the fact they talk too much and talk to racists if white and gangs if black regularly as well not to mention the fact they lie all the time is enough to completely wreck my company, let alone the vandalism - soon their insolence knows no bounds and we hear them talk about sex as well and from then on it never goes away.

They say they will grab the Lion share of my business as well but apparently it is the one I grabbed of their own that is sufficient in case the worst happens as it were. I am not necessarily innocent in the matter either; first occasion was when it is impossible to prevent people from taking a look at you and making popular culture to make money from doing so, they have destroyed areas of my business I put up as a dud to attract them since I realised they were going to be a big problem, playing socialism and democracy globally and now are stifling finances and income of the real deal directly, no plans to ensure they avoid the law here as there is nothing I can do, to ensure it was all real. So I did put up the reputation for them in public and globally as well and now I wait to see how famous they will get – this was not enough so we have the part where they speak to racists if white and speak to gangs if black and lie a lot and its about me, hence the old story of why I would want to deal with the problem of evil women around me since I know others can beat me up and hence want only one problem at a time but others can have me beaten up and do not necessarily have to think about one problem at a time by deciding not to get around things foolish women say when he has had all his personal life taken away from him, in order to attack other men; so I put that up for them as well like at atmosphere in their communities where it seems they are always angry these days and every act of touching my books sees me twist it further as well, just like their foolish girls and women bring out of me because of their really familiar insults of wanting something beautiful they can hang up somewhere and that thing happens to be a person who is me – hence there is never an excuse for any of it and I will never pass up a revenge as well; the question now is whether they will stop or not and this is what we will find out in the next episode of their lives. I don’t mind underestimating them; they simply never listen, the foolish children turn out regularly with salesman three piece suits and sit next to me at the hospital or the job centre or the train and berate me for entire journeys to feel good about life, the violent parts of striking up conversations with me that means I become them and they become me and they never listen about how I want my body and my mind and my thoughts and ultimately how I want what I own, its the useless popular culture lives all the time and then the sense that another is an American each time they find out they need a job. The parents on the other hand will understand, they will know what it is they think they don’t – after all they believe that making sure I do not have to reason with their stupidities by getting into it and deploying it to achieve things for government and society and culture is not a master plan for getting rich and famous.

As for the respect issue I hope it will not move off to the matter over peoples right to be known and to be famous on the left and before the world because with respect to that in any case I am all for socialist style of business where they want a thing to hang in their lives and feel good looking at which is a person that is me with a big mouth and it gets better when they wear their insolent salesman three piece suits and cut their hair and look neat, especially when they are half of black and white races and believe they can address anybody anyhow they like, about which there is never an excuse for it and I will always have my revenge and the next time I walk around their city being superior to them it will get worse as well. The respect issue is largely a matter of how you must pitch your position and take your stand depending on which Political party you belong in otherwise there is no such thing as economic recovery out of the blue; it seems the problem with this is that people are more interested in somebody they can set out to blame for it instead and of course it gets even better when they pick me too as it were, hence they can stop complaining about the economy now - the recession was over year ago. For my part it seems the respect thing is largely a matter of abuse and public humiliation and so I must handle it in terms of how the lack of respect I put up with has cost me all I have financially, while the ones that those who complain speak of is the one where I will have been lucky if it was not all made up. I am not innocent in the matter either because the evil women have become powerful enough to occupy them enough to ensure they do not chase me around anyway in the first place; however they will keep their filthy mouths to themselves as they are nothing and I am a Royal Prince and their insults have cost me all my finances and such a sacrifice for it is as far as I am willing to go. Terrorists and tyrants and criminals murdering people to please me will never work; there is never an excuse for it and I will never pass up a revenge. I mean its like the old stuff about how difficult it is to understand what I say and how it is to be applied when reality is that crime is actively encouraged by the system in Communist Countries because it will forge an excuse to expand the powers of the State while in Democratic Countries it is the exact opposite - hence this Labour Party stalking and abuse and destruction will not end well at all; we are not mates and one way or another their members will keep their insults to themselves.


So the story of a sticky situation I find myself continues which isn’t really the case; we are simply going round in circles for now i.e. as I mentioned these are really silly individuals who fundamentally have no plans whatsoever to put into what they want, anywhere near 30% of the world required because civil rights will do the rest using other peoples work – very useless individuals of course and then there are the fame and fortune popular culture fools who think they are having fun expressing how much they like to wind people up over other peoples finances, so its the same case too of how I will get to make them prioritise between my books and their problems. They do say if they are the useless people, how come they have qualifications and I don’t but it is the same old story i.e. first experience of University was them following me there – dissertations turning up at parliament while they open up my bottom and have a laugh so to speak and they have continued this right up to the Prime Minister who was Gordon Brown at the time pretending he has never been involved in such filthy nonsense, and then the lecturers that pick up on to make regular statements each time I attend about how they prefer the way things are done in the USA so as to ensure they can organise themselves and target me and the result was the leaning on me that allows them to study and pass exams and puts me on depression pills while I drop out – now that they have got the jobs and are the ones paying the taxes and I know if I start leaning on them to do my academic work as well I will come to no harm and they can only create a social crisis if they do it at their expense, they are bragging and will not shut it as it were. Its never illegal, always a grey area, pushing my grey area and talking nonsense all over the place; I mean in the UK there are colleges for every single borough in the Country and some have more than one but individuals who can be dazzled by another persons personal and thinking space to a point where they organise themselves to bully the person and live in it to make their problems go away will turn up at the Universities because the government is encourages their idiots to get qualifications and I end up paying the price for it and they are winding me up again towards action I will take to ensure they no longer lean on me too.

I. Uno I

Naturally the whole business of the appearance I do not seem to work hard enough on security matters, which creates this outcome where people need to assist me as they believe I am not strong enough to handle certain issues, which is quite right, except each time they back onto the fact I am Royalty and it is probable what I think about doing is something I know how to tackle i.e. the only way that those who are stronger than I am and fear for my safety will have their own safety jeopardised by something I am doing will be when I am not working hard enough on it and this largely refers to criminality matters, such as young people and criminals chasing addiction and attacking people randomly to ensure they secure finances and market for it - same as smoke screen for criminality Media Journalists relentless and ever abiding disobedient practical jokes with peoples livelihood and finances, when they wish to interpret their civil rights as a process of extracting an income from the wealthy city centre without having to do any more work for it than has been imposed on them by force, it therefore usually gives way to the throwing peoples valuables to fat cats that they and the young people who follow them at popular culture work so hard to prepare themselves to do, that they believe absolutely everybody is taken by the stories they tell of work being imposed on them and of course at the heart of the supply of start up finances and mobility for such things is a bit too much of Politicians showing up in peoples lives.

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