So it is said my actions and words do not speak clearly on sexism and so if I do speak clearly on sexism then the whole story will change onto that of how I think it is okay to support women but women happen to be the biggest problem I face whereas that is in itself the problem of sexism at the hands of men anyway. So in the end we are left with this story of young people they play up all the time i.e. prepubescent psychopaths and so on who largely think they have developed this living that means people are responsible for other peoples actions which implies everybody is vulnerable to their will and so on and it does not bother me in anyway, hence the reasons I have cut them off from the left because they do not seem to find it in them to accept the system such that when they deploy my work to make money stop turning up to attack me and seek power with it as well. When it comes to others who claim my position and Policy creates an issue for everybody the reality is still much the same i.e. I don’t care, their insolence was one part of the story the threats is now another and they don’t get to threaten me. None of these matters are unusual; it’s just the way people live, their modernity and everything; so that if a civil rights bully has been at it all his life and one day met somebody that churns his tummy for him all the time, what he will do is become homosexual instead of stop bullying people and if you ask him about it, he will tell you the reasons are that he wants an easy life and yet the homosexuality is meant to ensure he can bully others while he is himself is being bullied so that he might never stop it; not my cup of tea of course unless their Politicians have consistently had a history of holding me down to help them to my work and earnings and possessions – in which case I have a problem and I have an objective along with it too. I don’t believe it to be an issue; it’s just a matter to be decided by the markets and not by me or them and I want my Church pundit life back as I was not published on media or on parliament etc otherwise they can turn up here to get their own back too.

They do say the issue is the Establishment which makes no sense whatsoever; from day one I knew they could be a problem and I had to keep a job away from them, I had to keep a career away from them, I had to keep a business away from them, I have done all these except the problem now is the involvement of those that are not upper class at all and they are the same complaining. So they never listen to anything anybody says to them and the reasons for that is that their powers of disobedience need get involved with people to work and then they had turned people’s lives and good fortunes into a hunting and now they believe they have done mine as well and cannot understand how it is that I was the better hunter all along nor do they have any plans to stop it currently, their Politicians say they need somebody they can pick on when the upper class attacks them and yet they have no plans to stay off the parties organised by those in whose direction they consistently hurl insults as it were. Then there is my personal favourite; Dave from the US who is boyfriend of Princess Beatrice of York doing it as well with his American friends and talking nonsense all over the place with them too. So the story of being bullied by MPs does not apply either; I don’t want to write my Church Pundit books and discuss them with Politicians and Media and Popular culture – they have got their own lives and this is not it but as for the story of media problems, there are none – I mean Media people work in Media establishments and so if your job was to work in a team of 6 including yourself with two reporters and two other logistics people and one engineer, to travel the country and possibly the world gathering news to a salary that is more than that of your local MP, what kind of person would you be? Then imagine what the establishment that employs them will be like as well – so its the false idea people have about the media that creates the problems and I don’t have any; if I deal with changes to the image of my company they deal with changes to theirs as well and its like the big firms that seem to be behind every stupidity out there that causes me to look into the Intellectual Property Administration image of my company every single day pretending they will make away with my property equity at some stage in their dream world; you could never understand why anything would be so stupid but when you look again at the economic crisis and work out these are the idiots that were at the helm it does not tend to surprise you that much. This is not an emotive issue; only a game the Court plays all the time about somebody being in there and when I check it happens to have been me all along, except that where really provocative popular culture scum are concerned people are actually in there making music CDs looking for trouble. So that it is thus mentioned that nothing I say no matter how good is making any progress which isn’t actually true; its an intellectual property administration business and so I say what I say because I cannot be the same who owns such a business on one while having business image problems on the other, it just does not make sense and is worth any expense to that effect and those responsible are paying handsomely as well, so when I say this is not the 1980s or 90s for example it is typical of what I mean, that it may have been okay for some people to tolerate the insolent and abusive conspiracy theories they levy on people well raised children who become important people and so on but I don’t have to stand for it if I don’t want to; reality is that I put all the equities and security up on my websites for the benefit of my clients and those I will employ to sell my books for me and not the deployment of idiots that attack me violently every single day because they think it is their civil and possibly human right to deploy my life and possessions to make themselves comfortable concerning which I have stopped them but have no right to do so hence my punishments – hence they are always getting on media to show off some media advantage, handle my work after that explaining away their stupidities compounding their problems; so it isn’t true I enjoy putting myself through needless trouble, there was a pattern and a plan i.e. break up company, broker the equities, reconstitute it and get down to business and there was thus always a start and a middle and an end.

There is always the story of whether HM approves of what I get up to that they can tell all the time but nothing new about the fact that perhaps the Arch Bishop of Canterbury for instance are doing what they are doing to get around the world and normalise the mess they have made and find ways thereof of ending the wars in the middle east; of which the general consensus is largely that of some Mr Shitheads child from God knows where who got elected some time ago speaking of power that he should be able to keep his eye on and deploy to make his career leaving the Country through Monarchic back doors and then they will say my language is horrible when it is the ministers that wreck peoples lives to create jobs for themselves knowing everybody has a crisis point between 17 and 25 with enough jobs for them to last a life time to be carved out of it; so it is all bully government and we are not having the conversation about who and who will fall flat on their faces and suffer it. Its like their attention having now turned to matters of how much I love conservatives but at the same time complain about their policies endlessly, which makes no sense whatsoever since we all know that but for the Labour most notoriously and then the Liberal democrats, conservative party Policies would not hurt anybody – so that they can spend years of your life time to groom you for it just so they can turn up in public places to wind you up every single time. So when it does come to the matter of what my case seems to be with Politicians it remains the old story that it does not make sense to abuse people and hurl vegetables at them on account they have been seen building up some five people when you normally treat yourself to building up some 5 thousand people at a time and it is those insults and their inability to be seen anywhere else save around my book sales that really kills me, the vandalism and everything. It’s much the same as when we hear them talk nonsense about Population control after travelling off abroad to do international development that brought violent immigrants into the UK to make them feel powerful, because they think they have somebody to blame if the game plan fails; not that it matters anyway since the reality has always been that the government is responsible for people in the UK, the Parents can only do till individuals are 18 and then anything else they can borders on illegal as the rest is the government’s responsibility – so that whilst nobody wants to talk about and undo the twisted perversions of the Labour party that allows idiots to get into Politics and play up stupid parents hanging over peoples necks in order to become important and have a nice little earner on the side which is indicative of a party that is questioning its very own existence and hence not supposed to constitute a problem of mine as it were, they want to discuss population control while these idiots are working these perversions with these parents to ensure what the government does to provide for people is as painful for the government as ever can be imagined and while people like me think it is not in my interest for the government to feel pain over me, it does not save me from the fact that the government turns up to thwart all I do about it themselves and get off doing nothing as well at the other end, which is why I speak in terms of nobody wants to address the issue and reverse the matter instead of talk to me about population. So that at the end the big issue still is that of people feeling hung up over me when there really isn’t anything of that sort ; like the old case of a debate over three parent babies in order to deal with genetic illnesses, which works as in terms of arguments that need to be made in parliament, when we all know there have always been three parent babies for as long as we can remember – the parts and the God parent as it were, only that for the reason illness it becomes more intimate in the procedure that allow it – I bring it up here because they would rather make laws to allow homosexual marry in Church than allow people have three parent babies, they will rather allow homosexuals to have children than allow people have three parent babies and they would rather build up publicity for the pornography Industry when it does not want any, than allow people to have three parent babies i.e. there is the me that is me that is British and was born with Britishness in me which allows me to make use of it to make myself comfortable  and then there is me that has achieved everything else that I have both being put in context of some twisted perversion that involves politicians getting off to deploy for their own ends what people know me for and my public life too, they deploy and share with others the way you were born and raised and what people know you for and it isn’t clear exactly how you get to tell people to lay off deploying your public life and public work as it were, even though it is clear that confiscating the National sense of fame of the UK concerning its place in the world so they can get through you every time they need it can be a fair consequence. So the part of the story in which I am said to reveal things about myself which is unhealthy not applicable of course; its all private equity intellectual property administration, in which this firm sells products to other firms that help them with image matters etc – so there is a corner of it that really enjoys destroying peoples cultures and societies or basically just confiscating it i.e. these fools do not need those lies they tell in order to show it is their civil and human rights to handle my work and get inspired by my income and a need to extract their own from the perks of my office, they do not need to tell those lies in order to climb up my personal life and work to express how they get to take charge as well when things are not going well that has to do with my anus and penis more times than not, they do not need those lies they tell in order to express their stupidities and their hate and this air is free to breathe and anything that ensures I cannot I will rip up as well.

SUPPLEMENTARY 3rd February 2015

I mean today the whole issue has now shifted to a case of continued punishment from me especially by Hollywood croons in the US for not loving my mother and it does appear they never ever listen to anything anybody says to them, since I had earlier mentioned that when men turn up to tell me women are my biggest problem but I am still in with them, they ought to know their actions are sexist and so are that of these stupid women and I am interested in neither side – so that they are still here when they know they are not good enough to get involved with me and that such reality is not a big deal, punishing me for not loving my mother beats the imagination; we do try to live in a tolerant society as it were but they need to leave my excrement in the morning to do what it is supposed to do not churn around inside of me while they complain I handle their society and culture to ensure the older they get is the more they want to give up on life in the first place but this does not seem like the one thing that the Politicians and their racy bitches who think they should have been The Queen of England believe they should comply with and it gets to a point as well especially with their stupid children moving off reserving rights to themselves to teach me lessons for not loving my mother to hurting my tummy all the time claiming it is about making me get to the gym which clearly I don’t need and can only lead to an outcome where I do their own as well and they get to the gym so often they become public freaks for it too: in the end we all try to live in a tolerant society but this matter does get to a point (it was never going to be easily resolved as waking up one day to decide you will not wake in another 24 hours and get out of bed feeling your tummy is about to kill you again because a racy community bitch exists and we all know that a lot of the times until you actually kill it, she does not improve especially on the matter of punishing you for not loving your mother as it were; so for now I think the state of affairs is okay as it were and they are not good enough to get involved with me and it has always been that simple; there is no shred of truth to those claims they have been able to build anything on my life in any case, wasting my time yes but then again this whole exercise of making sure they do not make any money with my work or my life or get inspired by it has only given rise to a processes of putting out equities in public accordingly of which any handling by these fools will result in shocking behaviour as well on my part because they are supposed to be there onto the day I employ somebody to sell my books for me not deploy by others who need to make plans for their stupid lives and cannot leave my anus alone and so on which does really hurt and we hear them talk nonsense about alternative lifestyles they would have had time for so I might bank roll that again to my own personal costs too with that stupid media, any process by which anything works in an alternative way with regards to my property equity will always mean I cannot go into the office of a Royal Estate and Literary Empire to work on what I must in peace because others who need things they do not wish to get out and work for are deploying it and telling me to fight because it is big enough for all to meet their needs with and so on and I will always feel I have lost everything as a result - again the story is that we are not mates and there is a problem here because they are not good enough to get involved; story of a lack of means to enforce can always be cleared up by realities around Court systems made up of journalists and TV Presenters and Actors etc, so I have people in there already and do not need them especially for those who share the same skin colour and because of which it is impossible for them to listen to anything anybody says to them).