So I am very conversant with the whipping a dead horse to make it pull a cart story but dead horse or not, they will pull mine as it were. I mean we hear them speak of the need to have a country that gives people responsibilities but it really is not about that at all, what it is about is how years of cultural shift has moved the operation of their hatred against Christians somewhere else and why they need to and how they can get to relocate it in the lives of the Christians, so their best bet since a child would be supported by parents and a grown up would not likely respond to their antics is to change the country, so that they can round up sheep, locate them, fish them out and do what they want with the Christians with a big mouth. The other side since this has completely failed is that they want to be able to sit up on media as foolish old men who have seen something they have never seen before, want it and therefore get to have it because of their age, which I find very insulting as well and want them to get off the country and fight or leave me alone for their part as it were. At this stage everybody knows that they are my plaything and that it has nothing to do with the Monarchy either and that I am very protective of my plaything and what I do with it to make money – the family side where I take theirs up and do it for them will have involved the celebrity ones as well and I had mentioned they need to find money through a job and spend that getting publicity to be famous, not talk nonsense about wrecking my finances and getting me outside at the same time if I have an opinion so they do not feel that I am some kind of force behind them, this is the only way to avoid getting a piece of my own as well. I mean for the celebrities especially I have no idea how the fact their fame is all about my public work could mean it is about them or that they are famous anyway; reality is that they still owe me, the first part is settled where they are used to getting off in public to talk nonsense at people they have abused and taken advantage of in such ways to be on either side of the inventive and evil society they build and think they trap people in to get rich and famous selling their foolishness to the highest bidder everywhere and how it is impossible to do so with me, they still owe me the things it cost me to deal with the fact that this gave mobility to extremists to move into people’s companies and businesses and city centres and sticking around my public work and books is the easiest way to kick it off too. I do not think that it is a major issue, its about things like the fact handling copyrighted work is a crime, handling it when the owner has told you not to is a crime and the fact people think I do not have the money to chase it up at court and that even if I did I would never have been able to chase up all of them, so it becomes something else when you round them up and handle them as well and the crime moves onto your finances, which they must be able to affect to their benefit from a safe distance and as such need to get off the country and fight or leave me alone. When they say they are older than me and deserve this and deserve that, do they take the responsibilities to provide? Of course not, never ever, only the insults, that is what they are good at no matter who you are – it goes all the way to destroying your academic work and finances as well i.e. their problems on one hand at the left, your personal life and academic work in the middle and the big violent problems that can come in at any time – the fun part being that they can keep you scared and therefore can pull a string and bring everything you do crashing down, especially at college and will continue to get some of mine as well until it stops right down to the neighbourhoods, my perspective is that where older than me and what belongs to me will become their children’s property is something they have not got. They always bring up that complain Christians twist it until they have to criticise people to make money but until then of which where you criticise them to make money is madness concerned with a very deep involvement with your daily affairs that sees them turn up to pull strings around absolutely everything that you think about and this is where they think they can silence you with a big mouth; the main issue is that they search you before it begins to find out what you are doing when your lights at on at midnight and of course when they realise you are not criticising them, then what they find is their own – same old story of idiots and fools who want to have something between you and them which involves a process where they were the boss and hence no idea what their problem is and why it is always about the Country as well. In the end I function well when I am a happy person, so all that demagogue comes up to replace that – doing my stuff, taking it up from there, doing his stuff, my stuff their stuff etc meaning nothing except insults that should not be avenged because you are scared whereas the fact you are is the reason that you should, so when you handle them as well and it becomes news. It pleases them to ask what I am doing with journalists all the time but the same old story of course and girls that will do their bidding replacing journalists that cant even smile etc and I will be their worst nightmare as well. No country involved, the fact has to be made especially clear so. All these individuals who want the U.K. To become a republic have families and friends of their own but it never on any occasion their major preoccupation as mine rather is, which is always set to continue until i take it up and do it for them as well - however which having said that it is something politicians do and some politicians have absolutely no respect for me whatsoever as i none for them too whatsoever, so in the end it comes down to the matter of such fools telling me like they all like to including the politicians by their vandalism of my business, that they do not want my job necessarily as much as they want the manner in which i do it, so that they might be the ones people know as the ones that do my job in that way - hence they really do get to tick me off so to speak - the whipping a dead Horse to make it pull a cart issue. Still the biggest problem is that they have no plans to stay off my books and public work, finances and stay off this Company and keep their media away from it too, hence when I say I will be their worst nightmare - the worst thing that ever happened to them. They say I am in their Culture and in their Society and in their lives and in their Politics too and that it is the only source of violence towards me but guess who started and continues still at this stage hoping to change my quality of life by a sustained psychological and mental abuse; I mean they do not address the idiots they support at Government half the way they think they should determine what happens to my purse.