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Posted by Ikpe Uno on Sunday, April 28, 2013, In : The Working Court - a certain jobs and livelihoods matter 

So I am very conversant with the whipping a dead horse to make it pull a cart story but dead horse or not, they will pull mine as it were. I mean we hear them speak of the need to have a country that gives people responsibilities but it really is not about that at all, what it is about is how years of cultural shift has moved the operation of their hatred against Christians somewhere else and why they need to and how they can get to relocate it in the lives of the Christians, so their best be...

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Posted by Ikpe Uno on Thursday, January 10, 2013, In : The Working Court - a certain jobs and livelihoods matter 

Now we will begin with such matters as occasions of sexual assault of women in India; I have no idea why the pressure is largely that I must be seen to have something to say about it but it is no surprise that is the case either. The fact of it is allies I have in India due to my work and the royal family and others that are rather personal and we have been getting along in our work for years now around the world; they have always believed themselves to be the modern part of India on whom the...

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 I understand the question is largely concerned with whether in my view the way I live is befitting of a Royal Prince but how I live is none of their business – if I have to explain it, then its a process of stripping down what has contaminated things here about black idiots, especially American ones with insults they can never live up to in hell, who want to make me a low liberal because that is what black people are supposed to be and have had a life figured out and want to put me in it bearing in mind they have a twisted black culture to make references to. However in my view it has nothing to do with the fact one of their National mistresses is always where she shouldn’t be and another is always where she should be and this is really what concerns them not the way I live.

The part where their liberalism have achieved success is utter nonsense of course as we all know the books are not hurting badly enough yet but they have gained great victories - I am only saying how I live is none of their business. Its those things that make people really cross; for instance on one hand racist kills teenager and you have to ask if that is a burden befitting of a teenager while on the other hand black people fundamentally feel that other peoples should be carrying burdens of violence in society while they talk about and make fame and fortune showing their stupid selves off which makes people really angry as it were and it is one of those issue where Mr Obama likes to think all black people should be made to live in the same boast as him which will lead to trouble if it continues along the path it has chosen currently.

They do ask if my fountain of wisdom ever ceases to flow but there is none whatsoever, people are here to buy books or they should not be here at all. So the Politicians do say they like to string me along which makes no sense whatsoever as I have never before been - I mean I have said I do not wish to tolerate their cultures and societies and Politics and still am made to wonder if they understand there will be no state of affairs here that suggests they can get out of bed to threaten me and drag me out side for a fight, wreck my business and academic work and build their sense of being a model citizen on knocking my head against that of important people without consequences as a people attached to it; so four books were written of my exploits for the last decade and only one is publicly published - there is another four prepared for this decade and another four for the next too, lets see what the lower classes can do. I for my part have always rather known there is no other way of handling a population that cannot get out of bed for anything unless they threaten you, unless they insult and abuse you, unless they knock your head against that of somebody important, unless they drag you out to fight somebody bigger and are in a position they can wreck your academic work and finances but they have never before had this part about stringing me along in the bag, its violence like the Industry idiots, in the hope of doing so, that is causing them the biggest problem they have at the moment due to retribution. In terms of Industry people it is much the same story; it is some times incredible how much punishment people are levied for failing to deliver for a customer, so it is a world where people do anything to please others - that world for me is my Court and the rest are involved because liberal men and their Politicians always like to think when they want to be a part of something they always will in the end anyway with a big mouth and their recompense is deserved too. Hence the whole issue around terrorism gets blown completely out of proportion as it were so the idiots who think Industry and terrorism are the same thing can travel out and complicate the war to pile up a body count and cannot desist for handling my Royal order too because it is what the media wants. The only true reality there is about wealth inequality in its own right is that people work socialist destroy, socialists steal, socialist take and because people are not kids living on their parents for instance they just keep working for it - hence winding me up will open up all those enmity and a continued and sustained business of doing so will blow up in their faces too when I give people a sense they can do something about it - the story does not cripple me in anyway - these are only thieves and compulsive lairs and it will get to a point if I open them up and show people they can do something about it too - they do not have the mind of the public over wealth inequality issues and I am fed up with that threat too.

Naturally the whole business of the appearance I do not seem to work hard enough on security matters, which creates this outcome where people need to assist me as they believe I am not strong enough to handle certain issues, which is quite right, except each time they back onto the fact I am Royalty and it is probable what I think about doing is something I know how to tackle i.e. the only way that those who are stronger than I am and fear for my safety will have their own safety jeopardised by something I am doing will be when I am not working hard enough on it and this largely refers to criminality matters, such as young people and criminals chasing addiction and attacking people randomly to ensure they secure finances and market for it - same as smoke screen for criminality Media Journalists relentless and ever abiding disobedient practical jokes with peoples livelihood and finances, when they wish to interpret their civil rights as a process of extracting an income from the wealthy city centre without having to do any more work for it than has been imposed on them by force, it therefore usually gives way to the throwing peoples valuables to fat cats that they and the young people who follow them at popular culture work so hard to prepare themselves to do, that they believe absolutely everybody is taken by the stories they tell of work being imposed on them and of course at the heart of the supply of start up finances and mobility for such things is a bit too much of Politicians showing up in peoples lives.

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